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#TTBHotSeat. Chrisyinks Tells ALL! (& Responds To Kon).

First, let me apologize for the extra-long post below (I believe this would make thelongest post on TTB you’ve read, and likely to stay so for a while)When (or better put, if) you get to finish this article, you’d probably know half as much as I know myself; the other half would be in the comment sectionI guess when I get in my comfort zone, it’s a challenge to restrain myself from being expressive. Also, since I balked from featuring on TTB’s hot seat earlier, I decided to go the extra mile….. 


What's your real name, first and last?
Olufela Christopher Odusegun is my first, middle and last name. Yinka is one of my many names, although it is a relatively unknown appellation of addressing me, hence chrisyinks as my moniker isn’t farfetched.


Is Chrisyinks a name? No? How did you come up with it? It's quite a mystery.

It is a mix of two names: Christopher and Yinka, both of which are my birth names. No mystery behind the name.


How old r u?

26. I was born on Saturday, February 17, 1990.


How many siblings do you have?

I have three siblings: Two sisters and a brother.


What did you study?

At undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering; at graduate level, Petroleum Engineering; currently, Engineering Management – hopefully, on completion of this course, I would have come to the end of my sojourn with degree courses.


What do you do for a living?

I currently work as a Lab Technician in the computing facility of my school.


Are you single, married or in a complicated relationship?

I’m single.


What's your best food?

I have an unsophisticated taste in food generally distinguishing between edible and non-edible foods (In essence, any and almost every food goes). If I had a best food, it would be Jollof Rice – it’s probably the only food that I am reluctant to share even when it is clear I have more than enough.

What's your favorite thing to do?

Be in the company of people/friends doing anything or everything. I very much enjoy the relational aspect of life.


Why do you hate taking pictures?!!!!!!!! 

I don’t know why I don’t like taking pictures, but I’m not the greatest fan of pictures. Let’s make a deal Kabuoy: when next we meet, we’d take as many pictures as you want. Deal?


Why didnt you take that pic wiv Kabuoy that day?

I am not the greatest fan of pictures. Let’s see if Kabuoy would accept my offer.


Everyone has that thing/situation that jolts them out of their reverie and sets them on the right path...What was that situation for you?

When I commit a wrong – and I have committed several. My conscience is probably the biggest reason why I try to be on my best behavior.


What is your perception about life? 

Life is my opportunity to serve others  for in so doing, I serve self.Unsophisticated perception right! strongly feel the import of God’s commandment in the New Testament was others – precisely, He and humanity. I believe keeping simple the seemingly complex issues of life greatly enhances the quality of one’s life.


At what stage did you discover yourself?

Self-discovery for me is a life-long process with the decisive parts of the discovery happening in my early twenties. I feel that experiencing life (being open to as many opportunities that I had interest in) helped with the process. I believe from one’s late teenage years through one’s twenties, one would have certain inclinations, reservations and aspirations that serve as a pointer or rough guide to what one’s life purpose should beFor some this could happen much earlier orlater. Discovering self to a substantial part, you’d be able to see how the pieces of the puzzle of life fits – how your childhood, past experiences, desires, fantasies, passions, competencies, interests and the whole range of living comes together for that purpose (kind of what Romans 8:28 tries to pass across). I should add, it isn’t unusual for one to continually re-discover self in the later part of life, although thisdiscovery would be to a lesser degree. I try not to restrict myself to certain areas, career paths or industries but aspire to achieve certain ideals that may make my life comfortable. I believe I’d be comfortable, if at the ebb of my life, the totality of my life could reflect these five priorities/values: Christian, husband, father, money earner (I’d admit this has to be worked upon), and global citizen. You may have noticed that I tend to be a generalist and therefore, adopt a broad view to life. If so, you are right – this tendency permeates the most important aspects of my life.


What inspires you?
A lot inspires me – The Bible (not just because it is a religious book but for its pearls of wisdom). I feel The Bible is a magnificent piece of book, quite fascinating, intriguing and very relevant to our daily living in more ways than we think; Lives of Influential people – Chimamanda Adichie, George Washington, Ibukun Awosika, William Clinton, Pat Utomi; historical events; noble and courageous deeds; movies; books; friends. Also, I get inspired by the essence of now and by extension today, understanding that time is a finite resource and life oftentimes is fleeting for many. Perhaps, what inspires me the most is that jaded look on that hawker who has to eke out a living in the scorching Lagos sun; the market woman who has to brave the elements and unfavorable living conditions to earn some monies to feed her children; the pauper who feels because of a physical challenge, he can’t make a dignified life for himself; these and many more inspire me because I feel I owe it to others in the society and the coming generation to make this world a better one and maybe by doing so, we all could make this world a better place to live.


Where do you see yourself in 5years? What do you see yourself doing?

Strictly, I don’t plan my life within certain timeframe. There are certain activities I do now that I had initially thought to be best suited for my twilight years. Increased knowledge resulting in better decisions have consequently revised these ‘plans.’ I prefer to plan my life on certain values/ideals that I hope the totality of my life would espouse; hence, when opportunities that dovetail on any of those values/ideals become available, I grasp it – I feel ‘living’ those values would create a desirable future that arguably would be better than that created by the best-laid plans.  Also, I have learnt that no matter how one plans, you can’t plan all things, therefore one must rely on favorable externalities. These ‘externalities’ may not be available during a desired period if one uses a strict time-defined planning approach. Thus, I feel that my improved ‘planning’ approach factors this concern. I believe it is as much the prevailing environment, as one’s personal resolve, that makes the man (woman).  Hence, the desirable opportunities that gets presented to one every day is an opportunity to understand and fulfill self better. The book ‘The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell gives some insight on this. 

That said, If there’s any one thing that I’d love to be in 5 years’ time, that’d be a father. I love the responsibility of molding another life (I’d primarily be doing this with my wife and God).



If you had the opportunity of investing 1million dollars, what will be the first thing that comes to your mind?

If I had a million dollars…. I’d contact Forbes to add my name to their millionaire’s list (if they keep one)hehehe. I’d pay my tithe to keep God’s commandment and also to tell Him thank you. Initially, I’d keep my winnings in a relatively low-yield but safe and secure investment like the money market to be able to clear my thoughts about how to invest such money – this waiting period would last about six months. Then look at what market instrument I could invest in stocks/securities, bonds, treasuries, venture capital, hedge/mutual fund, real estate, a promising startup or less likely, start a business. Thinking about your question made me resolve to keep a friend savvy in financial matters close by for windfalls like this. Hopefully, such friend’s expertise would be a guiding light to my next step. Who knows, you just might have one million dollars for me…


What won't you do for money?

Asides anything illegal and unchristian, I’d be less inclined to engage in any activity that doesn’t interest me. Money is time and I try to be careful with how I spend it.

What was/is your most embarrassing situation? 
This happened when I was in Senior Secondary School two or three (SS 2 or SS 3) on a day of one of my final exams for the session. Growing up, I was very impressionable and could easily be coerced by friends so when I was seated not far off from two friends (for ease of understanding the story, let me call them Femi and Bunmi) for my Chemistry paper, my teachers and the invigilator warned me that cheating in any form wasn’t going to be tolerated. During the exam, I yielded to my friends and answered a full theory question and passed it on to them – I tore one of the sheets on my question paper (with the answer on it) and exchanged it for the corresponding sheet of question paper from Bunmi. It was a supposed to be a smooth exchange but…fate had a different plan. About submitting my answer script, I noticed on the page I had collected from Bunmi that his calculation to one of the questions was wrong due to a simple error. I notified Bunmi of his error and went to submit my script. Bunmi requested his calculator from Femi to correct the error and this is where the story takes a downward turn….


The calculator fell down and upon falling; it revealed a sheet of paper – containing my written response to a full theory question. The invigilator also noticed this. She was ready to forgive Bunmi and Femi with a stern warning…but the chief invigilator stepped into the exam hall and noticing the sheet of paper and the written response firmly stated that she was certain (possibly with her life) that the handwriting was mine and I was going to be disciplined’. (The chief invigilator was my biology teacher and I had taken a strong dislike to biology which hadreflected in my poor grades, so I guess she was generally unpleased with me). Then the unthinkable happened…both Bunmi and Femi denied that they knew about the incriminating page. Bunmi mentioned that he had simply requested a calculator from Femi without him knowing about the paper in the calculator; Femi replied that the calculator was Bunmi and he didn’t know it contained any incriminating page…but it was certain that I was already guilty with my writing providing sufficient evidence for my sin…so much for friends right. Because I had a good academic reputation, many teachers that knew about the incidence were willing to waive the punishment, but precedence had already been laid. That morning, a student had been flogged – the ascribed punishment - during morning assembly for exam malpractice, thus it would have been unfair if my case had been given a pass. This incidence happened on Friday. 


So over the weekend, I took out time to pray and beg God to forgive me of my sins and touch the heart of the school authorities to extend a level of undeserved grace to me. To prove my faith in God and my prayers to him, I decided to wear the lightest of underwear on Monday. Alas! I was called to the assembly front in company of my accomplices, Bunmi and Femi, booed and flogged. I wasn’t popular in school and I relished to a great extent whatever privacy I thought I had, so it was really embarrassing when the ‘stellar’ reputation I had built was tarnished with one mistake. Thankfully, my chemistry exam wasn’t cancelled which would have resulted in me failing the subject and having to repeat the class.


Imagine my surprise, when on the same Monday, after being flogged during assembly, my friends still wanted me to engage in exam malpractice for the Physics exam we were having for that day


Can you try to be 99.9% honest with each question asked?

I try to be honest always. If I can’t be honest, I answer the part of a question that I can and evade answering the part that I wouldn’t or can’t answer – essentially reverting to being truthful. Lies are probably my biggest turnoffs.

Have you at some point faked your personality just to do away with judgmental folks on this blog?
No. I feel doing so would be a disservice to me and my life thus far. I wouldn’t dispute that it’s been a modest life – in many measures, it still is – so far, though it is one I am proud of, and one I’m certain holds great possibilities. Small things often matter to me. Most times, when it comes to contentious issues, I try to state my points and try to back it up with as much convincing and logical reasons for my stance. This strategy often has the advantage of evolving the debate/argument to being a matured argument that can be objectively decided in favor of who has the most persuasive stance. If folks keep being irrationally judgmental against you, you’d evoke the sympathy of others – another potential tool for winning an argument. I should add, a great deal of my estimated self-worth is intrinsic, thus, the opinions of others serve either to elate my confidence or to achieve next to nothing. The opinions of others either contain useful advice that I learn from or are otherwise classified as uninformed stance of one who doesn’t know me enough.


Do you have a crush on any TTBV? If yes... Who? If no... Why 

Yes I do have a crush. Though, the better question would be how many TTBV’s do I have a crush on? I have answered this question in a previous post: F, J, Mallamaand many others are my blog crushes – Yes, I am African, why should I have only one blog crush?


Have you ever been in a friends-with-benefit situation?

No, I don’t look forward to it either.


Have you ever dated a friends ex?

No, though, I have almost dated a friend’s ex and I would have wanted to date her.I only got to know she was a friend’s ex after I met her. Still, it wouldn’t have made much impact on the decision to date or not date her… I guess a valuable prize attracts many. If I feel a lady meets what I desire in a companion, why not? There is a reason she is not with my friend – they did not fit. It would be unfair to hold that against her.

Are you celibate?

Yes, I am celibate: pre-marital sex complicates pre-marital relationship matters for me.


Why didn't you ask if he is a virgin?

Kabuoy, that’s a personal question now – one best left for the knowledge of involved couples and whoever their discretion trusts. 

What quality do you see before been friends with someone?
Just being friendly - I feel enjoying the treasures of life should really be a simple undertaking. The quality of the friendship would be determined by our perspectives on issues about life, opportunities for mutual benefit, humor, shared values etc.


What's your favourite movie?

I have several movies that rank high in my assessment – too numerous to recount. Generally movies that catch my fancy and genre that interests me the most are: action, suspense-filled movies, espionage, didactic, animations, romance, law, biographies and movies that recount notable historical events or the lives of people and their courageous deeds. It’s easier for me to recount my favourite series: 24, Prison Break, the Good Wife, the Newsroom, Black Sails, Hunted (UK), Gotham.

What do you do for fun?
For fun, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family and; visiting places. Also, I enjoy playing table tennis, volley ball, Sudoku, scrabble, monopoly, lending a helping hand to friends and relatively unknown people (the smile on their faces/thank you is fulfilling), socializing and meeting new people, travelling, movies: preferably Hollywood, dancing, problem solving and logical analysis – brain teasers, games, puzzles.


Are you trying to join the beard gang or you just let it grow for 2days and then you shave?

I was trying to join the beard gang but it seems my beards had other plans. 


Books or Movies? Black or white? Morning or Night?

I loved movies for most of my growing years. In fact, during undergraduateschooling, one early morning, while preparing for lecture, I suddenly had a guest in my hostel room requesting for who I was, as he had being directed by another person to look for me for any inquiries he had about movies/series. It wasn’t the best thing to bring me a semblance of fame, but that was how much I loved movies. Currently, I do more of books. Movies nowadays, tend to be a repetition of similar sequences, with only a few doing much to preserve the suspense and make it worthwhile. 

Well I do not have much taste in color. Since I’m dark, lighter clothes work best for me, so white.

I love my mornings – the dawning of a new day and the breath of fresh air presents an opportunity to correct errors and improve on yesterday. 

What do you love about TTB?

Thelma’s write-ups, personal stories, and rare ability to contextualize a situation in infinite words – essentially create a lasting impression. The people that the blog attracts – often times I’m amazed by the quality of comments and the personality behind those comments.


Do you have a celebrity crush? If yes, who?

Don’t really have a celebrity crush, If I did it’d be Chimamanda Adichie – I love her views on life.


What's conversation with your gf/wife like??is she as much an intellectual as u? Sapiosexual or nah?

 If I were in a relationship, it’s just going to be a normal conversation between two people – discuss about likes, dislikes, my or her offence, the day so far, perspectives about work, family, trending issues, aspirations, funny happenings,etc. Well, I don’t consider myself as an intellectual but this I know: I’m the lucky person in the relationship. I feel being ‘gifted’ in some certain areas doesn’t mean that one’s choice of a partner has to be equally gifted in that area. My best relationships are oftentimes those I admire a certain skill or trait in the other party,possibly because of my deficiency in that identified skill or trait. Life and thriving as a family unit requires a vast number of varied competencies and unnecessary duplication of ‘expertise’ in spouses/parents-to-be may mean a deficiency in some other equally important area. I reason that the best relationships are those in which couples function as a team complementing and not competing against each other. I do have my deficiencies/weakness so a partner that complements this aspect with or without being an ‘intellectual’ should be a good match. I like being eclectic hence spice is a desire for me.  Basic knowledge about general happenings is desirable, improved knowledge doesn’t necessarily confer any additional benefits. It’s knowledge – it can easily be acquired. Wisdom and understanding would be the prize.

What's peoples' general perception of the way u speak?
don’t speak as convincingly as I express myself when writing. Many of my previous interviews and public speaking forays have been disastrous with almost no correlation with how I write. However, I do exceptionally well in one-on-one and informal discussions though. I wish I spued facts and commanded greatness from those I converse with, but that’s not the case with me. My seeming persuasiveness in arguments has being derived from many failures in past arguments. I believe my greatest strength is my ability to improve. Perhaps one of my greatest recipe is that I cogitate over previous argument and how I could have been better persuasive – I tend to be my own worst critic. In the past, I was an icon of being argumentative with a lot of lost arguments to my credit. The good side with my failures means I better understand the futility of many arguments and the need for better constructive arguments. Oftentimes I nod in humor to discussion, but mostly, it is because they have strong arguments and hence it is a learning opportunity for me – my friends and network have being highly influential in themany positives in my life.

How often do you read?
Loosely speaking, I read every day, largely due to the internet and courtesy of Thelma’s blog and other blogs I follow. Strictly speaking, frequently – as soon as it is convenient for me to read a book that interests me; sometimes a book a week, other times a book a quarter. More importantly, I place emphasis on how often I learn – I learn through interactions with persons, movies, introspection and many other opportunities. So essentially, I try to learn every day.

If you are in a group, would you like to act the leader?
Yes, very much yes. I like leading and strongly feel holding a challengingleadership position would be a life’s dream come true. Ultimately, I would have preferred a life in public service to my country, Nigeria, because I strongly believe Nigeria sorely needs capable and visionary leadership, but that doesn’t seem like how things would turn out for me. A life in the private sector managing and leading organizations doesn’t seem to be a bad compromise.


I perceive you serious from your writeups, are you that serious?

I’m never that ‘serious’. If you met me the first time in an informal setting, you’d most likely never ascribe to me, the level of seriousness you currently do. The few times my close friends have often confirmed me serious is when I play Sudoku. Other times I’m just the easy going fellow that I truly am. In fact, in my younger days, I needed to wash my school uniform twice before my next use: once during school hours in the school premises because I wanted to avoid the harsh criticism from my mother if I appeared muddy coming back from school and secondly, back at home to restore it to good use for subsequent use – I was that playful; in many ways, I still am. Even during undergraduate, most people knew me for three things: food, sleep and movies, only a handful of friends knew me a little more than this. Many of my previous work colleagues would attest to me being many things – playful being one of them. I surmise my life holds true the maxim that ‘whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.’ When I am serious, I do it well, when I’m not, I do it also well. I think when I decide to get serious, I tend to get too serious – usually to compensate for how relaxed I usually am. 


Would you say your life is comfortable?

No, it definitely isn’t comfortable. When I have achieved a substantial part of my goals in life, I just may be able to ascribe ‘comfortable’ to my life. Being ‘comfortable’ in my life isn’t so much about affording life’s luxuries as it is about achieving what matters most to me and that is a pursuit that hasn’t fully crystallized. Right now, I’m more concerned about achieving my life goals rather than securing comfort.


Are u pdp or apcLol
I’m for the development of Nigeria and recently I feel both political parties don’t seem to have my primary concern as a priority. I supported APC in the last elections and it is a choice that I have come to regret. PDP wasn’t a better option. I think the electoral process and leadership selection process in Nigeria has been carefully rigged to sustainably produce ineffective leaders.


What are/is your view(s) on feminism and the gender equality bill?

I proudly support feminism for I strongly feel that women should not be hindered,based on gender, in their quest for self-determination. Sadly, those who lack an understanding of its proper foundation and those using the platform of feminism fight for self-serving purposes have corrupted the legitimate and virtuous aspect of the feminism fight. Per the gender-equality bill, I feel much could have been done in the background to make for a more persuasive presentation. In the end, I felt parties to the bill seemed to be more interested in the publicity (and accolade) the bill will generate rather than the worthwhile fight of gender equality. There was little known in the media about the senator’s personal/individual fight for such cause or a turning point in her individual life that made her see reasons to take up such a crucial fight. Buttressing my previous statement, there wasn’t a well-researched recommendation on how the legislature can bridge the existing inequality between both genders. So far, there hasn’t been another try at presenting the bill for passage – if the senator was really passionate about the gender equality bill, she would have tried again. The recent senate memo on gender-equality reeked more of an appearance of working for gender equality rather than working itself.There is a very incisive article that shows with evidence how the Nigerian constitution discriminates between genders (the author doesn’t come to mind now)


To Kon’s out-of-the-box questions (I’d like to know your assessment of my answers):

1) Compare the Abacha regime with GEJ's time focusing on economic growth and conclude based on your points if Nigeria would do better under military or democratic leadership (10 marks)

Sadly, I was only eight years when Abacha’s regime ended and to the best of my knowledge, there aren’t easily accessible, credible and comprehensive records on his administration (needless to say, upon his death, in my neighborhood, there were exclamations of joy – a puzzling occurrence seeing as my neighborhood was predominantly Yoruba and it is customary to appear sober upon the news of the loss of life). GEJ did make some impact on the power sector and some agricultural reforms but I feel that he didn’t achieve much with the amount of resources (time and especially money) he had at his disposal and the portion of monies he committed to such reforms. Additionally, his tenure was marred by the prevalence of corruption, which he didn’t do much to stem. Economic growth in Nigeria, in recent years, has largely been driven by the private sector despite the government’s actions or inactions. Much of the sustainable economic growth we have witnessed in the past two decades has been due to the brave and courageous deeds of notable entrepreneurs and investors who have the unattractive fortune of still having tonavigate a complex bureaucratic governance process that doesn’t encourage enterprise. The government’s role in achieving economic growth for its nation is in the creation of laws and enacting of the right fiscal policies that would create an optimal environment for business. Both administrations (and many others) did not understand this and thus made a mockery of their responsibilities. For example, the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) hasn’t been passed after several administrations, infrastructure is in tatters, oversight of the financial industry to ensure it works in the best interest of enterprise is poor. It is really difficult to select between two items when neither meets expectations on many accounts. 

I feel Nigeria is too sophisticated to realize her potentials under a military dispensation. The world and by deductive reasoning, Nigeria, in this twenty firstcentury, thrives best with a flat structure. The biggest asset any society and its leadership can have is the goodwill of her citizens – an asset that most democratic leaders easily squander. Military leadership, by definition doesn’t lend itself to benefitting from this asset.

2) Kindly explain to us the economic impact of the Zika virus to South America (4 marks)

Well the economic impact has both its downsides and upsides. The downsides are obvious including lost revenues to the deaths and deformity associated with the Zika virus. Increased provision for welfare and social cushion for those adversely infected with the virus. This has the immediate consequence of draining capital that could have been put to use for other developmental efforts in the nation.

The positives, although not too obvious, include the rare opportunity to invent a drug and vaccine for a potentially worldwide pandemic. Necessity is often the mother of invention. Considering that the disease ‘debuted’ in South America, it presents South America the opportunity to contribute to the world’s fight against infectious viruses with the added benefit of revenues derived from sales of developed drugs and vaccines. Also, the opportunity to present findings at international conferences and build international relationships presents opportunities that can be converted for other self-serving and locally relatedpurposes in South America. The inflow of personnel from concerned groups including WHO, World Bank, G8 nations and more would open opportunities for the flow of trade, persons and capital and the forging of relationships present almost infinite possibilities that can be used for the economic benefit of South America.

3) If you were president, how would you handle the Herdsmen issue? (7 marks)

Treat it as the law would - the offences of trespass, murder, and other related offences should be prosecuted. It would be unwise to play the ethnicity card in any form as this presents a delicate and nebulous situation that may not be amenable to an easy solution. After a swift, fair and effective trial of the perpetrators, instruct the National Orientation Agency to create programs that engender and promoteunity of all ethnic groups through subtle jingles across media platforms, and other related media. Also, take a unifying sector that its value chain permeates many ethnic groups, for example agriculture; educate Nigerians on the total range of the food chain of agriculture in the nation; how food is majorly sourced in the north by Hausas/Fulani, transported via road and rails, marketed majorly by Yorubas and Igbos and consumed by you and I, thus, the need to value one another and preserve our life sustenance. If need be, establish a unit to attend to ethnic divergences. Mostly the job of this unit is to educate Nigerians and foster a sense of unity.Additionally, this unit, through targeted educational approach, should enlighten the Fulani herdsmen and ethnic group on the need to value life – human life – appropriately. I feel it is wiser to incur lesser cost upfront than the larger costs much later – cost of educating with the attendant benefits of less killings and aunified society is a far cheaper option than costs associated with effectively prosecuting cases of ethnic related killings and living in fragmented society. This unit shouldn’t be concerned or have any interest in ethnic crimes for any crimes of ethnic nature are foremost crimes and should be treated as such – as crimes.

4) Should prostitution be legalized? Discuss. (5 marks)

Yes, although with certain restrictions to prevent a corruption of the moral fabric of the societyAlso, these ‘restrictions’ should cater to the protection of sex workers from exploitation from their employers and also prevent the spread of sexual related diseases. It is difficult to successfully abolish the world’s oldest profession, and given the prevalence of sexual related themes today, it’d be a Sisyphean effort to stage a head-on fight against prostitution.

To subtly fight prostitution, encourage women to go to school, support the girl-child in education, provide a form of social security/safety nets for those most susceptible to prostitution. Also, sponsor educational programs across media platforms that strengthen the family unit, and the need for citizens to be responsible players in the family structure. Encourage religious groups to play their part in shaping their audience to encourage chastity or fidelity. And, provide viable dignified economic opportunities for women - no person engages in a business when there isn’t much profit especially when there are available and rewarding alternatives to a more fulfilling life.

5) Legalize marijuana. Discuss (4 marks)

Nigeria isn’t much of a sophisticated nation with respect to hard drugs, hence do not legalize marijuana. I’d further advice not to bring this issue up for media attention, just work on identified strategies to combat the drug. Employ analogoussubtle methods as expounded in the previous question. Thankfully, Nigeria is not located beside any adjoining nation that boasts of high production of marijuana so one can easily block inflow of this product from any foreign nation. It should be relatively easier to fight against local producers.

Please note that all responses that touch on issues outside my personal life are my perspectives about those issues and not facts. Seeing as I had delayed my response, I’d be more than glad to answer any further inquiries about me in the comment section. 

And yes, I’d be pleased to make your acquaintance;





  1. Wow! This has got to be d longest post av eva read on ttb and to even think i write. Although a very intresting read. I have always known chrisyinks wud be quite young wt an old mind.

    1. As in eehn, when i saw 26 years old.... Like seriously now???

    2. @ Steffi,

      I guessed I lived up to my reputation of writing epistles.

      @ Chinenyenwa

      If you add the 9 months pregnancy period, that would add up to 27. On a serious note, age is mostly just a oftentimes doesn't reveal much of a person.

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    A guidance, if I may - everybody should train him/herself to be able to know and answer question on what to do with a huge sums of money, if it suddenly drops. The question is often times a pointer to personal money habits; while it is not a fail to not be able to invest right away, being able to do it right away or knowing what to invest in shows preparedness and high sense of financial management.

    Is it Steffi Laba'a turn?

    1. Glad it was an enjoyable read for you. I only answered questions I had been previously asked. I drink alcohol although I'm not a regular drinker.

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    A Girl

  4. Wow! An interesting read! I laughed while reading it. I wish you all the best and hope you consider having a plan.

    1. Glad it made for an interesting read for you...I do have a be a father before 31.

  5. Chris is an amazing human being and I have come to really respect him. Well done Chris.

    1. Ah ah Clare, you know we both know that you are the amazing one especially with your noble heart and the causes it champions. The respect is mutual.

  6. Chrisyinks thanks for a fantastic and engaging always set the bar high.

  7. I must say you have an interesting personality and you also intelligent. Am crushing on you already ohhh yinka. Nice reading this amazing piece.

  8. Nice one, you didn't drop any contact detail for those of us who may want to be your friend though

  9. Nne,i must confess, ur the real MVP. Did you type all this out by yasef or u copied and pasted? Damn..
    Lemme goan finish reading...

    1. I typed it out all by myself.

      I was writing about isn't a difficult undertaking seeing as I was recounting prior experiences. The editing part was what consumed much of my time.

  10. Very interesting read. Some questions there reminded me of University exams and you also gave answers like a student going for an A grade. J

    1. And my crush calls it an interesting read....dancing a mix of skelewu+shoki+azonto+makossa. I tend to be very detailed so I guess that part of me reflected in many of my responses.

  11. Hey Yinka,i think you shld write books. Academic books. You're pretty good at breaking it down and giving volume/

    1. Books that I am so wishing to be done with academic life. I love the real life - business life, public service, family etc. Nonetheless, I think I'd write a book but I highly doubt it would be academic.

  12. Very very interesting read. Clearly a strong personality with definite views.
    That said hmm.... I thought I knew you but clearly I don't; Nice to meet you Chrisyinks.

    1. BFF, so glad to have you on this side of the internet. You've already met me now..... Hope you stick around.

  13. Whoa! Bros...I didnt expect you to answer the questions I asked. I was messing around (as usual)

    Chrisyinks baba! Nice one. You are an efico sha...


    1. I guess I me I'm no efico. The efico is the person behind the comment before yours.

  14. Chrisyinks and epistles, 5&6. Hehehe. Naizewon bro.

    I had forgotten all about HOTSEAT. Who's next?

    1. and epistles. My sister was even complaining about that when I had to respond to a simple dilemma she was facing.

      Yeah, who's next....hope it isn't going to long as mine.

  15. Chrisyinks!

    Never the one to disappoint.


  16. Maybe one day we'll play scrabble. The run down was interesting

    1. We could play words with friends. My ID is Chris Jay II

  17. Omo... See write up. I almost died.
    Chirsyinks won't kill me.
    Well detailed bro... I didn't even know u were in hot seat, my questions would have come in as well.

    Anyways, reading through your answers I was just seeing similarities until the celibacy thing entered *sigh. Anyways from your responses we are pretty much 70% alike.
    To be a father At 31? That's far na. Think 2years or less from now bro... Thank me later.

    So nobody even missed me Huh?

    1. Thank God I didn't make it any longer....glad I have a brother that I can relate to. Yeah, the questions had come in earlier, I just delayed my response...(to compile my extensive response hehehe).

      Per the celibacy thingy, it's just a personal decision...I'm equally welcoming and accommodating of others who share a different viewpoint.

      Una mehn, that child matter na something never check wetin school fees dey say..

  18. The following conversation ensued when I got home last night..

    Kabuoy: Have you read Thelma's blog recently?
    Me: No, why?
    Kabuoy: Chrisyinks wrote a book **straight face**
    Me: for realz!? *in my head* Lezz goan buy d book to support a broda fa!
    Kabuoy: err... it was TTB hot seat and he wrote more than an epistle...

    Infact, I'm now more inclined to believe the book story...

    Chrisyinks! You try.

  19. This is quite elucidating. Nothing beats a good head. Your life makes evident the saying that: "the wisdom of Solomon has nothing to do with the age of Metuselah". Thank you; for the opportunity to know you. I wish you the very best in your endeavour.

    P.S: One other thing I now know about you: you like the word 'sophisticated'. #Smile

    1. I was short of synonyms of the word 'sophisticated,' hence the repetition in my usage...on a second note, maybe I like the word.

      Thanks for the compliment and the kind wishes. Equally looking forward to getting to know you. Chimezie for TTB hotseat.....

  20. Excited my life is back My husband and I have been together for almost 11 years in October. The way we met wasn’t the best way since we both had relationships. We ended our relationships to be together (or so I thought we BOTH did). As soon as I ended up pregnant with our first baby, I find out he was cheating with his EX! My world went upside down. It was very hard for me since I was pregnant and hurt. Over the years I just kept forgiving him over and over again of not only multiple affairs, but of his accusations of me being unfaithful and disrespecting me. We now have 3 kids and I just completely felt neglected and felt low of myself. I had my own affair… It has not been easy for BOTH of us to overcome. Somehow over the last few weeks we have been working together to move on. We are now moving out of state. I love my husband and I am positive he loves me. I am going to try and show him this approach. Somehow we were already doing it! We have a better communication than we’ve had in years! We are learning how to speak calmly out feelings and concerns. It hasn’t been peachy, but I can see that we both are starting to respect eachother. We care for each other’s feelings. We have US a main priority. We aren’t taking counseling, but somehow we see that little by little we seem more comfortable with eachother. Sometimes we may notice how good it is going and may step back, but helping eachother out by holding and saying it’s ok to be happy again. I love my family. and my husband and i need to keep my marriage save with him from other women so i have to seek for a love spell to keep our marriage stronger so i contacted Dr happy who help me to keep my marriage save and secure from other women am very happy today coz my husband love me more and more like ever before, we are living as one big family again bless Dr happy for what he did to me and my husband if you need help contact him too he is real and 100% guarantee ok so email him at : call +2348133873774 about his service and web site:


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