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Monday, 5 December 2016

Do It Afraid Nuggets & Fela Durotoye!

Me with my sister-friend Tonkabelle, learned colleague and CEO of Wura's Secret Hair. 

With my colleague, start up coach, consultant and Founder of CE Academic (the only vocational-business school in the South of Nigeria) Chidinma Eric. 

As you start your week I'd like to share a few simple nuggets I gathered from the Do It Afraid 2016 conference which held yesterday. 

The speakers were Deji Alli (former CEO of ARM Group, CEO of Mixta Africa SA), Adebola Williams (PR specialist, co-founder RED media etc), actress Ireti Doyle, Wunmi Williams (retail specialist and CEO of Nakenohs Boulevard), Modupe Fagbohungbe (of Salt Lagos), Oluwatoyin Olatunji-Daniel (COO of Atlantis by Eventecture) and Fela Durotoye. 

I will share a few of the things I learnt, some of these things may not be new to you, some may be enlightening, but either way I hope you're able to pick something from this. 

PRAISE. You see I'm just beginning to learn more about praise. Debola Williams is a very animated, actually very dramatic person. His gesticulations and mannerisms are exaggerated, but when he begins to talk about Praise, his theatrics reach a whole new level. I found this very interesting because I recently downloaded some of Bishop David Oyedepo's (audio) sermons on Praise and I'm learning afresh just how powerful it is. I'm someone who naturally has a spirit of gratitude and I'm always thankful but I'm just now learning how gratitude and praise take it up another notch. Bishop Oyedepo says we thank God for what He has done, we praise Him for who He is. Praise is very powerful because it's the one thing that God cannot do for Himself. 
    Bishop Oyedepo (and Debola) says praise is a lot more powerful than prayer. He says Praise qualifies you for God'd divine presence, and that's something that prayers, fasting and giving cannot do. He says prayers have conditions attached to it, God says when you pray "according to His will", and even at that He will answer you if He "hears" you etc. God does not benefit from our fasting and prayers, the only thing we can give God, the only thing that God can benefit from us is our Praise. 
    Prayer is us asking God to do something for us, giving might open doors for us, but Praise, Praise brings God down to us! It's very interesting watching Debola talk about praise, I tell you. He'd make you want to put on your dancing shoes and just start thanking God.     
    So people, praise (thanksgiving/gratitude) is more pleasing to God than our prayers. Our praise is a more effective way to accelerate our blessings. 

YOUR CIRCLE. It's important that you surround yourself with people who support your vision. It's important that the people on your team have a similar vision and dream as you do. For those who don't, you need to distance yourself from them. 

SACRIFICES. You're going to need to make a lot of those on your journey to success. 

PRAYER. Need I say more?... 

Do It Afraid. That thing that God has placed in your heart, that thing that you have in your hands, despite the fear in your mind, like NIKE says; just do it. LOL. 

Fela Durotoye had his own session and it was an indepth "lecture" on purpose and I would like to share a bit of it with you. 

He began by asking; What is stopping you? 

Now we all know that the actual problem many of us have is "What is my purpose?". So many people from this blog have expressed that uncertainty to me. Yesterday FD tried to answer that question. 
Ask yourself:
If I was guaranteed success and all that I need to succeed, what would I attempt to do? What would I try to do if I knew I wouldn't fail? 

And if you're not already doing that, ask yourself, What is stopping me?

He said that the most successful people have a great sense of these four things; Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values. 

Success comes when these four are aligned. 

Purpose answers Why? (Why were you created) 

Mission answers What? (What is it you do?)

Vision answers Where? (Where is it taking you?) 

Value answers how? (How do you get there?)

When you can align these 4, greatness is in alignment. 

When the purpose of a thing is unknown abuse is inevitable; Myles Munroe

Purpose is the reason for the creation of a thing. Meaning that the best way you can find purpose of something is to ask the manufacturer. 

God has given us 3 things to enable us accomplish our WHY (Purpose) 
TALENT; the grace of God upon your life given to you from heaven to accomplish excellence. Greatness can only be achieved from working with something you're naturally good at. 
PASSION; things you do differently from how you do other things. Something that the pain of not doing it, is much greater than the pain of doing it. It must be something that you NEED to do. Your passion is both an indicator and a reward. 
PERSONALITY; It's what helps you to fit into the environment that you were sent to occupy. 

So when you have a sense of purpose, when you have a mission, a vision and the right values, and when these four are aligned with each other, success is certain. It's important to know that we were all created with a purpose and the easiest way to know why God created us is by asking Him. There are also key indicators and one of them is your answer to the question below;

If you were guaranteed success and all that you need to succeed, what would you attempt to do? What would you try to do if I knew beyond every doubt that you wouldn't fail? 

Think about it and let's talk about it. 

I'm off to the Eko Hotel & Suites for the GirlTalk Conference now. The theme is RENEW, REFRESH & RECHARGE. Do It Afraid's Omilola Oshikoya is also a speaker at today's conference so I'm certain there'll be a few similarities with yesterday's, although this is just for women. I'm also very excited to hear Dr Lanre Olusola speak among the other great speakers slated to be there. Have a beautiful day people!



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  2. Public service. Insightful tips, Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this, will certainly praise more.

  4. Thanks Thelma.

    Do me a favor and alert me on programs such as this.

    Thanking you in advance .

  5. Thelma do you get to know about these talks and conferences. Sounds interesting.

    I am currently at the first step....asking my 'why'?


  6. I love Fela Durotoye's books
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