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Friday, 21 October 2016

When He's Mine...

I have a question for the ladies. 

I have this classmate whom I happen to like a lot. She's got a firecracker personality and has the body of a real kenyan woman, married with three kids, I had to ask her a few days ago "Mina do you workout" to which she responded with a hearty "God forbid!" But she soon added "some evenings I run. If you ask me why I run, I don't know. I just saw that many women in my estate have suddenly started running so I started running too... But I don't know why". LOL. So anyways Mina is very smart, funny, engaging and hot! Her figure is fire! Small upper body, tiny waist but hips and an arse that just won't quit!

One of the things I noticed was the way she always talked about her husband, you could tell that they're in love even after years of marriage and 3 kids. It's also remarkable because they work in the same company. Her stories are always peppered with various exotic activities she did with her husband or something sickeningly romantic he did for her. 

A few days ago she was telling a male classmate of ours that she could help him with a job where she works. Her husband is at managerial level so she said "Don't worry, when he comes home I'll talk to him. When he is mine, with me, when he is my own, when he comes back from that other place... I'll talk to him". She said this solemnly, casually, lightly... guiltlessly. 

The class was quiet for some seconds as we tried to figure out if Mina was simply up to her usual jokes, or if she meant it. 

Alas Mina was serious. 

She and I talked subsequently and it's got me wondering. 

So ladies I'm asking you, do you think you can truly love a man, your own man, and still share him with another?

(And no they're not muslims, neither do they belong to a culture that accepts polygamy. The lady herself has simply accepted her fate, that the man she loves, her husband, must be shared...). 

Me I don't think I can o! Ordinary boyfriend sef I no fit, much less husband. 😰

Can you? 

Would years of marriage make you more accepting of this situation? 

Let's talk about it. 


  1. When he's mine, he's jokes!
    Well, it seems ur friend mina, knows so well that thers another woman and she's happy with it.
    If thers another woman and I don't know, then I don't care, but if i know it's a different ball game...I don't even know wat I will

    1. Mina knows so well but I can assure you, she us not happy with it. She has simply resigned herself to the fact on ground. I bet you, she silently wishes she is the only one. Every woman in a polygamy silently wishes she is the only one, either she admits it or not.


  2. Errm... Thelma, this blog attracts both genders now.

    To the issue at hand, I don't think it is really possible for one to totally love the other and still be willing to share with another...even God gets jealous when He is shared. I feel the need to be possessive and own (to a reasonable extent) the one you love is a pivotal part of romantic love.

    I'd also agree it is very possible for one to resign to sharing in love if need be - although the love experienced wouldn't be complete.

    PS: True and total love tends to be reciprocal...Most people (if not all) cannot concurrently love two or more people. Of course, love in this case is the romantic love.

  3. Ahh! Me i cant share o. Am honestly very possesive and i have to be since u have d ability to hurt me lyk no one can biko.I dnt think wat she is doin is love, its more like living out ur wish so much dat u believe it honestly.

  4. Share kini? Is it biscuits, chocolate or cakes? Mba ohhh, I would gladly put a taken and beware sign


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