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2016 Was...


I'm typing with shaky fingers, not quite sure what I have to say. I've stayed off the blog for this same reason, not sure what I have to say. 

I just feel like one year is coming to an end and so...

So what really? I do not know. 

I'm so glad that this year wasn't like the last. Last year ended well but the first two quarters were disastrous for me. I remember writing about it, simply to share, which I thought was safe since the dark moments were past. And so in that post I wrote about a public personality that I'd been working with and how our relationship came to an abrupt end and how distraught I was. I made no mention of names or any personal detail. Yet someone from the blog, a sad little person no doubt, actually took it upon himself or herself to create an instagram page, simply for the purpose of tagging the person in question and telling them "XYZ go to thelma thinks blog and see what she is writing about you". Wasted effort, as the person in question had already read the post (I actually sent the link) and we'd talked and laughed about it. 

It just makes you wonder about how malevolent some people can be. Like I couldn't just deal, you actually went to create an instagram page just to stir up trouble? Hia! Whomever you are I hope your life is better right now than it was last year because I think only a miserable person would go that far. 

So thankfully, like I said, things started really looking up for me in the later quarters of last year and even more thankfully, they've only gotten better and better. Like, this year for me has been good. It wasn't perfect and it had its moments, but mainly it was fun, laugher, happiness, blessings.. And even in these last few days of the year the blessings are still pouring in. 

Just a few days back I was telling sasha bonΓ© that I don't understand how the one year that I didn't begin with fasting, didn't do any fasting during the year and my prayer life was more lax than it's ever been (and no I'm not at all proud of this), is weirdly the year that blessings upon blessings came my way and doors opened for me. Just days ago while waiting at the airport after being told my flight would be delayed for an hour, I got to talking with one of the passengers who, right there and then gave me some (paying) legal work to do for him. While talking to him I got a call, and another call, and another call. These calls were immediately followed by an alert, and another alert, and another alert. 

Jobs that I neither looked for nor expected, clients that I never even approached much less pitched to, sort me out, asked my price which I gave, even inflated a bit thinking they would haggle (none did) and all immediately paid. 

Oh, earlier the same day I got a rather sizable Christmas gift in cash too. So, already I was on a high, not knowing more was to come.

I looked back at my year and said to my sasha could it be all those years of prayers and fasting that are suddenly getting answered this year, or is it just happenstance?

I don't even want to know the answer biko. All I know is that I've been in a good place all year and that things are getting better. 

Some days ago the devil was deceiving itself, trying to put fear in me, trying to make me panic about 2017 and what if everything goes downhill... This fear began to turn into depression and I started to get angry with everyone around me. I'd be very impatient with my man and start fights for no reason and then the next minute I'm bursting into tears. I was a pain to everyone around me because I was dealing with deeply negative thoughts inside. At some point I began to fear that I was falling into clinical depression, because I began to despair and resign myself to fates I don't even want to write about. 

Soon after I entered into prayer mode. Not even prayer per se, but Praise, aggressive praise. I sang and danced and worshipped and thanked God. I read up on faith and I kept reminding myself that God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Surely, great things must be coming my way for the devil to try to distract and distress me. 

Shioor! He lies, as usual sha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

I'm very assured that no matter how good yesterday was, and how wonderful today is, the best is still always ahead. Things will only keep getting better for me. 

That is my confession. 

Everything's good, the only "but" right now is the health of a family member, and I'm believing God that this situation only very temporary. 

So yeah, I didn't know how to start writing about this year, but it's that time of the year when people look back and talk about the high and low points of their year. It's when people reflect, and share. Both the good and the bad. 

And I really want to know how 2016 has been for you. 

If it wasn't so great tell us about it. If you read my 2015 flashback you'd remember that I was at the lowest point in my life, I even started considering doing the unthinkable. Yet, my Daddy came through for me. And I believe that the same and even more can happen for you. So let's talk about it.

If it's been mostly good then please share with us. I want to marvel in all the goodness you've experienced this year. I want to feed off the positive energy and key into your God-given blessings. I want to join you in your joy. 

If it's been a mix of both, like I'm sure it was for many, please share with us. These are always the most interesting stories. 

So for you, 2016 was ________________________________


  1. I can only count my blessings
    It can only be God

  2. 2016 hmmm let me go to bed first, all I can say is that 2017 must be better because all the things I thought will happen this year many of them didn't happen. Single last year, still single now. Oluwa provide a boo o.

    1. Lmaoooo!!!!! @ oluwa provide a boo o!

  3. I'm grateful for this year. I'm in a much better space than last year. I've learnt to control my thoughts which is one of the things I have struggled with for the last 10 or so years when I would randomly drift in and out of depression/self-loathing. The thoughts still come – o yes they do. But I have learnt to count my blessings one by one instead, and I am exceedingly thankful for what God does. I’ve learnt to listen to God, and I am learning each day how HE speaks in that still small voice that we often push to the side. I’ve laughed, loved and grown, and for that, I am grateful. And I'm still waiting on the remaining of my 2016 miracles o, even at this 11th hour, Baba God will do it. Amen!! :)

  4. Thelma I envy your own 2016, I still remember that your post and how I was pitying u after I read it. I'm still waiting for my own testimony. I just want to thank God for the things he will do for me in 2017.

  5. It Wasn’t a Year of Perfection, But it Was Divine for Grace

  6. 2016 was good, I found a beautiful thing in an unlikely place. More news coming later.
    A girl

    1. Yaaaaaas!!!! Can I guess???!!!!
      Okay let me be patient...

    2. Lol. You found Lux in a soapless place

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Iv been dreading Suming up this year... not because it has been a bad year... in fact it's been an awesome year.... maybe it's the fear of what 2017 holds... if it'll be better or...
    thanks for this... now I'm gonna have to think and write about it. 😊

  9. If i start to talk...

    you see 2016 is indeed eventful for me. it started on a high note, and then things went sour about the 3rd quarter of the year. I got to the point of depression, my eyes became sore from crying. Then I walk to the sanctuary in my ghen ghen mood and said Father we need to talk enough of these test. hahahhaha just i was still ranting a family member of mine needed a surgery, yours truely pathed away with millions of naira bearing in mind no job. I was down to relationship was a serious mess as uncle decided to cheat and unfortunately the loosed mouth Lady told a mutual friend whose loyalty lays with me( story for another day).

    back in my city i needed to renew my rent and if you know where I live, then you would know that "kasala don butst" then I knelt in desperate cry of worship. I listened to Serah jakes Empty handed on YouTube and my take home note was "what if I told you God was going to expedite things".

    hahahhahahahahahaha I got open laughter in return ooh.
    Things began to pick up, debts got paid, i bought a landed property in my expensive city, my account that was down to 17k naira rolled in millions again, health of my family member improved, we have our grand child coming and the world best aunt is supper excited that I try to hide it, I started basking, made investment which tripled before 25th December, come and see Christmas hampers, cash gifts and favour. God embarrassed me, he took me unaware. I wake up every morning and the first word that comes out of my mouth is "You did it for me lord" indeed my face was never ashamed psalm 34:5.

    Just when my hallelujah was tired Jehovah gave me a new song... I got a new federal government job which i resumed on the 1st week of December 2016.

    I am super excited about 2017 that my only prayer point is a better job which i am working on (yes I am greedy. lol ) starting my lifetime buisness in 2017 and most importantly I want to get married already😒😒😒😒 by the half of 2017... help me say Amin. bikonu I don't have strength to proof read.

    lemme goan prepare jaree, I heard some fresh nigga just landed villa, nwata nwanyi need to sample her market.#goinganonymous

    1. Amin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘

    2. Wow,Divine turnaround!! So Grateful for you and everything 2016 was to you. Amen to your prayers as well.

    3. Happy for you o. I tried not to cry...

      God, I believe I'm next. Just embarrass my family and I anyhow please


    4. I bless God for your successes. Greater achievements by His grace.

    5. Love love love this! Amin! Yes it's good to be greedy, God wants us to dream big and aim very high. May the blessings continue to pour in. And yes, marriage, come 2017, that too shall pass. Amen.

    6. many thanks my people. May heaven smile on us all 2017.

  10. Hi Thelma, I've been a member of your blog since early last year. I usually comment as anonymous. I'm so glad 2016 was good for you!
    2016 has been one of the toughest years for my young family. Financially low, investments gone bad, one problem or another, went into debt.
    But in all, I thank God that we're alive, safe, healthy and he blessed us with a 2nd child. And that in the midst of it all we were able to feed, managed to pay our bills and some of our husband and I learned some hard lessons as well...esp in the area of finance.Our marriage has always been quite rosy. So this year was a huge test.
    Deep down inside I'm scared of what 2017 will hold as the economic experts say it will be worse....but I'm learing to put my trust in God. He never fails.


    1. Hey Gift, congratulations on the new addition to your family. God has been faithful in many areas, and He will continue to be. Please don't focus on what any economic experts say, instead let that Ron Kenoly's song be on repeat in your mind; "Tell me whose report will you believe? We shall believe the report of the Lord. His report says I am healed. His report says i am filled. His report says I am free. His report says victory!!!".

      See, even in this recession some people are cashing out seriously, so why not you? Costs of things may be higher and life may seem tougher but sis, starve your fears and feed your faith, believe God's report. He wants the best for you and the best you shall have. Amen.

    2. Amen! Thanks for the encouragement dear. Praying for a better 2017 for us all.


  11. I'm happy for you only shows that God can do so much in one year. Who knows? your prayers of yesteryears may have yielded fruit.
    I'm hoping and praying for a better 2017.

    1. We will get a much better 2017 sis. I strongly believe this.

  12. Lost my Dad this year and I got love from the least expected people. Some others I was hoping will be there totally disappointed me.
    2016 was a challenging year, but I'm confident 2017 will be much better, by God's grace

    1. Sorry about your dad.


    2. Sorry for your loss Oluwa Mayor. I'm glad that people came through for you, even the least expected ones. May your dad continue to rest in peace.

    3. so sorry for your loss swty. God be with you and yours.

  13. Lebosh! Skibosh! That means an extra scoop of ice-cream for me then! I love good news! Whoosh!!

  14. 2016!

    It's been mixed but more great than disappointing. I wish I completed a goal I set but recession would not allow me. Still thankful for where I am though.

    One thing about being a parent (especially to teen/pre-teen children) is that more of your goal-setting is for your children. Goal-setting becomes less and less about you and more and more about them. I am grateful that my daughter tried the last GCE and she was one of the 38% who got Credits in English and Maths.

    2017, please be all-round great.


    1. Awww,Congratulations to your daughter..This is just the beginning of greater things for her to achieve.

    2. Amen!
      Thanks so much Nana. God bless you.


  15. Oh well 2016 taught me to detach myself from "things", achievements et all, really they're all great but it's the very best to live like you are very complete without them, as in to have that conscious belief that you can still be your best in their absence, and truly, that way, fear and depression would not have any way to creep in. It takes discipline and of course GRACE.
    That said, I'm happy about 2016, the growth and lessons are amazing and plenty too but T since you talked about fear and all that, had to share that part.
    I'm really grateful and happy about the inner growth 2016 brought me.

    1. Thanks a lot Chinenyenwa. Funny enough the fear wasn't related to money and material things as such, but I totally understand what you mean.

  16. A number of expectations didn't come through, but in all I am grateful for many things.

    Great health for my folks and my lived ones.
    God's provision andnlive

    I have a feeling that 2017 will be amazing. By God's Grace.

    So glad to know you are balling Thelma.
    Glad you know that you have an awesome God.
    Keep praising and keep believing

    1. Thanks sis. Clare, you for one can never, will never see lack. Your expectations may not have come at your time but it's only because that wasn't God's time and God's time is the best nau. You whose hands are always wide open to give, to help, to impact, those same hands are wide open to receive. God's blessings will always be upon you.

  17. 201666666,lol.You just came and went by so fast,just like that.
    I'm glad it's almost over,can't wait for 2017.
    It's been a good year,I get wiser as the years go by as well as from various experiences..
    This year wasn't really extraordinary for me..went through the motions,came out and stayed on..same routine.Also didn't get to do much travelling this year.
    Butttt 2017,I'm fired up for you,come quickly mehn!!

    1. Nana Ama, hmm, this "much traveling" matter, that's part of my plan for next year o! Hopefully this time next year we'd come back on this blog and write about our many travels in 2017.

  18. End of 2016 gave me something to work towards in 2017. Although cash might be an issue but I am believing in HIS word that HE will meet me at the point of my needs, so I have decided to forge ahead putting all hope in God.

    You know... I read through your write up sometimes and I can't help but keep hoping and believing. I pray you continue to sing this new song.

    ***When they tried to bury you but they didn't know you were a seed that would germinate and grow into a mighty tree**

    Eku Instagram o!


    1. Amen QuirkyMoi, may God meet you ate your point of need, and beyond!

  19. If I start to write about 2016,i will write a big book. I've been in a very bad state I never believed I'll ever be. My finances nose dived and I kept wallowing and swimming in financial burden .I've prayed and held on to God for a turn around but it seems the heaven's are just shut.This year has shown me that people only love you when you're comfortable. Today is 30th and I am still believing God for a last minute miracle.The devil keeps sowing the seed of unbelieve that God is unable to help me,but when I think of how far he has been with me all these years I can't but keep holding on.
    Dear Lord, I may not be the best as at now but you know and see my heart that I believe in your power to safe and deliver,let my last minute miracle come oh Lord!

    1. B your comment is so sincere and I can just imagine how it's been for you. Oh I know too well how it feels to be in dry places. But I also know even more, the greatness of God's power to restore, refresh and renew. Honey I don't know what you're going through, but even God asked "Is there anything too difficult for me?" If you believe in God then surely you must believe that there is absolutely nothing that He cannot do. True, sometimes He is silent, but it's only for a moment. I also pray that He opens your eyes to possibilities around you. Please rebuild your faith, and do cheer up. It's the 30th as you said, and you're still here. So you see that's one BIG reason to be thankful. 😘

  20. Inasmuch as i wanna say 2016 was a great year,i cant...i lost my dad on august 22nd and i still cant believe he is gone..i miss him like crazy..continue to rest well and look over me daddy...i love you forever..God please let 2017 be great..give me testimonies that will sound like a lie and i would definitely come back to this blog to testify.Amen

  21. Glad you had a wonderful year T,and may the good Lord continue to increase us all. I hope 2017 holds for us better things.

  22. 2016 had it's challenges, very serious ones at that but God gave my family victory. In a year where people were complaining about recession, God gave me a good job!!! A job beyond my imagination! I know 2017 will bring forth better things. Never give up on God cos He is Faithful and true.

  23. 2016 was great. Financially God has been faithful, in my career, God has been super awesome. Spiritually, I could have done way better but God is still faithful.
    I'll give myself a 45% execution rate for my goals this year. I hope to do way better next year.
    All in all, 2016 was a great year. I truly experienced dominion favor and divine acceleration. God be praised!

  24. The year 2016 hmmm,
    For me this year was one that had me moving like I was in a daze.
    I started out the year with my dreams on a high note but before I could say 'jack', a prophecy was revealed to me. That event turned my world upside down, I didn't see the beauty in life anymore.
    Like what was the point anyway, I stopped dreaming and aspiring, I probably looked alright on the outside which is good for everyone. All I did this year was wake up and get through the day. Guess what i made it to the end of the year and I'm super grateful for life and health of I and my family.
    Here's to praying for a better year in 2017,financially,emotionally,spiritually and career-wise.
    I mean I better meet my soul mate in 2017 be engaged or married after all 27years means time is not on our
    wishing everyone an excellent 2017.


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