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Friday, 14 October 2016

#WriteRight. Viv: Last Friday Night.

hi LE boos and baes
Blog member VIVIAN is greeting. YAAY....TGIF

Last Friday night

Last Friday night...There was  a stranger in my bed! Woooow I look
back but I can't believe it because... I don't do one night stands. I
am in still in a daze.

Last Friday night
we danced on table tops
And we took too many shots, I think we kissed, and did it in the car
park but I forgot. Oh well it was a blacked out blur

Last Friday night. We drank and got drunk.
We did it in the car trunk
Yeah I always say we were gonna stop...

This is Friday night should I Do it all again ?

...This may or may not be fiction, I can't be held responsible for what to think 😌.

What will you do this Friday night? 😉😊😘


Hey Viv, if it made you happy then yeah, do it all again! LOL 😌😝😅. 

I'm already gearing to go for tonight. First I'm going to this really interesting joing to eat hamachoma and drink some locally made brew. And then I'm hitting the clubs. The night life in this place is so insane! Lagos is still learning... I've never seen a people who love to enjoy life more than these ones, their nightlife buzzes Sunday to Sunday and they don't attach much to anything or take things too seriously, they're a very fun people. Also ladies here, although quite forward and flirtatious, are treated with a lot more respect. It's very normal to see a bunch of ladies hang out by themselves in clubs or pubs or casinos; having drinks, eating or indulging in whatever they want. In lagos they will start bouncing you before you even reach the gate sef *yimu* 😏. 

I had a test earlier today, been a while since I studied this way so I'm really in the mood to unwind. 

What's even better about tonight, and this weekend? I'm not alone... 😉

#okbye. LOL. 

So tell us, how would you be spending your Friday night?


  1. mine will be spent enjoying my bestfriend's birthday 🎂🎂🎂

  2. Was it the stranger you were doing with at the car park, blurred out and maybe forgot?
    No nah, don't do like that again. You need to remember to use protection against diseases and contraceptives...worst case scenario.

  3. Ehen Thelma! Now you're talking. I would have wondered how you'd go to Kenya and complete your stay without 'someone' visiting so you both can enjoy the place together!
    #okbye too.

  4. This Kene's comment is making me laugh. He even drew cakes.

  5. This is what happens when you listen to a lot of Katy Perry.

    Bia Viv, goan read ya books o.

    1. I have finished reading the ones I have

      Will you borrow me some

  6. Chineke mu oh

    Remember it is for o

  7. Nigerians takes things too serious

  8. Last Friday night I was at home jeje on my bed fondling with my phone when I heard a nock on my door. It was my corper friend. "Hey Kay let's go out, the others are waiting outside, let's go grab a drink" he said. It was a while I went out for a drink so I obliged. I quickly changed into something comfy, sprayed a nice perfume and we hit the road in my friends Benz. We drove down town till we found a cool bar. We ordered our first set of beer and suya while started to talk of so much gist on how our week went. Of course we had to listen to our fellow corper lawyer colleague tell us about his experiences in Court and how he slayed a senior lawyer in argument to a motion moved in Court. The guy is a rookie lawyer and can lie for Africa. We already knew him and his arsenal of lies (Note: Not all lawyers are liars. Like me, I'm a lousy liar and I'm a lawyer.) While the show was going on, these set of young beautiful ladies swayed into the bar. Good enough they sat opposite our table, so we had a good view of them. Automatically, the subject of discussion changed. Our oga liar said he can go over and convince the ladies to join our table. We were already on our third bottles of beer so obviously the alcohol was already kicking. "Oya, go now, we need female company at least. " We waited patiently for our oga liar to make a move but my guy just changed the topic and told us how he was tired of a girl who has been bothering him with calls. We reminded him that we are waiting for him to go get the girls but he stylishy said he needed to use the restroom. Some of the girls were already giving us encouraging glances. While our oga liar was still trying to change the subject as he walked out to the restroom. Two fine well dressed hefty guys approached the ladies's table beaming with smiles urging the ladies they would like join their table. The girls agreed. Obviously the guys offered to buy the ladies drinks. What our oga liar could only say when he got back was "Oboi see those guys don come carry our girls." We all busted out laughing and continuing in our drinking. We left the bar shortly. I secretly winked at one of the ladies in our way out. I only told myself that next Friday I'll come back. So no dulling next Friday. After all corper is horny. Lol.


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