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I cannot trust myself to type, too many emotions, too may thoughts, too many observations, too many opinions...

And yes I've had a little more vodka than I should, experience has taught me not to do certain things after vodka, one of which is write on social media. I did that a number of times in my early blogging days and each time I'd have to delete each post the second I woke up, after cringing that is. 

In fact, just three weeks back I had to delete something from instagram which I'd posted the night before, which I had no recollection of posting, which wasn't so bad actually, but which I wouldn't have posted (otherwise). 

So guys, I'm feeling very mellow tonight... Which could be a synonym for "easy" which happens to be the name of the show I'm watching on Netflix at the moment. 

So the point behind this post; none. 

Save for the fact that I want to connect. I want to know what you're doing at the very moment you're reading this, I want to know what you'd like me to change about the blog and what areas you think I can improve on, I want to answer any question you might have to ask me, I want to read anything you have to say, I want YOU to to answer Present to roll call so I know if you've jumped ship or if you're still with us but just don't comment, I want you to say something, anything, really. 

I'd just like to connect with my blog family, I guess. 

There are so many of you I'm missing, but I guess you're busy with the holidays,,,

Let's just talk. 




  1. Awww... Well, I would really really love for you to disable the "comments approval" but then you've explained your reasons one too many times and i understand and respect your decision but that's the only thing i'd love for it to change on the blog.😦
    That said, i'm taking Quaker Oats and fried yam for dinner and i'm on the yam at the moment.#sideeyes at team fitfam.
    Gdnyt T.

    1. Hehehe. Please if you're okay the way you are then forget about fitfam, it's not for everyone. Btw have I told you that I admire how you have your own opinions, even when it's different from others', even when it might be the unpopular one? Really cool.

    2. Fried Yam & Oats? How's the combination really? I have never been able to take down oats...despite repeated attempts....fried yam though, totally bae.


    3. Gracias T.
      Lol Favourite dear, kpele.

  2. Present

    I am reading a book...a novel at the moment.

    What to change about the there a way for comments to post automatically rather than wait for approvals? without the commenter having to prove he/she isn't a robot? I feel that would make interactions/traffic on the blog better.


    1. LOL I guess many people want this comments approval out of the way... I totally understand. It's just that I have so much peace of mind when it's there... And tbh, the comments weren't more when there was no approval. But we can make a deal, at times when I know I may not be able to approve comments ASAP I will remove the comments approval, at other times I'd leave it on. Deal?

    2. DEAL

      Yaaay,i'll totally take that


  3. Marking my presence...Current mood: Trying not to feel frustrated, my Samsung phone screen shattered yesterday night and won't come back on and now I have to folk out a huge sum of money to fix it. God this is not our agreement for 2017 o.
    Suggestions for the blog: I suggest that you dont leave so much gap in terms of days between posts.
    Happy new year in advance to everyone here especially the wonderful friends I made here *kisses*

    1. Ok Chioma, noted! It's never intentional sha, but I get you.

    2. Chei! 60k plus or more! Can't imagine how you feel now.

      My screen shatttere at the experience too. 😭😭😭 I didn't understand it too. But we thank God. Pele dear 😘

  4. Watching The 13th warrior. J

  5. Just here wondering what this man I married gains by speaking rudely to me? And I am d type that hates insults. So its just not working,I am not enjoying this marriage
    I think you should complete those stories where u left us(me) begging for more. Give them good endings o, I live on fiction for love these days biko...
    How's ur boo? Goodnight..

    1. Lol @ good endings. I wonder what I must have been going through back then when I used to write fiction and all the endings will be sad. LOL.

      I'm really sorry about the situation at home. What do you reckon can be done about it?

    2. He has to change,that's just it....

    3. Sk, you need to change! You will be amazed with the result.

  6. Don't know if it's malaria or typhoid fever I'm currently down with, I hate being down this period.

    I've observed that the main Posts that make TTB lively are riddles and quizzes. TTB Hot seat is also great. We've had just 5 of us so far and it has been exciting...Thelma the only lady so far. We need more ladies in 2017 TTB Hot seats starting with Sasha bone, then Kabuoy, then Sunshine. Another TTB delight is the stories (nne you haff slack kpata kpata), please #BringBackTTBStories.

    As for the comments approval, main reason Thelma gave for this was to avoid disturbed homo sapiens having a field day. Such people have chased away a few of our members and that's not cool. I also don't fancy comment approvals but it's a small price to pay.

    More grease to your elbows Tee.

    1. Thanks sir, I had things to say but sleep is setting in. BRB.πŸ™ˆ

    2. @memphis, Mehn that typhoid and malaria stuff is annoying AF. Sigh.
      Gosh I hate it. Especially the typhoid drug part, Ciprotab.sigh*

  7. Breastfeeding............
    Just want to mark register

    1. I didn't know there's a baby in the picture. Congrats hun.

    2. Tans tans, yea there has been a baby in the picture for a while now

  8. Missing someone T? U look like ur missing someone ooo! It's well...
    Abt the blog: any how I see it, I'm ok. As long as the posts are interesting to read...

    1. I'm always missing someone. So annoying πŸ˜’

  9. Present.

    Aching from gym activities

    Thinking to myself that video have so much to do this week but no motivation to start.

    The blog is Ok.
    More Posts for me though.

    1. Present.

      Aching from gym activities

      Thinking to myself that i have so much to do this week but no motivation to start.

      The blog is Ok.
      More Posts for me though.


  10. Watching a season film
    Pressing phone and catching up on all my favourite blogs and at the same time eating
    I am a multi tasker
    lol I know
    And patiently waiting for 2017

  11. Trying to write out goals for 2017...
    Iv still not figured out the "how" yet.... one step at a time....

    1. Am trying to write out some goals and request too and it's so sad that am still repeating majority of them again for 2017...Dear Lord what else do I need to do before you answer me???

    2. I am still reviewing the ones for last year, I think i achieved like 65%, will write the new one this night or tomorrow.
      Kabuoy that is how we didn't hang out this year again :(

    3. can show me your not so personal goals?😒. I feel like I could add something from someone that I never thought of.πŸ€”

  12. This blog stays for days without new posts it's discouraging and frustrating, make it more vibrant biko, it's as if it's for a particular kind of individuals, not good. It's quite dry! Make some changes this new year abeg. You're a great writer i must say, you're really lovely and i wish you and the blog well in this new year.

  13. Marking present✔ ✔
    Presently, I'm in a confused state, do not have any goals for this year as I had the beginning of this year. I have just been feeling very blank lately. Nothing seems to be working. I pray the confusion will be resolved

  14. Babysitting and lazying around, wondering when I'd get up to setting out in detail my plans for the new year.

    Miss your stories, having them on a regular again would be great... and ya i know say e nor easy to write.

    You look great in your pic by the way. #GoodVodka

  15. Still here...Always been here.I've never been one to drop comments on blogs but trust me,I'm always here.
    The blog is doing very fine but please do something about the long intervals between posts.

  16. Home enjoying the holidays for as much as it lasts

  17. Present...
    I don't comment regularly, but am always here.

  18. The comments approval issue is just what I would want you to change...Maybe you should try it for a week and see how it looks like.If it works out fine,you could leave it but if it does not,put padlock.TNHW

  19. I'm just there. I know my 2017 is great. I have been working my ass off since morning we are doing some restructuring in the house. In all I'm good.

  20. Present and soo present. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’Ÿ

  21. I've been indisposed(it's becoming a yearly thingπŸ˜“) ... well now. Trust you all have been fine.

  22. Started reading 29, single and Nigerian. Waiting to go sing songs of praise to God.

    Chroma and Memphis already gave some good ideas.

  23. Present ma.


  24. I'm sitting in the toilet, reading. Trust me. That's all. That room is a kind of sanctuary for me.

    I quit the job yesterday. Ain't going to the new year with baggage. I thought with my head and not emotions.

    That said, I'm BeautyFull this new year. I'm filled with beauty. Happy new year. It came earlier for me.♤♡♢♧

  25. I'm sitting in the toilet, reading. Trust me. That's all. That room is a kind of sanctuary for me.

    I quit the job yesterday. Ain't going to the new year with baggage. I thought with my head and not emotions.

    That said, I'm BeautyFull this new year. I'm filled with beauty. Happy new year. It came earlier for me.♤♡♢♧

  26. I miss ruthylicious. Did I get the spelling? Why did she stop commenting?

  27. Present.
    Happy New Year TTB family!!! God be praised!!!

  28. Present ma!

    Happy prosperous year to TTB lovers.

    in other cases Anon 10: 57 help me type.

  29. Pressing phone and marking attendance.

  30. LASTMA something but, always present...

  31. LASTMA something but, always present...



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