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Thursday, 10 November 2016


The library, sponsored by JEOF, Western Union & Ecobank 

Clare setting things up before the guest arrive

With Clare and her girls. 

With Clare. 

Looking positively stressed by the heat 😣😢😞

With Clare. 

Leaving home. 

Clare for/of/with the Joseph & Eunice Oludaiye Foundation is a hardworker, a go getter and an ace to any organization. I had the opportunity to work with hers today and despite the blazing sun that all but melted my contact lens, we had a good time and the launch was a success. 

With the sponsorship of Western Union and Ecobank, JEOF refurbished or actually created a new, well equipped library for Ransome Kuti Memorial Senior grammar School Mushin, Lagos. 

Yours Truly was there to compere and basically support one of my favourite blog readers/humans (☺️), Clare. 

It was a great day. 

Clare has some projects she is working on which I would bring to the blog soon. We would be needing your involvement. 😚😉☺️


  1. Beautiful.... Good bless your hearts. I hope to do this one day.


  2. Thelma, I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with Us.
    You made my job so easy.

    It is always so much fun working with you.

    God bless you.

    1. Well done Clare and Thelma you too. God bless you both.

    2. Nice one Clare...More powers to your elbows.

    3. Thumbs up big sis.... Up up you go dear.
      Me I'm waiting to be a part of the movement... #Leggo

  3. Very admirable indeed, you go Clare! Thelma you're very supportive, nice one.
    A Girl

  4. Clare is beautiful, inside out.

    Well done girls.


  5. Well done..Clare you are beautiful...Thelma I like your contact lens,but I don't have the liver to 'shook' them in my eyes...TNHW

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