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Kon On The TTB HotSeat.

Guys it's another TTB Hotseat and today Kon is spilling. Sit back and enjoy as you read and share your thoughts. 

Do you believe in God? Why?
-I believe because I just believe. No extra reason.

Do you believe in Heaven/Hell? If no, where do you believe souls go after death?
-I believe in Heaven. Because the Bible says something like that. And all the pastors say it (well except Jehovah witnesses)

Do you believe in JESUS CHRIST? If yes ... as at this point, do you consider
yourself a true born again?

- Yap. I believe in Jesus. Im born again because I believe in Jesus. Its that simple. So yap, Ill be in heaven.

Are you team Trump or Clinton?
- I dont care about them. America will still be great with either one of em. Cops will still kill black people. White people will still be psychos. Gay rights will prevail blah blah. Nothing will change.

Do you sing in the shower?
- Not really. These days I just do it like a quickie. Back in the days I used to sing worship songs. Now that Im a chronic sinner I cant....Jesus save me.

Are you a morning person?
- Nope. I dont get the people that wake up early in the morning and just start talking. They should stay away from me. And I hate it when people ask "how was your night?" Errrrr....I slept. I dont know.

Do you take alcohol? If yes what is that thing you can do only when you have Dutch
courage, but can't do otherwise?

-I drink. There isnt much difference between Kon and intoxicated Kon. Same thing. So there isnt anything I cant do sober. My mom says Im brave

Do you have a tattoo?
- Nope. But Im gon get one soon.

Have you ever gone on a blind date, if yes
what was the experience like?

-Yea. Back in the days. Met this super beautiful and intelligent babe. We had good conversation. And she had big boobs. Even graduated with a 1st class. But guess what...she had a kid (She was open with me) I was looking to straff only, wasnt looking for anything serious. So to straff and run away from a babe that is a single mother would have been cruel. So I just freed (Im nice like that)

Have you ever had sex with a person whose name you didn’t know? One night stand?
-Yea. Cant remember her name or what she looks like. Maybe na witch sef, who knows?

Your sexual fetishes?
- *lips sealed*

How many times have you cheated on your wife?
- Never. *straight face* You people want to put me in trouble.

When you lost your virginity?
- Pretty late actually. Around my 18th year. I think

Ever taken advantage of a woman sexually (rape)?
- Nope. Agros never got to that level

Your most embarrassing moment ever?
-I peed in my pants in Jss3 in the middle of class. The teacher was wicked and I was afraid to tell him I wanted to use the toilet. When I finally summoned the courage, as I walked to the front of the class to talk to the teacher. All the pee just started coming out. Embarrassing stuff.

The football club you support?
- Not a football freak. But if I gotta pick Ill go with Chelsea

Football or politics?
- None of em.

Ever wasted someone (taken them 6 feet under) with a gun or..?
- Hahahaha. Now this is a funny question. (Jeez who asked this question? Never knew sociopaths also read my blog). 

Do you do hard drugs?
- Nope. You guys must think Im some sort of hard guy. Hard drugs? For what na?

Are you a virgin in the backdoor area?
- Dude. I'm gon die a virgin in that area

When you made your first million?
- Been a salary earner all my hustling years. So cant really say I've MADE millions

Your body count?
-Not many really. But I need calculator and 1 or 2 days to refresh my memory

Your TTB crush?
-Hmm... Nobody really (Whispers *My wife might read this.Im not trying to die tonight*)

True love or $2 million?
-True love. Nothing sweeter than the feeling. Money cant buy it. Whats the essence of life?

If not your present profession/job, what would you be doing?
- I want to be a lawyer in Yankee in my next life. Nigerian lawyers suffer too much.

Real name and the origin of kon?
- Surname is Kon-Ajayi. Google me! Kon comes from my fathers name. Kolade Olumide Nathaniel

What's your favourite music genre?
- Rap

Do you pay your tithe?
- In recent times: No

Have you ever used viagra and the likes?
- Hahaha. I'm all natural energy baby *Wink

If you had the opportunity, what would you do differently as a President of Nigeria?
- Legalize prostitution
- Legalize weed
- Have referendum for Nigeria to decide if they want to break up or not
- Enter Niger Delta guns blazing with the full strength of the military.
- Champion complete Govt transparency. All these crap that we dont know what Govt officials earn will stop
- Many other unpopular things

How would you handle ND Militancy and Boko Haram?
- Kill all of em. No jokes. You fuck with my people- you die. Guns blazing!

How would you give a 4-year-old girl the sex talk?
- I wont. All I'll ring in her head is that nobody must touch her in certain places. If anybody does she should tell daddy n mummy. 4yrs is too young to hear about sex.

How would you define success?
- Success is achieving the things you want to achieve. Irrespective of whether its big or small

What is your view on Feminism?
- I swear I dont get it

Your worst nightmare?
- I cant say it. There are witches in the air that will use it to test my faith.

The "baddest" thing you have ever done?
- Ah baba! I plead the fifth

Would you forgive your wife for cheating on you?
- Of Course. Like I always say, cheating is not the worst thing that can happen in a marriage.

Any parenting tip?
- Never instill fear
- Allow absolute freedom of speech
- Encourage wide imagination

(Kene's request): P.S Attach a picture of you after providing
the accurate answers.

- Una don see my picture already

*Continues sipping my henny


Thank you KON, it was fun reading this. Don't mind those people that are asking if you're a murderer and an adulterer. πŸ˜•πŸ˜¨πŸ˜‚

And thank you other great people for your questions. 

Who would you like to see on the next TTB Hotseat? 



  1. Interesting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Now I can picture your face when you type those crazy comments πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and imagine myself giving you flying tackle

    I would love to see sunshine on the hot seat!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Sunshine...yay!


    2. Sunshine!

      *crowd cheering*

    3. I already have questions for her sef. She should get in there😈😈😈

    4. Sunshine! I gat some devilish questions lined up for her


    5. Kabuoy, whose side are you on sef?

  2. Lol, I think you do this on purpose...

  3. Can I ask tho?

    Have you tried growing a beard? Or maybe a mustache?

    1. Mustache dont look good on me. Beard will happen later part of 2017.


  4. We have never had any female on the hotseat. Are all the girls on the blog boring or what?

    1. All the girls boring ke? No o! I know a couple of girls on the blog who are or have 'exciting' answers to give,if being honest and open, only that they aren't anonymous and news spread...sometimes we dey 'fear'.

  5. I had some laugh reading this.

    You have an interesting name and personality.


  6. Interesting personality...
    Dunno how i stumbled on this blog yesterday and started reading through.
    Nice blog Thelma


    1. Thank you cece. I hope you're having a good time with us so far..

  7. Frank and interesting responses!

    In no particular order, would like to see sasha bone, kabuoy and sunshine on the hot seat.

  8. I would like to see F. Chrisyinks

  9. Woooow
    Uncle kon haff come
    Ahh this your presidency mandate get as e be o.
    When some peeps there wants to ban social media and you are here planning how ... chaaii
    Hoping to your presidency posters then

    Brave uncle kon well done

  10. Quite revealing.... apparently you aren't as 'bad' as your comments seem to infer. Chrisyinks.

  11. Kon on the TTB hotseat


    Yes I nominate Sunshine for the hotseat


  12. I agree with you on the cheating ish Kon, in your opinion what's the worst thing that can happen in marriage?

  13. LOL, this is nice. He left the seat unburnt😁

    1. Lol... right? I think it was Memphis who said he was more likely to set the seat on fire but he didn't.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Interesting, this guy doesn't sound as Jew as he looks.

    1. Whenever you do get on the hot seat,its hot water they wld pour on you. No questions asked...

    2. sasha i tell you, alfarsi hot water go over boil. lol

    3. It'd be nice to have alfarsi on the hot seat.

  16. Mehn I've missed our blog, no wonder I lost weight.

    Happy Birthday Uyi and Ruby. May GOD continue to smile on you both and your purest dreams come to reality. Amen.

    This seat wasn't hot o, I think the hottest so far has to be Uyi's. But the responses were interesting as expected. Naizewon Kon.

    I nominate sasha bone for next hot seat. Kabuoy next after that, Sunshine after that (y'all start taking deep breaths, Lol).

    1. Yes o! The seat no hot reach. I thought i was the only one that thought so.

    2. They planned me then na... I'm still a villain in the hearts of my beloved! But Amoshine when Amoshine *sniffs*

    3. Nice to have you back Memphis, was gonna ask where you had disappeared to?

  17. You don't look like the Kon that comments here

    1. Hahahaha! Maybe I played yall. Maybe the Kon in the pic is different from the Kon that comments. *Evil smile*


    2. Kon you're not alright πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. Lol at some of the questions....Kon deflected well and answered the other questions well too....Interesting personalities aren't often as thuggish/ruggedly looking as we imagine them. I certainly was not expecting an almost baby faced lawyer to be KON...and KON abeg its not an insult oh.

  19. i was reading this while at the cafe and as hard as i tried not to laugh out loud, i just couldnt, kon well done ohhhh. but the seat no hot reach have a secret crusher already(if there is an english like maybel

  20. Would love Sasha and F to be on the hot seat...I love the mystery behind them...TNHW

  21. Please what's the worst thing that can happen in a marriage me i wanna know. I wanna see sasha bone on the hot seat first biko

  22. Interesting.. I literally laughed out loud at some of the answers. I still can't match the comments to the face though.

    I nominate Sasha Bone for the next TTB hot seat.

  23. Some questions sef lol. When he's not anonymous.

  24. KON Always makes me laugh,
    Reading the below, I could have sworn i wrote this......
    Are you a morning person?
    - Nope. I dont get the people that wake up early in the morning and just start talking. They should stay away from me. And I hate it when people ask "how was your night?" Errrrr....I slept. I dont know.

  25. I nominate Sasha Bone .

    King Kon. Well done


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