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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Favourite: Let's Go To Church.

'Pst. Toby, I have a question'. Salome said raising her hand

'Go ahead please....', replied Pst. Toby

'What does the church do with the tithes, offerings and other such funds that is been received from members?'

Pst. Toby paused momentarily and smiled. Then he began to explain. 

'First the church pays 10% of all inflows to another ministry as directed by God, church staff inclusive of the pastors are paid a fixed amount as salary, 15% is been.......... Finally we have a committee chosen randomly from church members who meet periodically to review the financial books of the church and render a report which is populated on the church's website for all to download and cross-check'. 

Salome was thinking; OMG. it's so refreshing the depth of transparency displayed in this church. It didn't even matter that this is my first time in this church. I asked the question to shock the pastor but to my utter  amazement, I got an engaging  explanation. Maybe I should join this church after all...

'Sally, Sally! Wake up jor, we need to get set oh! Church is in an hour', Collette said as she tapped Salome her roommate.

Salome opened her eyes looking rather sad 

'Are you okay?', asked Collette

'Yes dear, I am' replied Salome

It was only a dream, Salome thought to herself 

 Have you ever wished our churches were different? Like church could be a place where during or after a message you get to stand up and ask mind bogging questions, and you actually get answers. What's more, you get to ask your questions without 'pious' Christians judging you. You know, in a condemnation free atmosphere 

Like you could get to look forward to church because you don't really know what to expect? I mean it's not know the normal Sunday timetable churches run.....

Do you get to ask?if JESUS christ was alive in this times, would He do church the way we are doing it? So many churches yet little impact on the society. So many activities yet no power.... no impact. Really... how would Jesus do church?


  1. Sometimes when I debate with a Rev. father most of the people around me get uncomfortable and some even give me the *how dare you question him* look. One time I admonished one and he told me that he'll tolerate my *insults* because of his cassock and because we're age mates. *stifles laugh*.

    We're nearing the submit of complete destruction of the essence of religion, particularly in Nigeria, and there's nothing more scary than this. When clergy men act like they're the next best thing after GOD and devoid of scrutiny, what's left? Which pastor will explain to you how the finances of the church are managed? As what kwanu? That dream reach to make you vex because the expectation is obviously a tall order.

    1. Your second paragraph conveys some of my thoughts.

      The church in Nigeria would be more convincing and persuading in their mission if they adopt accountability, specifically financial accountability as a cornerstone of their practice.

    2. You can ask questions about religion but not on our present day (2016) politics? Lol

  2. hmmm
    Being a christian in Nigeria is sort of different from everywhere else in the world.

    The white man brought church to us yet I think we have more churches than the white man.

    Naija my country !

  3. Accountability is not our way of life, we like to feel powerful and be above every other person (I better pass my neighbor mentality). Otherwise we won't be discussing how the churches are.
    To experience true church, find a church with Sunday school and/or midweek Bible study, join in and ask questions freely. Leave if they won't accommodate your kind of questions, I have once asked for the origin of marriage vows, if it's Biblical and if you would be offending God if you chose not to vow! It raised many shackles on that day but who cares.

    It is well jare.

  4. Bible study affords me this opportunity(to ask questions). So I try to go when I can and participate. I really don't know how it'll work if they allow people ask questions on Sunday.

    The no power part. Hmmnnn. Iv come to understand that revival starts with me. My spiritual growth is not entirely dependent on the church but on my walk with God. Even the truth we know about spiritual growth, we don't practice. How many Christians diligently pray, read their bibles and diligently seek the face of God? There are too many surface Christians, very few are deep. Lukewarmness is the order of the day in the church. You can't give what you don't have. Hence the "no impact", "no power"

    1. Dear Kabouy, ain't these the essence of organized religions in the first place - to take away lukewarmness, to encourage people to seek God's face, to teach people to depend and trust God and only God, to teach people how to walk with God, build and sustain a relationship with him etc? Sheep needs a Shepard for proper direction.

      Thank God you have come to this realization (as I have) that revival starts with you but how many Church-goers have reached this stage of self-realization? How many can reach it on their own?

      The road to self discovery could be a painful one. It is easier when we have dependable mentors.


  5. People get to ask questions but there should be specific times for everything. You could ask a pastor questions or a minister but it might not be a good idea to do that on Sundays when there are lots of activities. There is plenty room for questions that's why church groups and units exist, for us to learn more,there are systems in place to aid us if only we would explore them instead of assuming and making conclusions from people's body language.
    A girl

  6. Thelma, wr r the comments on the Oyedepo post above.

  7. My Church allows us to ask questions both during Bible Study and Sunday service (not all the time though). The issue I have is the answers, most often, either raise more questions or are outrightly unsatisfactory because they are laced with threats of hell fire or "men of God are not answerable to men".

    I wish for a lot of positive changes.



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