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Kene Francis: What's Up With Me?

People have have different ways of dealing with sadness. Some sing, some eat, some just talk to someone. For me, most of the times I just play music. Other times I write in my diary or I just think, like right now. I'm just thinking. Why do random things happen? Random bad things. Recently I saw a woman with a plastic bowl full of eggs trying to balance it on a wide pavement and somehow one egg rolled off and fell and broke. Why that egg? Out of about 40 eggs just that one fell. What did the egg do? Was the mother hen a trouble maker or is it a destiny crap? Why does that egg have to pay for the owners mistake? It was a wide pavement but she mysteriously found a way to make it hard to place a wide flat bottom bowl on a wide pavement. Just.

Right now I feel like that egg. The one that fell and broke out of many because of someone's mistake. Because he had the power to make a mistake and not pay for it I became the victim of circumstance.  This is the story of my life right now. I'm supposed to graduate with the first batch on 3rd November to become a pharmacist but no, a lecturer made a mistake that will cost me that and now I'll just wait for the next batch. He admitted the grading error, brought it up in their board meeting after much pestering from me but it was a little too late to pass over the corrections to the council that will issue the licence on 3rd November. The disheartening part of it all is the apathy he showed in facilitating the process because, you know, I'm not his son. Accepting a mistake makes no sense if you don't take genuine steps to make amends. But lecturers are infallible in their own universe. So I got a lot of apologies from some lecturers and staff but the egg had already fallen.

In all, today I choose to be happy. I'm alive, my parents are and you all are. In a month's time or two I will still get the licence along with the rest of us in the 2nd batch of graduands  and practice.

So Happy New Month TTB. :)


Happy new month Kene. I know exactly how you feel right now, I've been there and other dark places. The year I was meant to graduate I went to the registry to check my file and make sure that all was in order but alas my file was empty. All my files; Registry, Exams and Records and Faculty, were empty. LOL! Never unravelled that mystery... What this meant was that I had no admission letter, no WAEC and JAMB results, and no results from 1st year to 5th year. What this also meant was that I had to start scurrying around like a headless chicken looking for all these things, of course after the initial shock and in a state of utter confusion, frustration and desolation. In fact I didn't feel like an egg that rolled off and broke, I felt like I was the whole tray of eggs that all collapsed and shattered πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­. Long story short, I overcame. It meant that I went to law school over one year later than I should have, it meant I had to go to the main campus (Nsukka) to look for some first year results. Courses in which some of the lecturers had died, retired or transferred, I had to resit etc etc etc. (Imagine finishing your 5th year and sitting for 1st year courses like general science or philosophy πŸ˜’πŸ˜•). Long story short, it all ended in Praise. I don't mean to make this about me but I want you to realize that this glitch is not going to alter your life in the scheme of things, it's actually for a purpose and in the long run you may come to realize that that purpose was for the greater good. So make this time count, you've started out right; with an attitude of gratitude. Keep that up and keep the negative, discouraging thoughts at bay. You, young man, are going to be just fine! Congratulations on your graduation πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘.



  1. I got this from Joel Osteen:

    Nothing in life has happened to you.
    It has happened FOR you.
    Every disappoint,
    every wrong,
    even every closed door...
    has helped make you into who you are. You are not defined by your past; you are prepared by your past.


  2. i think we share almost the same story...never had any issh in any of my results in the past but just wen am abt to be an ND holder the secretary in my department made an expensive mistake in my result..project carryover, Imagine! I just keep asking myself why me? could it be my stubbornness? cos a while back in school a man of God told me he saw an ugly vision that i should pray fervently and fast with all my certificate and ofcos i didnt take it serious and now this? Correction of result is still in process for over how any months now, ive lost my chance for HND and i cant even get a good job without my ND to atleast save up for next year. Again i ask why me?


    1. God knows best...and don't worry, He has the best of intentions for you.

      In the meantime, I'm certain there's something worthwhile you can find doing. Making something out of life isn't necessarily always experiencing favorable situations, its also making good of whatever situation that one faces, favorable or unfavorable.

    2. Thanks Chris.


  3. Give thanks, it might seem hard but it's for a greater purpose.
    A Girl

  4. Hey kene, Thelma has said it all.

    Look on the bright side of things...I'd bet that this undesired occurrence can still work out for your good.

  5. It is well with you Kene...Mistakes some of us make in school is that we don't usually do follow ups on our documents...Just take your time and sort it out..TNHW

  6. That is life for you dear. Make lemonade out of your lemons and chill.All the best.J

  7. What F said

    You will get through this and be better Kene

  8. Damn!These lecturers are still messing up peoples lives. I almost had extra year because of some dumb mistake too. My name was on notice board for missing result just a few weeks before School closed in my final year. I would have missed NYSC and had to wait a whole year.

    Thank God I went to School that day just to look for babes. Na so I see my name for notice board. My heart dropped to my stomach, my eyes turned red, my head was pounding. Only for me to meet course supervisor and he said I should wait for 1 year. Bastard man! I started running around. That God the relevant lecturer was a nice born again woman. They would have messed up my life projections.

    Sorry man. But you know the race is not to the swift. Try to make this wait period productive. learn a language. Do a qualification. Think. Live. Challenge yourself. Discover yourself. Easier said than done right? But the ball is in your court, what will you do with the ball??


    1. D best thing u've said on TTBπŸ˜˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    2. lol. Kon always speaks only the truth

    3. Learn a Language... Can Never be understated

    4. Learn a Language... Can Never be understated

  9. Kene, so sorry you feel like that egg now, you will be whole and will be fine.

    I can totaly relate with you because i have been in your shoes as well.
    I used to think mine was bad, until i just read Thelma's story. While i was in Uniben, in my 3rd year, an unknown enemy sat for and wrote exams with my matric number. IT WAS DELIBERATE but then i didnt know. The person failed these courses on purpose with the expectation that those poor grades would be recorded for me.
    You know how lecturers /UNI can be, 1ST SEMESTER results dont get out until 2nd semester. However i had developed the habit of checking my grades personally with a few lecturers and i did well. Only to see pasted results in 400level...of the 10 courses i saw E's, D's and F's.

    Coupled with a 300level course adviser who felt i had to be his friend and who tried to break was tough., i cried etc. When i was able to get the dept to look into the exam sheets to investigate , our department got burnt. Lol. With most of the evidence.

    Its funny now....then it wasn't. GOD intervened and set the records straight. Of course i had been praying fervently, so i thought.
    It was when i got to ground zero...God showed up.

    It may look bad from where you sit, but be assured it will end in PRAISE.

  10. Awwwwn sweetheart πŸ˜₯ You'll be fine dear. And everything would fall in place just right. Hugs xxx

  11. Delays or setbacks are not failures. And a bend along the road is not the end of the road.

    Hakuna Matata dude! I love pharmacy.

  12. This happened to me too, I didn't know that in your final year, you had to stay back in school and follow up on all your results, what did I know about senate meetings sef?

    I had one carryover course in 400lvl, I had written the exam and saw that I passed with a D or so which was cool with me, and the result was on the portal, so I thought everything was fine, oh how wrong I was.

    Apparently, the lecturer didn't release the result in time for the Senate meeting that decided which students would graduate that year and so, even though I passed the exam, because the result didn't make it to that meeting, I spent 1 solid year at home. My dad didn't believe I didn't have an extra year. So now, on my certificate, I graduated May 2012 instead of June 2011.

    It bothered me for a very long time especially when my course mates finished serving and started working before me and it seemed like everyone was doing better, but life is not a race and today, I can honestly say that God has been faithful and life has been very very good.

    The race really is not to the swift, time and chance happens to us all. Find something productive to do while you wait, first me, I had a job that took me out of the house everyday for the whole year I stayed at home, they paid me 20k a month πŸ˜… I would have gone crazy if not for the job.

    So, make the best of this time at home, find something to do that would keep you busy and don't think to much about it..

  13. Thank you all for the kind words

  14. My story is still a present case as my supervisor refused to approve my work for defence. Told the HOD about it and now I have to wait for the decision of the department and Senate on if I am to graduate this year or not and I also have the fear of having a carryover in project that cost me so much time and money. But I believe God will favour me despite the fact that my faith is shaky I still believe everything would work out in my favour. Your prayers would also be appreciated. Thanks

    1. just said a prayer for you Cindy! Chrisyinks

  15. Aaaww.Thelma u're just Bae 😘😘😘
    Dats all I can say

  16. I am also going through similar challenges with the writer who is my classmate. I awaited for Nov 3rd which was supposed to be my induction. My new gown is still in my wardrobe untouched coupled with other plans made for the day. Lo and behold, it jst slipped away.I felt terrible but proverbs 3:5-6 just turned my sadness into joy. God is alive and awake. U ve to be strong Kene. Just as Wale said"delay or setback in life doesn't make any a failure"

  17. I feel so bad for you. Just imagine!!, Nigerian education system has a looong way to go. The school should accept responsibility and if there's nothing they can do, you should be compensated..I taya oo.. I'm so sorry this happened to you.


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