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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Our Lovers...

LOL this chat we had this morning cracks me up, Peter Pan? 😂

So that's how yesterday I was chatting with one of my Kenyan friends and she was telling me about this guy she had just started dating when I came to Kenya.  

Everytime we talk about him baby girl would sound like the guy was the best freaking thing that ever walked the face of the earth. Last night however she decided to keep it real with me. She said he's a really good guy, she just wished he was a little bit more like her ex. 

"How?" I asked.

Well apparently this new boo is great and all but she just misses the way her ex used to put it down in bed. How he used to "hit it hard" and talk dirty and they'd be very adventurous and get nasty together. 

"Well have you tried to talk to him about it? You've got to be able to tell your man what you like, or show him at least" said I. 

Yes, she said. She's tried, first subtly and then directly to tell him how she likes it, how she wants it a bit rough, how she wants to them to do some naughty things... But when she said she'd like him to go harder, boo said something about loving her too much and being afraid of hurting her. When she said she'd like it a bit nasty, boo said he respects her way too much and would only make tender love to her. 

It all sounds nice on paper but in reality, girly just wants to get smashed. Aaaaargh!


"But err, it's just a small price to pay, I'd rather date him than anyone else, but I just wish I could trade his bedmatics with my ex's", was her concluding statement. 

LOL. I was just thinking about it so tell me, if you're married or in a relationship, what quality/skill of your ex do you wish your boo has? Or what one quality do you generally wish he/she possesses?

Among other things, I wish mine would dream that Idris Elba or Chris Brown, or even Don Jazzy was toasting me. Davido tho? 😥



  1. Peter Pan 😂😂😂😂

  2. This post is just all round funny abeg.


  3. Same like with ya friend.


  4. Peter pan kwaaa. LOL,okay now.

  5. Thelma you can't be serious with your wish. Hehehehe.


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