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GIGM Thumbs Up!

If you travel as often as I do within Nigeria you'd know by now how flight prices have skyrocketed and the drastic disparity between flights two months ago and now. And so it happened that when I wanted to book my flights a couple of weeks back, my mouth turned to sandpaper when I saw the price. Economy class tickets cost nearly N40,000, meaning that return tickets would be about 80k. Maybe I would have considered paying if it didn't cost me much less than that to fly to Accra earlier in the year. 

So I sat back and began to wonder if it was worth it. While I stalled I decided to google God Is Good Motors and I remembered that they have a very roomy Mercedes (I think) bus that leaves very early in the morning. So I googled and I was directed to their website. I went to the page for booking and I moved through it very fluidly. Barely seconds later I'd gotten to the booking page and I was shocked by how easy and seamless it was. And sure that there would be a problem somewhere, because Nigerian service providers, I opted instead to call their customer care and speak to an actual human being. 

At first I wasn't expecting the numbers to go through, and when it did and it rang I wasn't expecting anyone to pick up, and when he did, I was expecting a gruff reception. What I got instead was a warm response by an extremely patient man whose name I learnt is Elijah. Elijah took painstaking time to answer all the questions I asked and referred me back to the website to do my booking. Before I hung up I thanked him profusely, I told him I was surprised by how well he handled the call and how impressed I was and encouraged him to continue the good work, it's quite rare in Nigeria.  

Booking my ticket was much easier than booking an airline ticket and I got a text immediately afterwards with my confirmation code. 

I got to the Ajah park the next day before 6am and when I told the attendant my name, she handed me my ticket which was already printed out and waiting for my arrival. 

The bus was slated to leave by 6am but it left 30 minutes later which was partly due to some of the passengers and their wahala

The trip was the most comfortable I've experienced by public transportation. The seats were comfortable and there was more than enough leg room for timber&caliber (my sizable legs. Lol). The driver did not exceed his speed limit and I was surprised to find that even during occasional traffic when other bus drivers turned around and took one-way, ours forged ahead and remained on the right lane. I learnt that it's against that policy to go against traffic laws. 

We got to the East in record time, and safely too. (Thank God for journey mercies and all the journey mercies he affords me in my plenty travels). 

It's been a number of years since I travelled by public transport. I rarely compromise on my comfort so I avoid Nigerian buses like a plague. Traveling with GIGM priority bus was a great exception. 

Now I understand that their other buses are not as comfortable so I'd recommend that they raise the price for the "priority buses" and make them available to as many who would want to pay for it, if need be. And also find ways to restore more order at their parks because the crowds can be overwhelming. 

In the days after my trip I became obsessed with learning more about God Is Good Motors and why their standards are much higher than their counterparts. I learnt that the owner was assassinated in his mid-40s (even after the sum of N60,000,000 was allegedly paired to his kidnappers) leaving his first son who was just 21 at the time to take the reins. 

The young man, Chidi Ajaer, who was barely a teen is the one who has transformed the company from what it used to be. He was always involved in his father's business since he was a boy, he attended business seminars both locally and abroad right from when he was a young teen and he would come back and discuss all that they were taught with his dad who would then discuss his vision for their company and how they can apply what he'd learnt in the seminar to it. 

Of course it wasn't easy for someone that young, especially being in charge of people much older than he was. But still, as a true leader does, he was able to convey his vision to his staff and get them to work with him. One of the most important principles that he imparted, which they must not compromise on, is customer service. No wonder Elijah was so delightful to talk to!

This is not a paid ad or anything, and of course there is much room for improvement, but one must give credit where credit is due. Good Is Good Motors has gone beyond their counterparts to provide greater value and I'm certain that their vision to rule public transportation in Nigeria would soon be accomplished. 

Other transport companies, and even all of us must learn from this. Mediocrity will always only give you mediocre results. 

I'm flying back to Lagos tonight because I booked this ticket way ahead of time, although it was still a bit pricy to be honest 😡. But I'm happy to know that I now have an alternative for when I'd rather travel by road 😃.

What are your experiences traveling with public transportation in Nigeria? What transport companies do you favour and which are an absolute "Never ever!" for you? What would you like to see improved on? Or do you just generally avoid them in all entirety? LOL. 


  1. God is good is the best transport company in Nigeria, even our airlines can't compete with their professionalism. They don't have a wide range of destinations but that's okay because they won't compromise quality for quantity

  2. How much did it cost from Lagos to the east.

    1. Lagos to Anambra is 5000 or so, but u get 10% discount if you book online a day or more b4 ur scheduled travel.
      I quite agree with d fact dat dey do very well, but I can't really compare bc I've not experienced d services of oda companies. Seems d priority bus Thelma referred to is dar dia biggest Mercedes bus, but d Toyota Hiace isn't as comfortable.
      D part of dia speed limit can be annoying if u like speeding, but den its beta safe dan sorry. I've also read of a similar testimony where dia vehicle developed fault along d way, dey cudnt continue with d journey, d passengers were returned to base and everyone refunded his money, den dey were still called by d very nice customer service d next day requesting to know if dey re still interested in making d journey wt dem. Wen I read dat, I was like... 'Ooown, How Sweet!!' In fact, ds testimony made me to start travelling with dem.
      Although not all dia staff are ds nice.

      But T, I wudnt blame you though bc u're used to flights.. I've heard dat some oda companies like Young operate nice too. U made it look like dey re all very awful asides GIGM 😂😂😊

  3. Oh well, thank God it's not just me. I'm a die hard GIGM fan and i can testify that they are everything you said and more. Their Courier services also is top notch!
    There was a time i had to board GIGM to Lagos twice(to and fro) every other week for three consecutive weeks and not for once did they fall short of expectations, and since then till now and tomorrow, for any road trip, its GIGM or arrrrrgggghhhhh!

  4. I'm glad to see an indigenous and family-owned company survive, and also thrive in the second generation. It's not often you see this happen in Nigerian businesses.

  5. GIGM has always been my mum's favourite,even though she rarely travels,but whenever she does, she prefers them. They recently gave their parks a face lift and trust me,the one in my area looks like a mini airport,as for me, I have a phobia for road
    trips,can't stay in a bus for long hence the reason I don't travel often except It's so important.

    1. Really??
      Wow,mine is travelling by air,I have a phobia for that.
      I wish I could travel anywhere and everywhere by road mehn,that's the best.

    2. My dear,na so I see am ohh,once am on the road for more than two hours,I just wana throw up and my system suddenly becomes messed up so I don't even try road trips except am ready to have TomTom or any sweet with menthol till I get to my destination,I guess its the smell of fuel from the bus cos I feel the same way when am in fuel station too. God help me.

  6. Interesting. Good to know.


  7. Great feedback, would like to try them out someday.

  8. My experience with GIGM has been both good and bad but i'll agree that so far, they are leading in Nigeria especially in terms of leveraging on technology,safety measures and Customer service.

    In terms of my bad experiences(twice),it was easy to forgive them 'cuz no transport company comes close and I just believed those experiences were stand-alone.

    I especially love their leveraging on technology, I had to book my ticket Lagos-Abuja last week and I was really impressed with how seamless,fast&user friendly their site was. It took me less than 5minutes to find a seat I wanted,input personal details,key in my card details for payment, the e-bank debit alert and GIGM e-notification came in simultaneously on my phone immediately. My mum gave me an indulgent smile when I gave a victory shout as that was the last seat plus it was a Window seat,lols

    However,if you are a are my tidbits to make the GIGM experience easy for you:

    1. Please book online I beg you,trust me you do not want to queue up at the terminal on the date you are traveling to buy a ticket. Plus it will cost you more. Thelma isn't kidding about the crowd.

    2. Book firstbus...which is 6am....anything other than that....OYO. I booked 6:45am bus last week,we didn't take off from iyana ipaja terminal till almost 8am

    3. Book the priority bus...the Mercedes Thelma mentioned ..its costlier but it's much more comfortable. More leg room and I think the booth is larger,that way luggages are not put under the seats.


    1. I wish I could make such a long trip by road,the consequences just scares me.

  9. And yeah their courier services....GIGM logistics is also topnotch,i run a business and in keeping to the Mo'Dash Brand promise of convenience,we offer door to door home/office delivery,i have been using GIGM logistics and they haven't disappointed so far. The services have been prompt and professional.

    OK bye


  10. I rarely travel so I don't know which is which, but I've heard many people complain bitterly about Gobison motors so I think they should learn from GIGM.

  11. I used to use them when I was serving in Asaba. Even as far back as 2011, they were very organised. And my mum used to send stuff to me through them all the time. Its good to know they're improving...

  12. I've gone with Peace, Ifesinachi, Cross-Country, Delta Line, Ekenedili Chukwu, ABC, TheYoung, Agofure, GIGM, and AutoStar. Some of these are good, others are bad. ABC is the worst and GIGM is the best.

    GIGM is that exceptional company that makes you realize that the "Nigerian Factor" is a deliberate factor. Things can actually be RIGHT in this country and the quest for improvement (even when it's obvious you have virtually no rival in your field) is not some sort of fairy-tale desire. Some of these other companies I've mentioned start declining or stick to their policies once they start having numerous customers. As far as they're concerned, competition is usually in the area of T-fare. Customer Service is zilch, vehicles are usually having one issue or the other. The drivers? Lol, many make you say prayers throughout the journey. No improvement.

    GIGM have been improving in EVERY ASPECT. I used them for the 1st time in 2012 and was really impressed. The next time was in 2014...I wowed. Since then I've been using them and only use others when I'm late in booking (I'm usually late in booking).

  13. God is good is the best!
    So sad the owner of GIGM was killed by his brother!!


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