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Viv: Today's Headlines. (No Men Needed!)

Law; crime & Politics:
Lagos Market Invaded By Custom Officers In Search Of Rice

SHOCKING: DSS Finds Rolls Royce In Judge's 15 Cars Fleet

Does Buhari HATE lawyers?

Judges’ arrest: Former head of state Yakubu Gowon laments on its implication

Panic: 6 more Judges in big trouble

Emir of katsina in dirty scandal?

Kastina Emir accused of marrying off kidnapped 14-year-old girl

Biafra Supporters Take Protest to a Spiritual Level 

Protesters Besiege NASS, Want Lawmakers To Return Monies Collected

Senate bill for BoI, others’ merger passes second reading

FEC approves N700m for completion of federal secretariats in Anambra, Bayelsa, Gombe, others

Jos: Community clash with Shi’ite group ends with burnt structure

Finally: Kidnappers release teachers, students abducted in Lagos-The six abducted students and teachers of the Lagos State Junior and Senior Model College Igbonla in Epe area of Lagos State have been released.

We can’t end kidnapping without residents’ co-operation –Police

Kidnapper Caught Attempting To Abduct Two School Children In Otukpo, Benue State

Police Pension Scam: Dangabar Conspired With Banks, Used Fake Names To Steal Funds

Business Mogul Goodie Minabo Ibru Declared Wanted By EFCC For Alleged Fraud

Pressure Mounts On BBC Not To Air Aisha Buhari's Explosive Interview Scheduled For Saturday

Buhari condoles with Maiduguri bomb blast victims

Ambode’s Wife at 2016 Kebbi Cancer Awareness Week


Janet Jackson Officially Announces She Is Pregnant At 50. 

Married Kenyan Woman Rumoured To Be Having An Affair With John Terry’s 61 Year Old Father

Freeze OAP defends Toke Makinwa over her controversial views

Why is the famous dancer kaffy  holding a chicken on a magazine cover ?

Kim Kardashian West; France launches robbery probe

Selena Gomez  returns to rehab

Basket mouth celebrates his mum's birthday"
'You'll always be my angel' comedian to late mum

'We don't need men on this planet at all' -  Nicki Minaj

Drake, Rihanna Celebrity couple split, rapper spotted with new babe

Dabota Lawson Former beauty queen confirms baby's birth

WOW! 21 Year Old American Rapper Chief Keef, Has 5 Baby Mamas 

Over 352 African stars confirm attendance for AFRIMA 2016

SMH! Miley Cryrus Allow Fans To Play With Her Kitty While Performing On stage

Lindsay Lohan loses finger in boat accident

Fresh Trouble Looms For Nollywood Actress, Joy Anyim As She Is Arraign For Theft

American Hollywood Star Gabrielle Union, Says She Loves Nigerian Jollof Rice


Thanks Viv!

Nah Nicki, please we need men on this planet, or speak for yourself at least! 

Truth be told it's easy to hate the idea of men especially in the patriarchal world that we live in. But, I do love (some) men, and they bring a lot to the table too. I had a chat with the proprietor of my school a few days ago and we got to talking about the different trainers. She said she wants more female lecturers/trainers. She said females make much better teachers and that most men find it difficult being under a woman, that some of the males who work in the school still cannot deal with the fact that she's boss, even though she pays their salary. She said she's also observed that most of them aren't loyal and once the next best thing shows up, they bounce!

BUT that the men also have a lot to offer. She said she's noticed men often have a lot more content than their female counterparts. She said they go above and beyond with their research and their course content is always very loaded! She also said she needs the men around because the way they think is different and this is really evidenced during meetings. She said they tend to think more logically and decisively than their female colleagues, and are often responsible for the better ideas. 

Do y'all agree with this?

Oh btw Nigerians are winning the Jollof wars. Gabrielle Union said so 😜😜😜


  1. I read the whole interview. She said that in the context of not needing a man to reach your full potential.J

  2. Yeah... Nicki said that in reference to women thinking they need men to live.

  3. It's a given that the average man tends to think more logically than the average woman - who does better with intuition or emotions than the average man. The issue is that most don't realize that both logic and intuition have a place in solving daily challenges.

    I think its not unusual for her to experience that most men aren't loyal or always looking for the next best opportunity. The quest for power, and primacy tends to be more dominant in men than women. Having a subordinate respect one as boss is more than paying the person's involves a bit of expertise, charisma, leadership competencies etc.

    I think the other distinctions may be as a result of the environment or not necessarily a gender thing. She's certainly wise to carefully plan some element of gender diversity into her training staff. Chrisyinks


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