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Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Rants Of a Frustrated Nigerian Wife

Please read below, as sent to actor and comedian, Alibaba.

So following this woman's logic, I guess it's safe to say she also dated married men when she was single too, no?

PS: I HATE it when WOMEN blame women for domestic violence. I don't see what domestic violence had to do with this particular rant, yet she had to add that baseless statement to her message. Y'all should continue supporting domestic abuse, inugo.



  1. Thank you Thelma.
    So she is indirectly telling the world that this is her karma.

  2. Tragicomedy! Some naked truth.

    Sounded like the rant was motivated by of lack of sex..trying to figure out how a woman relate with her husband in the house for 5 years without sex! Is the marriage dead and the woman couldn't see it?
    For the writer's nieces messing around with older guys, she should let them know that some of those men don't want them for sex; many girls are being used for rituals and the likes.

  3. Ko Lori, ko nidi. It was just all over the place.

  4. This has been all over the net


  5. This woman is just silly,petty and very foolish. She made a valid point but her folly is obstructing my view.
    A Girl.

  6. Lol@ Kabouy.

    But I can't imagine living with a man who is my husband and not have sex with him for 5 years. Except something is wrong with the little guy, which I pray will never happen. Azzin!

  7. "All that viagra is a lie. If it stands up, which blood will remain for his heart to pump"... ROTFL

    As for the domestic violence part, I don't think she encouraged it, she just said she has no sympathy for those who choose to remain in abusive relationships. And she also mentioned that women should stop disrespecting their husbands. Cos really, gender equality and feminism is not an excuse or license to disrespect your husband.

    Domestic violence is very very wrong and if talking to your husband with respect and not being condescending will keep it further away from your home, why not do it. I'm not saying be a fool or kowtow to his every move but be respectful and level headed. How many ladies would raise their voices at their bosses (male or female) when they're ranting about something work related? The same self control you exercise at work with your boss or that troublesome colleague who tries to pick a fight with everyone every time should be exercised at home too... #JustSaying

    1. Sunshine,you could not have said it better.....But Mumsy try oh..Five years and no something_something...Cobwebs wee haff full everywhere..TNHW

  8. Aunty haff vex.. Didn't read anything new in her rant though...congi-induced rant methinks



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