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Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Eagle and The Chicken.

The Trainer of my Entrepreneurship&Business class just sent this to the group chat and I thought to share. 


You may sponsor 50 into your team but provided they are all chickens, they will never fly and your business dies. 

On the contrary, if you sponsor just 1 person onto your team, and the person is an eagle, the person takes flight and so does your business

This is a sieving business. Your job is to sieve through the multitude of chickens to find your eagles.

Unfortunately, Eagles are not found. They are not groomed. They simply emerge. 

10 Characteristics of chickens.. Check yourself now. 

1. They make excuses with reckless abandon. It is always the wrong day, the wrong time, venue is too far, the time for training is too late, etc. 

2. They play the blame game so well, blaming the upline, the company, the economy, the downlines, the products, the exchange rate, the time of meetings, but they never blame themselves. 

3. They look forward to becoming millionaires in 45 minutes without raising a finger. 

4. They don't attend meetings or they spend their time at meetings socializing or chatting on whatsapp. 

5. They don't invite prospects to meetings and hope to become rich. 

6. They don't contribute to the group chat, they don't even read the chats and hope to be abreast with things in the business. 

7. They keep asking the upline to sign people under them. They always ask for favours. 

8. They don't take charge of their business. Their upline must always do the business for them. They always give up eventually. 

9. They don't read about the business and as such cannot defend the profession of network marketing. 

10. They are mentally and physically lazy in issues concerning the business. 

Characteristics of Eagles. Check yourself now too. 

1. Excuse is not a word they are familiar with. They neither make excuses for themselves nor accept excuses from their team mates. 

2. They hold themselves responsible. They don't blame any circumstances or persons. The blame themselves if need be and pick themselves up and forge ahead. 

3. They are in the business for the long haul. They know it is not a get rich quick scheme. They are patient enough to build a system that pays them for life. They are ready to put in 4 years from the word go. 

4. They attend every meeting without let up and concentrate while at it. 

5. They know invitation is the key to success so the invite over and over and over again. 

6. They contribute to the health of the chat group as it is a source of information and motivation. 

7. They are not interested in the upline fixing people under them. They realize that to be a successful upline, you must first be a successful downline. 

8. They take charge of their business. They understand the business is theirs to build and they work it out with zeal and determination.

9. They read a lot. They realize that their level of success equals their level of skill multiplied by their level of action. They learn and take action on what they learned. 

10. Laziness is not a word they are familiar with. They are prepared to subject their thoughts to such depths as to create financial freedom. 

*Are you a Chiken or an Eagle.*😷😐 

Place yourself on a scale right now!


The first step to making positive change is identifying your problem and accepting it. 

So my people have you stepped on the scale, what have you been so far, Eagle or Chicken?



  1. I think the Chicken/Eagle should be replaced with Sloth/Wolverine respectively. Chicken doesn't come close to the description given above.

  2. Let me marketing.


  3. At the risk of sounding immodest, I can boldly declare that I am an eagle.

  4. Im a lion *Walks away*


  5. If you still in Kenya, please visit Pastor Charles Kinusu's church, Nairobi Gospel Center

  6. Lol, thought it wld be another "Chicken vs Egg" debate (and yes,the chicken comes first).

    If after all the chicken and eagle talk and ur still running the same rat race,what does that make you?

    Look around you,there are people who hustle for their daily bread. From the bus and taxi and Keke drivers to the market people to the street hawkers to etc. They hustle and they hustle hard praying for the day their star wld shine like Patoraking and the Agege bread seller but until then,they remain in their rat race.
    On the other side, we have people living the good life without really working for it.

    So whether ur a chicken or an eagle, or a bat or whatever creature u feel ur alter ego is,just don't be stuck in a rat race..

    And pls,whats "fwb"? I know I'm late to the

    1. FWB- Friend with benefit

    2. Friend with Benefits
      I figured it out myself 😎😎😎
      So proud!!!


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