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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

#GirlTalk & Things

    Leaving home to attend the GirlTalk conference

GIRL talk actually stands for God In Real Life. Her conference held yesterday the 5th at the Eko Hotel & Suites from 8am-5pm and it was a power packed day. 

The speakers for the days were Omilola Oshikoya of Do It Afraid, Life coach and Wellness expert; Dr Lanre Olusola, Bunmi George of Shredder Gang and Mrs Tara Durotoye. The host was the very beautiful Esther Longe. 

I'm not going to sermonize today. All I'll say is that people need to invest more time and money (if you can afford it) in these seminars and conferences. The last two days have enriched me in a way nothing else could have. My cousin was surprised that I attend paid conferences and said I should have invested the N20,000 I paid for #DoItAfraid in MMM instead. I laughed. 

We all have our different priorities. I know myself, I may do MMM and make hundreds of thousands and spend it all in one week, but these lectures enrich me and yield dividends that last for years. Oh that's not to say I have anything against MMM, I have friends who are cashing out from it big time, it's a saviour for many in this economy. While it may crash one day, MMM at the moment is doing more for the people than the Nigerian government has in years. 

But lemme stay not digress. Also remember also the words of Arese Ugwu; your network is your net-worth. True words. I'm already getting my 2017 jobs and I got one from yesterday's conference. 

I told my cousin not to vex for me o! I'm sponsoring 10 people for the Do It Afraid conference in December 2017 so I wonder what she will say to me then. 😂😂😂

Yes, yesterday was very rich and also very different from Sunday's conference although it was almost the mix of the same people. 

A lot of you have asked me to inform you about such events and I would start to do that on the blog. There are several holding this month. Some are paid, some are free. I will inform you of the ones I know about. 

That said, not every event/conference is for you. Attend the ones you're sure that you will benefit from.

Esther Longe & Bunmi Olusola 

Omilola Oshikoya, Esther and Tara Durotoye. 

Lanre Olusola & Esther 

If you also know of any holding that you think I might like to attend, please inform me. Thank you!



  1. Nice one Thelma...#side eyes to MMM pipu#And everything is always in Lagos...TNHW

  2. Well said T.

    Your network is indeed your networth.

  3. Sweet!....
    Well done Thelma......looking good too.



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