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Friday, 28 October 2016

Photo Of The Day: Omoni & Nnamdi Oboli.

Aww, isn't this the cutest. 

Read what she wrote below. 

LOL @ you asked for another child yesterday. I think they should give it a shot, it just might be a girl this time. Their boys are so adorable. I can only imagine what their daughter would look like if they have one...

Who else is suddenly feel mushy besides me? 


  1. Awwwwww so cute, love so strong.i wish them the best.

  2. When he knows, he knows...

  3. They better go and price formula before thinkingin this economy. Happy anniversaryto them though.

  4. Lol @ misspynk......its not that serious.hehehehe.

    Love with tge right person/ partner can be so much fun. 16 years is a ling time. They have tried, but having another child, ......

  5. Instead of feeling mushy, a question came to mind: if a man like dis asks u to marry him, would u say YES???
    Question for babes... ok bye!

    1. Can't you see two of them were in the same state of 'like this'? Besides, it wasn't that moment he proposed, it's safe to assume he wasn't in a state of exactly' like this' when he popped the question.
      Answer for guys... sai gobe.
      A Girl

  6. It's refreshing to see real marriages like this still exist (fingers crossed). Wish them many more blissful, social media hullabaloo free years to come.
    A Girl

  7. Awwwwww...

    Happy anniversary to them.



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