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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Maryam: No One Told Me...

Been a visitor since genesis although I don't comment. From the days when you'd post stories about being a bigger girl. You're doing a fine job and good luck on the courses you're taking. Mehn you're trying oo, isn't it weird that I'm a perfect stranger to you, but to me you aren't ( not in a stalkerish way oo). Used to write short stories when I was 18, but I stopped. Found one of my old stories and thought I should share. This is the first time someone else aside from family and my boyfriend is reading my work...please be gentle ☺️

I watched as they arrived. Actually I heard them first. Sounds thundering through the air with each step sending vibrations through the ground. My heart dropped and I considered taking to my heels. I summoned all the courage I had in me and stood on the spot thinking maybe if I show a brave face I would eventually start to feel brave. But I had no courage, I was far too cowardly.  

I turned around to run but I was stuck. I was surrounded by a crowd that would not move no matter how hard I tried to push through. I began to scream 'Move! , I beg you in the name of God please move!'. But they all started to roar with laughter. 

I saw my mother amidst the crowd, laughing with them. I was too late. They had approached me and I was truly trapped. I slowly turned around to face them, but the veil across my face combined with the blazing sun of the afternoon hindered my vision. I stood in silence with my head down as the now combined crowd rejoiced. I stood there for what seemed like forever, then finally a foot adorned with exquisite male footwear appeared in my vision. With each step he took, I felt a big part of me die. The first step took away my pride. The second step took away my opinions. The last step took away my freedom. 

As he took my hand and led me to the carriage that caused what felt like an earth tremor through the ground a couple of minutes ago, he was unaware that what he held was just a shell. Nothing more.

I sat beside the person I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with and all I knew about him is that he had nice shoes. I felt nothing. I was told how lucky I was to be the bride of the richest man in all 4 territories. I was told how I would never lack for anything. I was told a lot of things, but no one told me how alone I would feel.


Good read Maryam. Please keep writing. I really enjoyed your piece although I'd have loved to know what led to that moment. 

Oh my darling btw, please "from when I was a bigger girl?" Do you mean this figuratively or literally? I hope you mean it literally o! I hope you mean I was bigger than and I've lost weight now ☺️☺️☺️... 



  1. I like the write up.


  2. Thelma.
    What is up with this approving comments thing? Cant it go away? I think it limits interaction on the blog. Isnt there a way that comments get posted immediately? #Just saying


    1. True... But it's in this same blog commenters wanted authorization too.

  3. Beautiful piece. The beginning sounds familiar, like I've read it somewhere.

    Please keep writing.


    1. Maybe you're her family member and you've read it before, lol. Nice one dear.
      A Girl

  4. I loves it.
    T, please check your mail.

  5. Good one Maryam. Keep it up. By the way...

    "...Been a visitor since genesis although I don't comment...".

    How do y'all silent readers do it? Open the blog, read a post, read comments, then move on..JUST LIKE THAT? Please y'all should spice up the blog with comments, even if it's just "okokobioko" or "naizewon" as Anon, that would do (a little). Can't be always interesting when it's the "old brigade" expressing generic opinions all the time, can it? Lol.

    Imagine someone who writes so well be telling us that she's been a Silent Reader since creation. I'm depressed. Thelma, I may go on strike because of this...

    1. Nice article Maryam! yeah Memphis has a point with his opinion.

    2. Even... "End time post" would work still... 😂😂😂

    3. Ha!... thanks a lot..maybe il start writing again😁

    4. You better start replying every single comment and replying yourself too. It's the new way to increase the number of comments on your story so you win.

  6. I tell you. Such a fine write up. I liked it. Would love to see more.......chai , if only i could write.

  7. Lovely read Maryam... not bad at all.

  8. Nice one maryam... Keep on it. Not like people like me that is still scared.

  9. In the spirit of registering our continued presence: Naizwon!

  10. Lols @Memphis

    Please don't go on strike biko

    We silent readers would do better even if it's to write 'naizewon,true that...

    Awesome write up mariam

  11. Okay so Memphis comment got to me, I've been a silent reader since 2013, i stumbled on this blog when going through makeup blogs and have beengglued😍 to it since then.....
    Dr. c

  12. great story. this comment is coming late cos my phone spoilt. hope you brought back bread ndi nairobi?


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