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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Who Hillary Clinton Epp? By Reno Omokri

On Election Day 2016, I urged all my friends to go out and vote for Donald Trump with the following message:

'Get out and vote for the unborn fetus, get out and vote for God ordained marriage between a man and a woman, get out and vote against transgender bathrooms, get out and vote against Roe V Wade, get out and vote for Donald J. Trump! He might not be perfect, but he will promote those conservative values that have kept a check on the moral fabric of society and nominate conservative Supreme Court Justices.'

So many African Americans and Black Africans have been appalled by my support for Donald Trump ever since my interview on the BBC on November 1st, 2016 when I called for Africans and others eligible to vote in the US elections to vote Donald Trump.

And why were my people so appalled? Because we are an emotional people who take decisions based on what we want right now rather than what we want eventually.

Most African Americans voted for Hillary because they bought into the lie peddled by the mainstream media that Trump is a racist. Most Black Africans supported Hillary because they did not want Trump to clamp down on immigration into the US.

But my people failed to take into account the big picture! 

What are our cultural values as a Race? Do we as Black people, whether African American or Black African, really support gay rights and gay marriage? Trust our copy cat culture, if Hillary had been elected she would have strengthened the gay marriage lobby and her Supreme Court nominees would have made it a reality and the next thing you know we would want to copy it hook line and sinker.

As a race, we suffer disproportionately from abortions more than any other race in America. African Americans and Black Africans make up 13% of the US populations yet 37% of all abortions in the US are done by Black women. It has gotten to the point where the most dangerous place for a Black child to be is in its own mother's womb!

Can we afford to continue with such a shameful record? We need somebody that is committed to ending Roe V Wade and outlawing the practice of on demand abortion. I believe in a woman's right to choose but that right is asserted by any woman the minute she chooses to have unprotected sex.

But let me get technical. What did Hillary Clinton do for Nigeria or Africa when she was Secretary of State? 

My people are just too sentimental and forget how she dithered and resisted naming Boko Haram as a terrorist group. We have forgotten how she led the effort to use the Leahy Law to frustrate Nigeria's efforts to buy weapons from the US and when we could not buy from them she and her contemporaries also frustrated our efforts to buy from Israel.

The annoying thing is that it was her disastrous intervention in Libya that led to the escalation of the Boko Haram insurgency because the overthrow of Gaddafi destabilized much of North and West Africa by putting sophisticated light weapons in the hands of non state actors like Boko Haram.

And yet when we as a nation were faced with the consequences of her actions she would not help us. Nigeria was reduced to buying weapons for cash on the Black Market. 

The thing is that Gaddafi may have been a nasty piece of work but at least he made Libya stable. Today, ISIS has a foothold in Libya and from there supports insurgents like Boko Haram and Al Shabbab who are causing instability in Nigeria and Kenya.

My big question to Nigerians especially is this-Who Hillary Clinton Epp? Our follow follow is too much. In real economic terms what did we stand to gain from Hillary Clinton? 

Though I have been a life long Republican since first coming to America as a nine year old, I suspend that status in 2008 to support a fellow Black man, President Obama out of purely primordial reasons (he is Black as I am) but to be honest, what has Africa and Nigeria gained from eight years of Obama in the White House?

He never visited Nigeria. He never packaged any special economic package for Nigeria or Africa. Say whatever you want to say about former President George W Bush but no other US President has been as radical in his support to Africa as Bush number 43!

For giving more than $5 billion in humanitarian aid to Africa annually, President Bush goes on record as having given more assistance to Sub Saharan Africa than any other president including President Obama!

AIDS and Malaria are some of our biggest challenges in Africa and Bush met us at the point of our need. 

Before President George W Bush intervened in the fight against HOV/AIDS, only 100,000 Africans were on anti retrovirals but in 2003 he set up the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and by the time he left office in 2009 that number had grown to 2 million.

When Congress resisted his efforts for funding to the time of $1.2 billion to fight malaria in Africa in 2007 Bush persuaded them by saying "There's no reason for little babies to be dying of mosquito bites around the world."

Now I ask you, what similar effort have President Obama and Hillary put forward while they had power? Yes Obama has held summits like the first US/Africa Leaders Summit and the US Africa Business Summit but do we eat summits? What came of it other than talk and mostly Obama talking down at African leaders in a way he would never do with Asian leaders.

At least with Trump we know that he will take on ISIS and other radical Islamic groups and that includes Boko Haram! 

Moreover, Trump has pledged to curb China's global dominance and to do that he would have to match China dollar for dollar in Africa and when China and the US compete Africa gains.

But be that as it may I am very proud to have publicly supported Donald Trump from the beginning to the end. 

Where are all those people who insulted me for my support for Donald Trump? They all seem to have gone missing in the 'other room'!


Omokri is the founder of the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California, author of Shunpiking: No Shortcuts to God and Why Jesus Wept and the host of Transformation with Reno Omokri


I must say I'm an avid admirer of this man and most of his views. 



  1. Who Reno Omokri Epp? By Wale

  2. "But let me get technical. What did Hillary Clinton do for Nigeria or Africa when she was Secretary of State?" "what has Africa and Nigeria gained from eight years of Obama in the White House?" The feeling of entitlement is disgusting. Waiting for US to fix your problems. What has the average Nigerian gained from The Nigerian Government?

    This give me, give me mentality of Africans is disgusting.When will we stop depending on the west for support. Is it not a shameful thing that a nation like Nigeria with all the natural resources God gave us is waiting for USA to help them deal with Malaria?

    Shame on you Mr Reno. J

    1. I don't know your grasp of Internatiinal politics , but an American President is courted globally and whoever becomes POTUS is important to every nation on earth. What a useless comment . Even military nights like Israel are depending on the POTUS that'd support their course against Palestine, Russia has its own interest . Didn't you notice the global market reaction to the election result ? Nigerians just like to condemn .

    2. Oga /Madam, the countries you mention above do not rely on the US for basics.
      Is it comprehension problem? You say you disagree with someone and then you go completely off the issue.If you noticed (though I doubt that from your comment), I lifted two statements and then commented on them. We do not need the US to fight Malaria and AIDS. African countries doing well depend less on the west against their counterparts.

      These guys knew how much we were making from crude oil then, yet we want them to aid us in fighting something as simple as malaria? Whereas what are you as a nation bringing to the table abi US is father Christmas.

      China looked inward to become what they are today. Development of Nigeria will come from Nigeria/Nigerians not the West. You remember that Governor that refused to clear a refuse dump as a punishment to one community ....and you wonder why malaria will remain a scourge.J

  3. Replies
    1. You couldn't have said it better. Chrisyinks!

  4. Have you noticed how a lot of GEJ loyalists are the ones endorsing Trump. Says a lot.

    Reno Omokri has been this dumb since the beginning of time. No one said Hilary is perfect, but just look at the points he is presenting in defense of Trump.

    That he'll fight Boko Haram for Nigeria. That he'll curb China's dominance. This guy and Ben Bruce with their superficial'wisdom' This blog is honestly starting to annoy me

    1. Punintended...How is the blog annoying you?TNHW

    2. It is the world at large annoying you, not TTB. I think Reno has a point but things don't always go the way we hope, what if Trump's bark is worse than his bite? What if he does nothing he promised? I've had enough of this anyway.
      A Girl

  5. people(Nigerians) tho, what could she(Hiliary) hv done for Nigerians, are we some kinda charity work or something, n what did Obama even do for us, wat do I even know about politics sef......moving on

  6. Lol,they've decided to politicize this now? Hahaha. I'll also assume Americans who voted for Trump also supported GEJ?
    The Nigerian system was designed to run on oil, whatever value the $$ is and rely on aid from the WEST. Hopefully Buhari is changing all that. From having us expelled from foreign financial indexes and the Yuan swap deal. Hope Trump finalizes it by not entertaining any Financial aids and co to Nig. So yh, I think a Trump victory wld help Buhari actualize his dream for Nig.
    (unfortunately Buhari doesn't read this blog)

  7. This is the first article from this man that I would totally concur with to are very large degree...90% supported.

    Well said Sir. Who she epp Abeg. I always wanted Trump to win, feminism aside. Every word he spoke was certainly true, people only had problem with the way he said it.

    The hypersensitivity of the society at large was getting too much.
    How can you force a public officer to sign on your gay marriage when her moral values doesn't cover it?
    The sensitivity, especially the sensitivity, was getting out of hand Abeg. Haba.

    1. When you say people are being too sensitive, please explain. This is a man who openly mocked a disabled journalist, has made disparaging comments about women countless times, dropped a link to a sextape just to prove a point, suggested that tax evasion or avoidance is not unethical, that global warming is a Chinese conspiracy.

      When Obama was running in 2008, one of the biggest controversies that plagued his campaign was that Jeremiah Wright who USED to be Obama's pastor had made several questionable statements in his sermon. Now compare that with all Donald Trump has done and kindly explain to me what you mean by hypersensitivity

    2. After you made all these statements and yet you don't think you're being too sensitive then I cant explain further..

  8. I really do not understand those attacking Reno. Everything he said is nothing far from the very truth.

  9. Yo are not seeing the big picture!! He says hateful things, things a leader should not say at all. When Trevor Martins was killed and Obama said he could have been his son, Obama was accused of inciting violence. Now think of all Trump has said, his supporters don't know the difference between politics and truth. If your sister was gropped by a man would you think it's ok? I live in an area with a lot of Somali, last year a woman was stabbed in the face with a bottle, for speaking Swahili in a restaurant!!!! Trump saying that Hilary deserves a bullet. What is someone does that? How would you feel about it? His supporters think it's ok to do harm because their leader doesn't see a problem with it. How do I get this message to people?

  10. Lmho. Y'all are just being overly dramatic about this US elections to be honest. "Trump is Racist, he's a bigot, he's sexist, he's homophobic, he's this, he's that". Trump didn't start being Trump recently, he's always been like this. He took his stellar sentiments with him into the Republican primaries and was utterly eaten inside out by all the contestants. What happened? He beat them HANDS DOWN and became the Party's rep. That should've been a hint to everyone that Americans were taking on a new orientation that even alarmed staunch Republicans. They were worried and expressed their worries openly, but Democrats failed to get the hint and Hilary Clinton still based most of her campaign policies on what Democrats had/will achieve compared to what Republicans had to offer, playing the same smear-campaign game the Republican candidates played against Trump that obviously backfired.

    Trump insulted African Americans and Latinos. Guess what? The percentage of the Blacks and Latinos who voted him surpassed, by far, the percentage of those who voted Mitt Romney in 2012. Trump insulted women with derogatory words. Guess what? 57% of white women who voted, voted for him, and 66% of all the women who voted, voted for him.

    Even if Trump had lost, the obvious division clearly showed that this election wasn't about Democrats vs Republicans or what Trump had to offer. If you believed that, sorry, you lost the plot big time. Americans sent a CLEAR message that even surprised Clinton who said she didn't realize the extent of division in USA. So let's all calm down biko. Las Las na their country, na their choice. If they live to enjoy or regret that's their business. They owe no one any favors or apologies.

    1. Punintended is asking me what I mean by hypersensitivity... Sigh*


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