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I cannot trust myself to type, too many emotions, too may thoughts, too many observations, too many opinions...
And yes I've had a little more vodka than I should, experience has taught me not to do certain things after vodka, one of which is write on social media. I did that a number of times in my early blogging days and each time I'd have to delete each post the second I woke up, after cringing that is. 
In fact, just three weeks back I had to delete something from instagram which I'd posted the night before, which I had no recollection of posting, which wasn't so bad actually, but which I wouldn't have posted (otherwise). 
So guys, I'm feeling very mellow tonight... Which could be a synonym for "easy" which happens to be the name of the show I'm watching on Netflix at the moment. 
So the point behind this post; none. 
Save for the fact that I want to connect. I want to know what you're doing at the very moment you're reading this, I want to…

Men Are Lucky Bast*rds!

I'm sure you've all seen the tweets below, they've been everywhere today. 
And I read comments and I was shocked to see that an unusually large number of women agree. And to my surprise it was even a few males that said "nah, this isn't right". 

Well I just thought I'd share Mrs Oby Ezekwesili's tweets with you and hope that many people realize that this is how a sensible person thinks. 

Ok, enjoy the rest of you day guys. 

For now I'm just going to sit here and read those first tweets above again, and the comments by females saying "She's right sha" and keep thinking men are lucky bastards!



Our Lovers...

LOL this chat we had this morning cracks me up, Peter Pan? πŸ˜‚
So that's how yesterday I was chatting with one of my Kenyan friends and she was telling me about this guy she had just started dating when I came to Kenya.  
Everytime we talk about him baby girl would sound like the guy was the best freaking thing that ever walked the face of the earth. Last night however she decided to keep it real with me. She said he's a really good guy, she just wished he was a little bit more like her ex. 
"How?" I asked.
Well apparently this new boo is great and all but she just misses the way her ex used to put it down in bed. How he used to "hit it hard" and talk dirty and they'd be very adventurous and get nasty together. 
"Well have you tried to talk to him about it? You've got to be able to tell your man what you like, or show him at least" said I. 
Yes, she said. She's tried, first subtly and then directly to tell him how she likes it, how she wants …

2016 Was...

I'm typing with shaky fingers, not quite sure what I have to say. I've stayed off the blog for this same reason, not sure what I have to say. 
I just feel like one year is coming to an end and so...
So what really? I do not know. 
I'm so glad that this year wasn't like the last. Last year ended well but the first two quarters were disastrous for me. I remember writing about it, simply to share, which I thought was safe since the dark moments were past. And so in that post I wrote about a public personality that I'd been working with and how our relationship came to an abrupt end and how distraught I was. I made no mention of names or any personal detail. Yet someone from the blog, a sad little person no doubt, actually took it upon himself or herself to create an instagram page, simply for the purpose of tagging the person in question and telling them "XYZ go to thelma thinks blog and see what she is writing about you". Wasted effort, as the person in …

That Kind Of Christmas...

Guys I'm just laying in bed feeling satisfied af!
So my day started pretty early. I was meant to attend mass with my sister's family but then things came up and we couldn't go again, so I drove nearby to Salvation Ministries just behind Chevron and attended the second service and boy was I glad I went!
You know, thinking about it, we should do a post on "spiritual prostitution", that's what they used to call church-hopping years back, but today nobody talks about that anymore so I guess it's no longer a thing... Like, can't I just attend different churches, there are wayyy too many awesome preachers to limit myself to just one. It's no secret that I love Paul Adefarasin's teaching, but pastor Paul isn't in PH which I happen to be in quite a lot, so I started to attend Salvation Ministries. I find that I love to listen to Pastor David Ibiyeomie. The man is a character and he makes me THINK. I have great respect for anyone who makes…

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's here my beautiful people. Christmas! 
I pray that today, as we mark the birth of Christ, we experience in our lives, all the blessings that His birth brings. All, especially forgiveness, healing, peace, salvation, deliverance and LOVE!
Have yourself a very merry Christmassy Christmas 😘😘😘. 


Rant; Why So Many Judginas?

I want to rant on an earlier post on the confession of a lady who always remove her wedding ring to feel funky. The reponse from so many people got me thinking. Evening when Thelma asked them to confess those little secret of theirs. Wow!. Maybe that lady, the other that confessed of 30 body count and l are the only sinners on this blog. Hmmmmm. Side eye to you!!. Yes you!!!! Why is it that people are very quick to judge others while honestly they do worse things behind. The innocent lady was just confessing to free her mind. Look what she got. Angels that left heaven to stay on Thelma blog. Is all good. I accept. No need to go anonymous. Pls if you see Baba God. Tell him one of his daughters Dinma have sinned against him in soooo many ways. Ranging from watching porn. Got lost while relaxing her head on the full breast of one well endowed lady inside a tight taxi last month. Oh please don't forget to tell Baba God she has given in to sex after much pressure.

*** Ok so the blog …

Ok, Not Sobbing Anymore!

I woke up this morning. 
First thought; it's Christmas Eve. 
Reaction; panic, dismay, indifference

No particular reason, simply that I've never felt less Christmassy all year. Like I've been waiting all month to get the feeling, I've been waiting all month for things to happen that would get me there, I've been waiting for some magic. Waiting for anything at all. Waiting...
Still waiting.
Christmas is tomorrow. 
And when I actually come to think about it, I've got everything to be thankful for. Family is doing fine and everybody is in good health. Career wise things are making sense. Money is looking good and encouraging. Relationship is going really great save for living in two different states. And life in general is great. 
So why am I 😞?

*** That was my mood earlier today and I'm glad to announce that I'm feeling so much better and I hope everyone is doing great too. 
If we killed your vibe we're sorry please come back, don't goooo 😒



Julian's "Mukete" Collection. You Should Be There!

Christmas is the season for Rockies!! Where will you be on the 24th of December, from 12pm to 6pm
We have put together pieces for our second pop-up store. The first 10 customers get free Christmas gifts, and as usual when you bring a friend you get 10% off! 

Free mimosas and canapes too! 

Venue: BLD by Play, Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1 (just beside KFC). 

Yay! Shopping and munching. Probably two of my favourite things in the world so I'm already thereπŸ˜‚! You should stop by πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š.

Should Paedophiles Have Rights Like LGBT People?

Please read the article below, you might find it as interesting as I did, and maybe we can talk about it...

Someone tweeted: “So let me drop a controversial opinion. If LGBT rights are protected because it is their nature… Shouldn’t pedophiles also be protected?” Should we compare paedophilia – an act that infringes on children’s right, to same-sex sexual intercourse – an act between two consenting adults? Paedophilia, is a crime, NOT a sexual orientation. Let me break it down. The focus of paedophilia is sexual activity with a child. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) defines a child as “any human person who has not reached the age of eighteen years”. “Most mental health professionals, however, confine the definition of paedophilia to sexual activity with prepubescent children, who are generally age 13 or younger. The term ephebophilia , derived from the Greek word for ‘youth,’ is sometimes used to describe sexual interest in young people in the first stages of puberty.” An …

Let's Do This Fun End Of The Year Awards


So I stumbled on this on @bolinto's instagram and I thought it's fun and I attempted each one, and this is what I think:
1. The "They Call Me Slayer" Award - Mocheedah
2. The "I Go Love ooo" Award -Timi & Busola Dakolo
3. The "I Don Blow" Award - Mr Eazi
4. The "I Must To Stand Up and Dance" Award -Tekno: Pana
5. The Man Crush Monday" Award - Banky W. 

Haha. So these are my picks. Let's see yours. 


How Smart Are You?

Each picture represents an area in Lagos. An example has already been given. The gold bars and the beach represent the bar beach, bar and beach, get it?. 
I don't want to give expo but #8 is very easy and probably a better example to guide you in answering the others. 
So who are the smart ones among us? 
Who can get an A? That's at least 12 out of the 15
B. 10
C. 7
D. 5
E. 3
F. 0-3


Naughty Confessions.

I'm in a naughty mood this morning and I want to confess. So I am married 3 years now, very pretty and slim even after one. I am very fair, nickname when I was is small oyibo pepper lol. I used to contest in a lot of beauty pageants in university and I have always always received plenty attention everywhere I go. Since I was a teenager I avoid walking on the road because the disturbance I get is just too much. One thing is that anybody who dates me is always very possessive because they feel that all other men want me. Sometimes they won't even let me go out alone. Anyway that was when I was still single. Now am married to the best man in the whole world, you know how people say marriag is hard or bitter, it's not true. I am having a very blissful marriage and everyday gets better and better. Marriage can be sweet if it is with the right person.      You won't believe it sha but I have just one problem and that is that I miss the attention. In that first year I married …

"F**K College. Schooling Is a Scam!"

Here's what Billy Willson, a Kansas State University dropout shared on Facebook two days ago. Willson said he dropped out after finishing first semester with a 4.0 GPA, asserting that schooling is a scam.This opinion has been gaining momentum over the last three or four years. It's possible that it started when us adults started making jokes about 'another day has come and gone and I still didn't use algebra'. Well millenials took it from there and are now debating the importance of schooling and how there's a vast difference from that and education. Read his argument below:Now that i’ve finished my first semester I think it’s safe to say… F**K COLLEGE. Now before all you of you go batshit crazy… I have a few points to make 1. Yes I have dropped out after finishing my first semester (with a 4.0 GPA). And it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Not because I am averse to learning, but actually the exact opposite. 2. YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. You may not see it…

GIGM Thumbs Up!

If you travel as often as I do within Nigeria you'd know by now how flight prices have skyrocketed and the drastic disparity between flights two months ago and now. And so it happened that when I wanted to book my flights a couple of weeks back, my mouth turned to sandpaper when I saw the price. Economy class tickets cost nearly N40,000, meaning that return tickets would be about 80k. Maybe I would have considered paying if it didn't cost me much less than that to fly to Accra earlier in the year. 
So I sat back and began to wonder if it was worth it. While I stalled I decided to google God Is Good Motors and I remembered that they have a very roomy Mercedes (I think) bus that leaves very early in the morning. So I googled and I was directed to their website. I went to the page for booking and I moved through it very fluidly. Barely seconds later I'd gotten to the booking page and I was shocked by how easy and seamless it was. And sure that there would be a problem somewher…

AS Lovers (When Love Is Not Enough). -Kene Francis

They were the most interesting university love birds. They had that hotsy-totsy kind of affection thatis believed to only exist between mythical soulmates - inseparable best friends that complimentedeach other in many ways - and the fervor of their love was so intense it was almost palpable. They were always seen together, laughing, playing, chatting, studying and indulging each other. You could tell that they'd never trade each other's companionship for anything in this world. In all these, they remained dead set on maintaining a chaste mind and body. Admirable.
Their relationship progressed as predicted by their peers and in few years after graduation they planned to get married, but nature dealt them its iron fist in the velvet glove of genotype. They were found to be incompatible and medically unfit to make babies ... ambushed by the paradox where forgoing their love was the true act of love. In the months that followed was the inevitable emotional and mental gallimaufry of…

The Wedding Party vs It's Her Day?

Sunshine, Kabuoy and everyone else, my apologies for not posting comments all weekend. It's not for lack of trying. Between last week and now I've been in Lagos, Owerri, Calabar, Asaba, Ph and Enugu. At some point I left my iPad in one of this places and got it this morning. I tried to upload comments through my phone but it just didn't werk. 
Ps. This is NOT a movie review. 
I saw The Wedding Party on Saturday night and I was quite impressed. Was all the hype worth it? I really cannot answer that question in the affirmative. I'm probably biased because the hype was overly excessive, me thinks. And you know what happens when that happens, expectations are extremely high.  
However, The Wedding Party is a good movie, one that has raised the bar for Nollywood, one that inspires hope for the Nigerian movie industry, one that actually makes you proud to be a Nigerian! Oh, and you've just got to give it to Kemi Adetiba, This is the first movie she's directing and she d…

Dear Thelma (I'm Having Second Thoughts After He Slapped Me).

Pls post this, I need advice I'm very down. 
I'm supposed to get married at Easter next year and up until last week I was very excited because I was so sure I'm marrying the right man for me. We have dated for four years and we have never had any big fights aside from usual misunderstanding etc. We went out on Friday night with his friends, one of them newly started dating this chic that is hot sha. As in she's still in her 3rd year in Uni and her nickname is Nigerian Barbie even on social media, because she is very slim but her curves na die. You know, skinny and tiny waist but wide hips and big bum and quite busty too. And of course she plays up her sexuality so her hair; "Funmi Hair", false lashes, contoured face etc. 
The first day we met her on Thursday as in I myself could tell her she was hot and if I could then of course my fiancΓ© who is a guy would notice it too. So I wasn't very surprised when he made a remark to me about how she is very shapy, ho…

Kon On The TTB HotSeat.

Guys it's another TTB Hotseat and today Kon is spilling. Sit back and enjoy as you read and share your thoughts. 

Do you believe in God? Why?
-I believe because I just believe. No extra reason.

Do you believe in Heaven/Hell? If no, where do you believe souls go after death?
-I believe in Heaven. Because the Bible says something like that. And all the pastors say it (well except Jehovah witnesses)

Do you believe in JESUS CHRIST? If yes ... as at this point, do you consider
yourself a true born again?

- Yap. I believe in Jesus. Im born again because I believe in Jesus. Its that simple. So yap, Ill be in heaven.

Are you team Trump or Clinton?
- I dont care about them. America will still be great with either one of em. Cops will still kill black people. White people will still be psychos. Gay rights will prevail blah blah. Nothing will change.

Do you sing in the shower?
- Not really. These days I just do it like a quickie. Back in the days I used to sing worship songs. Now that Im a chronic s…

7 Types Of People After MMM "Crashed".

Social media was flooded with news of the MMM crash yesterday. Just on Saturday morning, my friend  Mr Q called this lady friend of his who'd been trying to talk him into investing in MMM but he's just not the kind of person who'd put his money in that sort of thing. He called her to tell her he was hearing that some panic is being created in their MMM community and if she has cleared out her money. She became very animated, saying MMM can never crash, and the government is jealous and MMM has even increased the interest from 30% to 50% and MMM is infallible, it's not a ponzy scheme, it's here's to stay and it's only getting stronger and what not. In fact her boyfriend was with her and he took the phone from her and began to shout rather unnecessarily that MMM is a legitimate lifesaver and there's nothing anybody can do or say that can make MMM fail, the government can only try but it is them that will fail instead, people should leave them alone to do …