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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Linda Ikeji's First Blog Post. Be Inspired.

Reading this made me feel all warm inside. 

She also added: It took 5, 10 & 11 months to get first, second and third comments respectively on my first post. Sometimes it starts slow but when God is by your side, there's no stopping you!

I'm sure you've learnt something from this post. Oya, comment below what you learnt, I can't always be the only one writing. 

(LOL, yeah I'm being lazy. Started writing a multi-paragraphed epistle but half way through I started to stop 🙈. I hereby pass the mantle on to you 😊☺️😉). 



  1. Be inspired; stay inspired..

  2. No matter how many times you fall, rise up and keep fighting. Its really nice sometimes to sit down and look back and appreciate hoe far God has taken you, no matter how small, things always have a way of getting better.

  3. I just learnt to take my blog more seriously

  4. Ohh Linda baby *Mwah


  5. Never despise the days of humble beginning....


  6. Be patient and Persevere....... With The Almighty all things will fall in place.


  7. Thelma
    .....pls make me YOUR P.a on blog affairs now o.
    Very soon now, you will blow ...

  8. Very inspiring! Look what she has become! I just started my blog 2 months ago, still learning the ropes, but it's doing well so far. It's about natural remedies to take care of your skin and hair. I give out tips, tutorials etc on how to care for your skin and natural hair. Have a look -


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