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Friday, 21 October 2016

#WriteRight. Pam: I Think I Like Girls.

This mail was s'posed to be a dear thelma post but as writeright is the order of the day...

So my story is this, I think I like girls. All my life I've been straight, never really fantasized about sex with a female or anything like that. Two years ago I dated someone more like a fling and we tried some crazy stuff, to be specific we had a threesome twice. I never knew the other girls and in both cases they were lesbians. They were pretty okay but I was not interested in them remotely. But on both occasion they gave me oral sex and I must confess that it was mind blowing, I finally realized that all the men that had been doing it to me before who thought they're experts are just learners. Both times my orgasm was the best av had in my life but it didn't move me to try to touch the girls or even be tempted to sleep with girls. I was still very straight, even though one of the girls tried to contact me later for us to see again, I refused and even blocked her on my whatsapp. 

So I was convinced that I'm 100 percent straight. I love guys and their sexual organs and their bodies and everything. Did I also add that I got married early this year? 

I got transferred to another branch this year and there's this girl in my office that is literally giving me wet dreams. From the first day I saw her I felt a strong connection (sexual) to her. After that I kept trying to make sure our paths cross cos I was confused abt what I felt but the more we saw the stronger my feelings are. I don't know what it is about her, I have met hotter girls or women, in fact without meaning to toot my own horn I think I'm even prettier than she is. But there is something so sensual about her that turns me on. She is just so feminine and naturally seductive, it's the little things about her like her long lashes (natural), full lips, the way she talks or laughs, her cleavage and the way she walks. Also she looks like she likes sex a lot, I'm not sure why I think so cos she's not loose nor has any guy in the office claimed to her slept with her. 

I tried to ignore it but I noticed I started fantasizing about her a lot and anytime I see her I start to get wet. In fact when I'm making love to my hubby and I think about her the orgasm is heaven on earth. 

This is where it gets interesting. TGIF in September we all went out and had a few drinks. I think I was tipsy or I pretended to be tipsy, because I put my hand on her thigh and let În stay there on purpose. She then opened her legs wider and pulled my hand into her thigh. Wow I was to shy to do anything so I removed my hand and went home shortly after.

But I can't stop thinking about her, she has me the green light, it's like she knows that I've been having a crush on her and she seems not to mind as in the office now she seems to be flirting with me. We work in different departments but I'm ahead of her at work, but she's a grown adult, about 28. 

I want to explore my options with her but I don't know if I should, please what do you think? Especially anyone who has been in my shoes. I also don't think my hubby will mind too much if I get caught, it's not really like its actually cheating. Or is it? Please let us have a honest mature conversation. Children and Judgy-judgy people please stay away. 





  1. As long as its girl on girl action...I say YES!!

    Try to intensify your flirting with her, try going in for a kiss, try grabbing her ass. Her response will determine the future. If she responds well then go ahead and have sex with her. Do it to get it out of your system.

    If after the sex you are still into her then stylishly propose a 3some to your husband. His response will determine the future. If he is up for it then all your prayers are answered. If he doesnt want have to decide if you want to be cheating or stay faithful.

    Thats my piece...


    1. Baba kon, you and your judgement, okay now.

    2. Girl on girl? Now that's the shiiiii.....

  2. Hahahaha. You sound like a tough girl that can take the truth so here it is. If you think your "hubby will mind too much" if you get caught, why don't you tell him about it so he'll give his blessing after all "it's not really like its actually cheating" or is it?.

    Babe you know deep down you should not go down this path, but if you want to,just be ready for the consequences "if" you are caught. Out of curiousity I have to ask, will you really mind if you find out your hubby is banging a guy? J

  3. Don't try sex at work. It isn't worth the bother. Are you a senior colleague? What if she expects you to cover up her slack because you're lovers? The way some women do with their men lovers.

    The longing will fizzle out. But your reputation, respect and standing will take a hit when the word of your affair gets out. Office sex is seldom secret.

    In every situation, ask yourself what you stand to lose compared to the other person. What will she lose should word get out? Your husband may not be as open minded as you think. Some things should be your own secret. Nigeria has a thriving gay community. Sexuality isn't black or white. There are different colours in between. Don't think you're the only one with such longings. But you should explore in a safe and discreet manner. The office won't give that.


    1. What Mallama typed.

    2. When Mallama has said it all....

  4. Do. You. Boo...!!!!!

  5. The mischief maker in me says- "Go on girl!"

    P.S: Write Right the details of whatever happens hereafter.

  6. Woman, please stop the experiment. You have added some of the reactants and gotten initial product that will blow up the house. I advise that you terminate it before you get the final product.

    Using the principle of the path, the final destination for this cannot be desirable.

    I vote for you to not pursue this "opportunity" and seek to clean your thoughts quickly.


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