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Dear Men, Are We Gradually Losing You To Other Men?

I dunno people... It seems the vagina is losing its appeal. Father, do something! 😣

The day I feared would come is finally upon us. The day men would openly write Agony Aunt letters and love songs about other men. Well I think Frank Ocean already covered the love song bit...
In any case, screw your 14yr jail sentence, homosexuality is slowly normalizing in our society. 
Y'know I try to keep an open mind sometimes but that picture above, it looks all kinds of wrong to me. I try to picture two men cuddling, kissing and eating breakfast in bed and I just can't. 
In any case people, we have at least one love struck gay man coming our way in December. Yippee!!

5 Things I'm Dealing With Right Now.

I went for a walk this morning, I walked for about an hour and when I got closer home I saw an old man with several teeth missing smiling widely at me. "You travelled" he said. It wasn't a question. I took out the earpiece from my ear to make sure I heard him properly. I'd never seen him before. "You travelled" he repeated. I smiled hesitantly, I didn't know who he was and I didn't want to be rude. "Yes" I said and he last confidently. "I know you travelled. We have not been seeing you. We see you every morning, sports woman" he said and we both laughed. "Now that you are back I hope we will continue seeing you in the morning" he said and I assured him that he would. 
LOL @ sports woman. 
A pair of trainers and Nike tracks doesn't a "sports woman" make. 
I wish... 😂
All I do is walk for an hour and listen to audio books. Ok I jog occasionally but my doctor asked me not to for now...
It's interesting how we…

On Becoming What Exactly?

"The author of this book has gone through some really tough times. But, everyone directly or indirectly involved was stripped bare, making the book feel like a viscous comment section of a gossip blog -(Spare no details, Spare no one)

According to the prologue, "this book is not a tell all but a must tell". I disagree. It is a TELL ALL. If it was a must tell, then she would only give absolutely RELEVANT information. But I suffered through a lot of irrelevant references that could only be in the book for one reason: To "report" Maje and his other women to the world

Hence, only ONE chapter (which was the last chapter) was dedicated to Toke's lessons learnt, her responsibilities from the failed relationship and her advice to women on what to do if they found themselves in her situation. To be honest, I had assumed these would be the foundation of the book, coupled with her strategy in becoming a household name. I assumed wrong

Maje's name came up 378 times i…

Being Single Is a Blessing. (Atilola Writes, on The Eve of Her Wedding)

I am getting married tomorrow...but that is not what this article is about because in as much as marriage is a good thing, and I am looking forward to what that phase holds in store for me, I am not under the illusion that my life would suddenly transform from that of dystopia to a life of utopia.
You see, almost all my friends are married, and I have asked most of them few months or years after marriage, that “Which is better, being single or being married?”
It is interesting to note that not a single one of them has been able to tell me conclusively that being married is better than being single. They all respond with the familiar lines of “It’s different. Marriage is good but it comes with its responsibilities. They all have their pros and cons.”
I’ve been single for all my life. Yes, it might not be a lengthy period of time in some people’s eyes, but it is far longer time than I intended to be single, especially considering the fact that I graduated at the age of 21, and have been fi…

Linda Ikeji's First Blog Post. Be Inspired.

Reading this made me feel all warm inside. 
She also added: It took 5, 10 & 11 months to get first, second and third comments respectively on my first post. Sometimes it starts slow but when God is by your side, there's no stopping you!
I'm sure you've learnt something from this post. Oya, comment below what you learnt, I can't always be the only one writing. 
(LOL, yeah I'm being lazy. Started writing a multi-paragraphed epistle but half way through I started to stop 🙈. I hereby pass the mantle on to you 😊☺️😉). 


Feminism, Friends & The Master's Bedroom.

So my parents just moved house. 
I'm so thrilled for them 'cause it's the kind of home they've always dreamt of living in. Although it's coming rather later than they'd have preferred, it eventually happened and for that I'm grateful. It's much bigger than where they were and to see them arrange their new rooms is akin to watching 3yr old boys let loose in a toy shop. 
Notice I said rooms? 
For as long as I can remember my parents have always stayed in separate bedrooms. I don't think this impacted  negatively on their marriage as they're obviously still cool, and also the fact that they sha snuck/sneak into the other's room at night to sleep together most nights probably helps. 
A while back, just before they moved in finally, I went over to see what was going on. My mum was there with one of her BFFs, they've been besties since their early 20s. She's a Grandmum like my mum. 
My mum was taking her round to see the house. When she entered…

Main Chick, Side Chick. Just Asking...

So.... What does a side chick offer that a main chick can't? Is there really anything or is it all just a myth?
Are they just two women who simply happened to have come into his life at different points in time, one before the other?
Or are these two women with distinct roles and personalities, serving much different delicacies?

...can I just add that I'm beginning to roll my eyes at this side chick-main chick thingy, making these males feel more important than they are. Shioor, ladies y'all need to start speaking up more about your main boo and your side dish too ooo! 😡😡😡. #okbye. LOL. 

Charly Boy To The Docile Entity That's Today's Youth.

Greatest Nigerian Youths! Shey una go still answer, ‘Great!’ When it is clear that most of you guys are silly, foolish, ignorant, confused, useless and downright lazy. Shame wan kill me here on una behalf. You guys are a Big disappointment to this generation, and a disgrace to the greatest Nigerian youths of the 50s, 60s and early 70s. Dem swear for Una?Most of you guys have become a docile entity that is driven by the insatiable desire to reap where una no sow, expecting miracles when you have not worked and seeking help in all the wrong places (illuminati, native doctors and night vigils). The frustration in our humanity is exemplified in the confused non-ideological and non-intellectual capacity of today’s youths. The anger of your hunger is not hitting the minds of our youths and the vexation that has trailed governance nationally is almost unheard of among our youths even though the new Nigerian reality is most felt by these same youths. Kai!!! Una Mumu never Do?For the past four …

I Thought I'd Be Cool With It.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, I could tell that the moment his ringing phone abruptly woke me up from Friday nights sleep. "Her again" he sighed. 
"Her who?"
"Nnenna, she's been calling since last night. She's in town, says she wants to hook up"
Nnenna, his ex. 
"She called yesterday, said she wants to come over. I told her I'd ask you..."
His sentence faded into silence, waiting for my response. I did nothing to help the silence. 
"So is it ok?" He asked, finally. 
I shrugged. "Why does she want to come?" I asked him
"I don't know o! Me sef I wonder. She just says since we're both in Lagos and her hotel is not too far from here we should see. She wants to meet you". I could tell he added that last part to soften me up. 
"No can do, I don't want to meet her". 
"Ok then" he said with no further argument. 
However she kept calling and i could tell he didn't mind seeing her. …

On Becoming. Read Excerpts Of Toke Makinwa's Book As She Talks SexTapes, Bleaching for Maje, Contemplating Suicide, Finding God & More!

Toke's debut book which she says “is not a tell-all but a must tell”, speaks of many things. She spoke of her childhood days, and the sad loss of her parents as a result of a fire incident in their home when she was 8 years old and its impact on her life. Here are some excerpts (culled from Bella Naija .) The Discovery I got on my knees in front of him, my voice calm as I can make it. “Maje, you can’t keep lying. What is going on? He walks away, leaving me there with my heart in my hands. I see him pacing, like he is having a private conversation. Then all of a sudden, he walks back to the living room, looks straight into my eyes and says, ‘She’s pregnant’. I fall to the ground. My head…. ‘What’s she having?’ ‘A boy,’ he says. ‘How long have you known?’ ‘I’ve always known…. It was what I thought I wanted,’ he says. The Wedding “Finally, I thought. He chose me! He has stepped up and he’s finally ready to make us a priority. It was my wedding day. I was happy, yet I was waiting for something to …

Dear Ladies, Why Do You Do This?

This is a non-rhetorical question I've been meaning to ask, I've stopped myself short for a number of reasons but after seeing this picture I couldn't hold it in anymore. 
I've often wondered at pictures and videos of women screaming, hyperventilating, wailing and even rolling on the ground just after getting proposed to. 
I wonder because the guy who just proposed isnt a stranger. No, he's someone you've known for most likely a long time, someone you've dated for quite some time. In most cases you guys must have already discussed marriage. You guys have been in an exclusive relationship and at that point have met each other's family members and friends. So why then is it so shocking when he asks you to marry him?
I understand it's a joyful moment. But shocking? Why?
Now back to the picture above, someone asked please is it a proposal or a deliverance?
LOL it looks more like a deliverance to me o! 😂
Anyways let's take a poll. Why do women break down …

I'm Thankful For These 3 Things. What About You?

Today is Thanksgiving Day people! Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada (on the second of October) and the United States. It was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth day of November in the United States and several other places around the world, albeit now secularly. 
And guys, that's what today is, the fourth Thursday of November. I'm therefore going to cease the opportunity to be Thankful. I believe strongly in living a life of Gratitude. Gratitude is a lot more powerful than many of us understand. I'm going to share three things with you I'm particularly thankful for. 
1. Healing. I spent the last two nights very ill and in the hospital. I didn't tell anyone about it, only the boo and my family who were with me in the hospital. Yesterday was a day of needle pricks for the myriad of tests run and at least three injections. When I was …

Zara Buhari. Too Soon?


Pregnant, Unmarried and a Pastor. Pastor Desiree Allen Talks About TheCriticisms & Negativity Following Her Situation

In an article she posted on her Blog, Pastor Desiree Allen talks about how she has been dealing with all the criticism and negativity. She says she would not be shamed out of doing something she loves; preaching. Read her post below:
I found out I was pregnant at the happiest place on earth. It was Mother’s Day and I was on vacation at Disney World. Go figure. I noticed my normally regular period hadn’t come which is usually no biggie. I would chalk it up to stress. Except now, thanks to acupuncture, I was used to it coming like clockwork. It’s only day one I told myself. It’ll come tomorrow. And it did, but only stopped by for a brief visit before disappearing into the abyss. I waited for her to come back. She never did. The next day, I did what any normal sane woman would do. Scoured the resort for pregnancy tests like a madwoman. I went to every store on my resort AND the sister resort. Not a test in sight. No not one. How is this the happiest place on earth and you not expect peopl…

Sex During Menstruation, Anyone?

You read my title and either went Eeeeew or Whatever. Yup, some people, male and female, are grossed out by the thought of sex during the period. While some people, male and female are indifferent about it. Hmmm, some people, male and female, quite few however, rather enjoy sex during the period becauseeasy lubrication and all that... 
A sexologist, @wunmiomololu, whom I follow on Instagram had a few tips and answers to frequently asked questions about sex during menstruation.
Feel free to read on. 
Did you know? Well now you do. 😊

Wunmi says: there is still a chance you could get pregnant during your period unless you're on the pills. So don't forgo contraception. 
She also adds that sex during the first day of the menstrual cycle is never safe since a man's sperm can strive in the uterus for 3 days. 

So people that's it. Go forth and have some menstruation sex!
Or not...

So Cross-Dressers Held a Private Party In Lagos Last Weekend...

Some crossdressers held a private party in Lagos on Saturday November 19th and they have the pictures to show it!

Oh Bobrisky, look what you've caused 😭😱😨😂.
Quick question, why are all these crossdressers' makeup always on fleek? 😅
With more people becoming openly gay, crossdressers becoming bolder and more married men having gay lovers, who can tell me what 'life as we know it' is gon be like in five years? 
I shudder to think about it... 😫
Photos culled from Linda Ikeji's blog, obviously...