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Get Your Mind Right. (My Kigali).

Hey guys. It's been a great weekend for me. It's about 7am here, I've been up since 4.30 and I'm terribly sleepy, but I'm airborne and this is one very turbulent flight so my eyes are shining like torchlight. 

The turbulence is  to the sense of peace I feel in my spirit. First off, shout out to Rwanda Air for their awesomeness. When I was booking my tickets in Lagos I had the option of flying either Ethiopian Air, Kenya Airways or Rwanda Air. After my online research I decided to fly Kenya airways, besides it was the most expensive and most of us tend to think that most expensive equals best. 

We're sometimes wrong. 

I flew into Kigali (Rwanda) on Friday after my classes, with Rwanda Air. I'm heading back to Nairobi now and I can't stop thinking how good their flights and planes are. Oh, I should also tell you how picturesque and splendid Rwanda is but that should be a post on its own. Suffice it to say that Nigeria needs to wake up. If a country that suffered that kind of genocide, challenges, war and setback is as advanced, clean, secure, beautiful and organized as Rwanda is, then my country needs to stop sleeping on a bicycle!

So anyways, I'm just thinking how crazy my week is going to be. I have to attend an event, any event today and critique it, then make a presentation on it in a few days. I'm worried because I can't find any event to attend in Nairobi today. There were several yesterday but I wasn't in the country. I heard there's some animal festival (Dogtoberfest) holding in some forest somewhere in Nairobi and although that's not the kind of event they had in mind, or I'd like to even walk pass much less attend, it's the only option I have so... 😒😣

For the first time in months I feel at peace, hopeful and purposeful. Towards the middle of this year I began to feel very anxious about my life and my future. The things that normally would bother me were fine; I had/have enough money to take care of myself, and I had/have an amazing man whose love for me is simply amazing! My worries however bordered on purpose, career wise. 

You see, I've always known what I want and how I'm going to get it. I've always had a sense of purpose and ambition. However sometime this year I started to feel really blank. I started to feel like there was a blindfold over my eyes and I couldn't see anything. I felt lost and visionless. This feeling put in me a state of sadness, panic and anxiety. A few weeks back I woke up one morning and suddenly started crying. I think I cried the whole day. I realize I was having a panic attack. In that state of despair and confusion I sent Miss Pynk a mail telling her what was going on, she responded and her message really calmed me down and helped put things in perspective. I also called sasha bonΓ© to talk about something unrelated but suddenly the tears came again and I think I broke down. She was very confused and nearly began to panic at how distraught I was πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…. 

You see, someone told me when bad things happen in your life don't tell people, nobody cares and some will even laugh. Only share the good news. I actually agree to an extent. Particularly because I know not everyone reading my blog has good intentions towards me, and some are eagerly waiting to read some bad news or something that they can laugh or gloat over (you might as well stop wasting your time, it's not going to happen). But the truth is that I'm way deeper and honest than that. I don't know how to show only the good, glamorous or flawless. I'm real enough to show my scars because to me they're a sign of life lived and victory. Also, I know that we ALL have our fears and challenges, and if sharing mine is going to bring someone comfort, even if just by knowing that they're not alone, then I'm going to do that sometimes. 

So yes, a little while after this incident I decided I was going to leave the country and finally do what I need to do. When I made this decision I didn't necessarily have the money I needed, but the truth is that money is sometimes the least important factor. My boyfriend says money follows desire/plans and that is so true. The moment I decided what I wanted, and decided that I really wanted it, doors began to open and in barely a few days, I, who didn't have enough had more than enough to pay for not just the one program I'd initially decided to go for but three, my flights, my lodging for the weeks I will be in Nairobi, my materials, my upkeep and more (eg, my trip this weekend cost money too, right?). 

I'd be landing in a few minutes and once I drop my luggage at home, I'm heading straight to the festival (although i'm seriously hoping that something else turns up). I'm excited about my future, I'm excited about the coming week, I'm actually very excited about myself, my potentials and the possibilities. 

If you're ever in that state where you feel like your life isn't going as it should, try not to panic. Pray about it, talk to the RIGHT people about it and stay positive. So many things in our lives stem from our minds so you've got to get your mind right. Some schools of thought posit that your thoughts create your life. That's somewhat true. Get your mind right! Read some good books too, they'd help. 

I'm presently reading How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be by Jack Canfield. Simple read yet powerful. I'm also reading Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, that's another great book. Other books I read and strongly recommend are Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattle, and ESPECIALLY As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. 

There are a few other great ones too but these are the ones I'm reading. (Continuous present tense, because these aren't books you read like a novel, these are books you read kinda like the bible. You don't ever finish reading them. Besides you know that habits are formed by repetition. If you're going to live by the principles of these books you read and read and read). And if you're not quite ready for these yet then at least read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. That's another life changing book. 

So that's it. 

Update. I'm back to my room now and I've found another event going on today that I would love to both attend and critique. Yay me! 😚😚😚

What about you? Tell me what's going on with you? Do you want to share any challenges you're currently going through and tell us how you're working your way out of it? Please do so. 


  1. I'm seriously thinking of going back to the movie industry where my passion lies.I am not sure if I want resign just yet.still thinking about it tho.

  2. I'm presently at that point where you were sometime this year.The difference is that you had people to talk to but for me,"na only me waka come.I just hope I leave this stage soonest,it's not funny anymore.Will get 2 or 3 of the books up there to start with.Thanks for sharing.

    1. How can only you waka come? Please get up and find a mentor, could be a stranger!

    2. Wale be my mentor
      Cabas chic at gmail

  3. Your optimism is infectious, I'm really happy for you :)
    Rwanda is place I've always wanted to visit, I've heard good things about it

  4. You really look great Thelma....happy for your success.
    I'm seriously hoping to get in line with my passion- accounting field.
    I've tried many good accounting/ audit firms but no positive response yet.
    With each day passing by, I feel unfulfilled.
    However I'm hopeful that door will soon open for me.

  5. I am jealous jealous Jealous....Thelma chopping twins slept from 9pm to 5.30am at 15 weeks...I feel like throwing a party thats the current highlight of my life and I am hoping for a repeat tonite.

    I need a new hustle and hoping for better even though the year is almost over.

  6. Although I may not currently be in dat situation dat u were sometime earlier, but I'm kinda uncertain abt tomorrow and worry dat I may be there tomorrow (I pray not). While sometimes I think I dream too big, somoda times I worry for Wat ion really know in particular. Thank you for ds post and for d ideas u've shared, like talking to sb (reasonable of course), and I'm definitely gon lay my hands on dos books.
    #Cheersbaby. Enjoy urself!

  7. These days I just don't know ... Reading this reminds me of how purposeful I used to be be but now it changing lots of diapers and taking care of a toddler. It's not I. Don't like being a mother I actually do but it's seems to be taking over everything I don't know who I am anymore. Plus being in a town where no there is no career opportunity makes it's worse....I feel like am losing my life. Everybody around me seem to be doing something and am just there....thinking of relocating but without husband ? Don't know sigh! It's well

    1. Be thankful for where u are and what u have... there are pple who want to be u right now...
      It's always good to get something doing before babies, but since urs is not the case, it's not late, u can start from somewhere, start an online course, business or somtin...

    2. i'll tell you one thing. the time in my life when i truly started being content was when i realised i am not in a race with anybody. just do you, and forget about what other people seem to be achieving. if you feel you are stuck in a rot, dig your way out, whatever it takes!

    3. Trust me, this phase will pass. I can totally relate with how you feel right now but all I have to say is that God is not deaf. When He answered me, it was like a dream. Better than what I every imagined. So change that diaper with love, contentment and thanksgiving, for God has blessed you with the things money cannot buy. Much love dearie

  8. Super! Way to go! Thank God for "mindset+plans breakthrough" that and God is all you really need.

    Good to know you're happy and I wish happiness, peace, direction and open doors which lead to success for all that I know who need them.

    Best wishes with your studies and every other thing with you. By the way, see you spotting a backpack as the student that you is na.

    1. Congratulations cccc!!!! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘🍸🍸🍸

  9. Everything i typed just vanished!!! 😭😭😭😭

  10. I need a side hustle...Recession is really setting in,one of my clients just told me that' na person wey chop belle full dey sew cloth'.I just want something to do to bring in more money..TNHW

  11. Quite an interesting write up Thellma, keep your hands on the hoe, eyes on task and prayers on your lips and watch how the crown falls on your head.
    God be with you always.

  12. I sometimes get to feel this way. One minutes i am so sure of what my direction is and the next i ask my self if this is all there is.

    Its tough when you have expectations that are not coming through. I am thankful that i am able to put smiles on the faces of a few.
    There is so much that i am thankfuk for Gods Grace
    Thelma, me I am so proud of you. Sharing your story does make a difference. GOD BLESS YOU.

  13. I sometimes get to feel this way. One minutes i am so sure of what my direction is and the next i ask my self if this is all there is.

    Its tough when you have expectations that are not coming through. I am thankful that i am able to put smiles on the faces of a few.
    There is so much that i am thankfuk for Gods Grace
    Thelma, me I am so proud of you. Sharing your story does make a difference. GOD BLESS YOU.

  14. Happiness and comfort in aspirations and actualisations is all I ask for... It just keep eluding me, but when I look at the future ahead of me, I believe.

    I'm happy you've found glory after the storm and that's enough to keep believing that one can get there even without certainties.

    Keep slaying my dear

  15. I need something to do to give me money.can't be depending on jusy my mum anymore. She gives us the best things but a girl needs extra money nw. I'm not good at hustling. I'm nt gud ar doing business.but m very good in organizing thnz.if I arrange a place Datz extremely scattered, u will never Bliv it was dt scattered place a few Mins ago.or organizing sm1's plans or even wardrobe. But dere r no opportunities Whr I am like being a PA to sm1. Any ideas of how sm1 Cn get money in a semi remote area?

  16. what's going on with me???. Holding on to God earnestly for a change. Had no prayer request when l was younger except thanks giving. Was the envy of my mates. graduated in my early twenties. got a good paying job a month after NYSC. Suitors begging to be considered. Years down the lane. All are now memory. Company got privatized and the owner shot everything down that means no more money. What happened to the marriage. Story for another day. Years are fast ticking. no husband. No child no job. All l fervently ask for now is a job to keep body and soul together. Ready to do volunteer job free of charge. Yes. FOC. No time for pity party. Baba God still dey heaven. I am sure to testify here one day. Shout out to everyone that slept and woke up this morning. A living dog is better than a dead dog.

  17. I don't know if I have the RIGHT people to talk to, it just feels like the people I have around me won't be of help to what I am presently going through. I know I will get out or am already out (by faith anyway), will try to get those books. You look good thelms


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