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Monday, 14 November 2016

Kene Francis: World Diabetes Day; What You Should Know.

Today (the 14th of November) is World Diabetes Day so I decided to create awareness here!

First off, diabetes here refers to diabetes type 2 which is perfectly a manageable illness and can be completely avoided by both those at high risk and low risk of developing it with advancement in age.

Secondly, do this quick calculation. Divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. I'll go first : 73kg ÷ (1.82m)^2 = 22.04 
What is yours?😀😁 

For African descents, it should fall between 18.5 and 24.9. That's the range for a healthy BMI (body mass index). 
If it's within that range, you are in a safe zone but anything higher or lower shows overweight or underweight respectively (medically speaking).

Weight loss programmes can help with adjustments to fall into the safe range and only when it fails can weight loss pills(on professional medical advice) be resorted to.

Lastly, here are some basic lifestyle modifications that will help.

-sleep well and drink a lot of water
-jog jog jog. At the very least every weekend
-reduce consumption of carbohydrates, not just sugary things. Eat mostly veges and fruits (esp for the over weight)
-and for those already diagnosed with the disease, never miss medical appointments.



Kene Francis is a member of the TTB family, a budding pharmacist and an enthusiastic writer. 

Thanks for sharing Kene. 


  1. BMI = 25.93

    84kg to 1.80m. I can't gree o!!

    1. Lol... I dare not calculate my own, I'll be grossly overweight. The rate at which I've been eating the past 2months, you'd think a famine has been predicted for 2017.

      Thanks Kene.

    2. Famine was actually predicted today or so, federal government says foreign countries are looking to buy our grains.

    3. Lolz Memphis do well to get back within the range, at least u're still close. There re people dia BMI is 30 & above... Not healthy atol. So better agree and do d needful.

      Sunshine calculate urs, u may be surprised u're within range. But most importantly, it's beta u know and do sth abt it if necessary dan not knowing, till it gets out of hand.

    4. Adah me that I'm already working towards 90+kg, and height is constant. Lol

      Let me assume Sunshine's BMI: Mass = 62kg (since you've been swallowing), height = 1.50m (I assumed based on shoe size).

      BMI = Lol, stop swallowing...

    5. lol, 1.50m is quite small o. I'm guessing a height of about 1.67m.

    6. With shoe size 38? Na. Let's assume 1.55-1.60m, and that's being generous. *tongue out at Sunshine*

    7. Hahaha! I'm just reading this... Memphis, you're not serious. The shoe size is actually 40 and the height is 1.62m *tongue out*

  2. Short and sharp! Good information, thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice info.

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. This calculation says Im over weight. Nope. I refuse to agree. With my super sexy body and all the sports activities I do. Naaa. That formula dey lie



  5. Kene daalu. *side eyes at Thelma*


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