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Friday, 28 October 2016

Viv: In Lagos, Rat Killing To Become a Profession.

Lagos residents will now be paid for killing rats, according to a new
programme inaugurated by the state government.

The Commissioner for The Environment, Dr Babatunde Adejare, during the
official flag-off of the Lagos State Market Deratisation Programme,
aimed at ridding the state of the Lassa Fever vector at Obalende
market on Thursday, said the government will not relent in its efforts
to make the state the safest place to live in.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the government is
collaborating with Phosguard Fumigants, an NGO, to promote the
programme through “Kill rats, make more money in Lagos’’.

Under the programme, the residents are encouraged to kill rats in
their environs which the programme implementers, Phosguard will buy at
a yet-to-be determined price for proper disposal.

The commissioner said the government was resolved to make Lagos State
one of the safest places in spite of its increasing population.


Pls they should hurry up and determine the price, let's know which way forward. LOL. 



  1. Lol, I agree with you Thelma, the way forward is key when it comes to us knowing the price.

  2. Lool. 3million immediate jobs loading..

    This almost sounds like those brand adverts that tell you to look under the crown, spell SASHA and you wld win instant gifts..

    Curious tho,are you supposed to store the rats till they reach the desired quantity before taking them for counting with the appropriate authorities? Or how does this work?

    1. Lmao, who will allow you store rats in their homes pending delivery date?

  3. @Sasha. My thoughts o. So the rats will be stored for census taking.

  4. They should let us know if we need to set up rat farms abeg.

    1. Rat farms already exist, they are only encouraging the rat farmers to commit rat genocide in order to get paid. Lol.
      A Girl

  5. They should let us know if we need to set up rat farms abeg.

    1. This totally kills the purpose of the campaign... But we are Nigerians and we think outside the box.
      This is yahoo yahoo in ratkilling

  6. I bet that rats from other states will make it to Lagos if the price is right.J

  7. we will bred rats and sell to the government

  8. Lol.....the more you bring the better your chances of winning big.

    Hurry up and start killing!



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