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Viv: Today's Headlines!

News Headlines today 


FG to employ 200,000 before month-end, says Osinbajo

Recession: National Assembly to pass 11 bills for quick economic recovery

Nigerians, who voted for the President, know those causing problems – Aisha Buhari

Dss Raids: Judges Must Be Held Accountable – Osinbajo

FG has released N3.9tn of 2016 budget – Adeosun

Senate Turns Down the Motion to Summon Director General of DSS

President Buhari Leaves For Germany On Wednesday, October 12

Buhari Nominates Two Judges as Supreme Court Justices

Minister of Budget, Udoma Udo Udoma Embarrassed by CNN Anchor, Zain Asher During An Interview

Women & Youths Take To The Streets Of Abuja To Demand The Removal Of CBN Gov, Emefiele 

'Trump Doesn’t Even Know What Nigeria Is' – Nnedi Okorafor Slam Igbos For Supporting Trump


Commotion In Idumota As Man's Prick Allegedly Reduce After Giving Direction To A Stranger - Photos

WONDERS! Mad Woman Caught In Oshodi With 25 Sim Cards And 2 ATM Cards 

LOBATAN! Illegal Police Uniform Factory Discovered In Police College, Ikeja

Ex-policeman And Three Others Remanded In Lagos Prison For Murder,And Cultism

The Abductors of Lagos Pupils, Teacher and Vice Principal Reduce Ransom to N6M

Kidnappers Of Lagos Junior Model College Pupils Give Families 48-Hour Ultimatum

Huge Amount of Cash Recovered from Kidnappers of the Wife of CBN Governor 

SHOCKING! Gunmen Attack Nigeria Police Station, Kill All Four Officers On Duty In Benue

Gay Armed Robber Arrested While molesting Victim In Lagos

Unknown Gunmen Murder Chairman of MMIA Taxi Park and his 2 Children in Ikorodu

BUSTED! Two Kidnappers Nabbed In Kaduna On Their Way To Collect Ransom 

Physically Challenged Man Who Leads Bike-Snatching Gang Arrested In Oyo

$22.3M CASH! Code of Conduct Bureau Gets Fresh Request On Ex-first Lady, Patience Jonathan

EFCC Uncovers New 9 Houses, 2 Hotels, One Plaza Allegedly Owned By Patience Jonathan

Abia: Two Men Nabbed For Vandalising Electricity Transformer Cables In Abia State

I Stole My Boss’ £3,350 To Build House For My Family – 20-Year-Old Houseboy

Kidnappers Abduct Poultry Farm Owners, Kill The Manager After N22m Ransom 

EXPOSED! DSS Presents A Summary Of Amounts Of Money Recovered From Some Justice


Samsung to Permanently Stop the Production of Galaxy Note 7 Phone

LMAO! Fans Come for Actress Ruth kadiri for Keeping Very Hairy Armpits 

Drake And Rihanna Split Up Again After A 7-year Off And On Relationship

"My Ex-husband Married Me Only Because I Was Pregnant" - Iyabo Ojo On Her Failed Marriage

Veteran Actress, Rita Edochie Slams Fans For Tongue Lashing Her Make-up 

Stay Away From Warri, Otherwise You Will Be Beaten - Warri Guy Warns Bobrisky

61-Yrs-Old Father Of Chelsea Footballer John Terry 'is Living With' 39-Yr-Old Mother-Of-Three

Male Kim Kardashian Breaks Internet With His Well-Rounded Bum

Mavin Youngster, Korede Bello Hangs Out With Late Sanni Abacha Daughter, Gumsu 

Kudos! Olamide's YBNL 2.0 Concert Breaks Attendance Record For African Concerts In The Uk

Wizkid loses an in law :Wizkid's Elder Sister, Yetunde Awoniyi Just Lost Her Husband To Deadly Cancer


Thanks Viv, you're the real MVP. 

Please tell those warri boys to take they seat, they aren't Bobrisky's target market. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



  1. LMAO.. On bobrisky, that's quite funny Thelma. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚no be only target market

  2. This one might be a bit stale but it concerns me; NYSC slashed the number of graduates required from each institution for service. The latest is that both the VC's of various schools and NANS are against this development and it seems as if it's fruitful cos the uploading of names is still on

  3. They should leave the guy alone abeg!


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