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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Ok, Not Sobbing Anymore!

I woke up this morning. 

First thought; it's Christmas Eve. 

Reaction; panic, dismay, indifference

No particular reason, simply that I've never felt less Christmassy all year. Like I've been waiting all month to get the feeling, I've been waiting all month for things to happen that would get me there, I've been waiting for some magic. Waiting for anything at all. Waiting...

Still waiting.

Christmas is tomorrow. 

And when I actually come to think about it, I've got everything to be thankful for. Family is doing fine and everybody is in good health. Career wise things are making sense. Money is looking good and encouraging. Relationship is going really great save for living in two different states. And life in general is great. 

So why am I 😞?

That was my mood earlier today and I'm glad to announce that I'm feeling so much better and I hope everyone is doing great too. 

If we killed your vibe we're sorry please come back, don't goooo 😢




  1. As iiiiiiiiin, trust me you're not even alone! Been counting and this is the third christmas in a roll that got me feeling all unchristmassy. Plus there's no form of weather change in this part of the country! It's annoying!!!! At least the harmattan would have forced the christmassyness on me...😑😑

  2. As an adult I am not feeling the Christmas much abeg
    Too many things I planned to do but achieved little
    Anyway it is just a day that will come and go
    Merry Christmas in advance

  3. Me too, I don't feel the Christmas, maybe cuz I am all alone.I wish I had someone.crying

  4. I'm extremely unchristmassy. Cash strapped, no family around, nothing at all. Very plenty reasons. Chai! It is well sha. Sleep in free mode.

  5. Thelma,I feel the same way you do jare..No friends and I cook the same things people look forward to cooking during Christmas.I would be at home or probably go watch a movie...Above all I am thankful...TNHW 😇😇😇

  6. My husband bought me a club sandwich yesterday and said merry Christmas.. lol. While I am grateful for a lot of things, I dont want to leave my house (irritated by all the traffic)! Just getting over a nasty cold and dealing with 2 six month olds? It doesnt feel like Christmas-I am almost ready for it to pass...

  7. Not feeling christmassy at all, lagos isnt even christmassy and there's no harmattan sef. I can't wait for the new year to come abeg, this has been one very long tiring year.

  8. All I know is tomorrow is 25th which makes it Christmas.
    I am not feeling, smelling or even sighting Christmas...I am just here like I am not here. Let me just go and continue my sleep!


  9. This blog people r killing my vibes... I'm outta here mehhhnn...

  10. You're right, the post is a real buzz kill and it's all my fault. I didn't think this many people would be in a funk too. But don't let it kill your vibe o! Me I'm feeling much better than I was this morning and I hope others are feeling or get to feel better too.

  11. Feels at best like a good weekend n not a bit like Christmas. Just happy I dont feel like I did last year: like the love child of The Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge raised by Eustace Baage. Well, at least therethere's harmattan n my nephew turns 1 tomorrow so there'll be cake. N we're taking pictures! Ok, it's really not bad at all...

  12. I thought I was alone,its just weird really,the weather makes it all worse. I hope to feel different by tomorrow,hopefully.

  13. I always have a grateful heart but it is difficult to feel this Christmas. The level of poverty is scary and it does get to me because of family and friends.

    Don't know what the solution is but I pray that God will intervene and give us the willpower to confront the evil in the land.

    1. A big AMEN to your prayers Mr Wale. that's the most important prayer we need now. God help us.

    2. Mr Wale.... I got out of my shell yesteray to visit people and nnkan ti Oji mi ri 😳😳😳😳😳
      It is well!!!!! Sooo many people are in need. Some don't even know what to eat today... Christmas ke? It is well.

  14. In all, we have to thank God for life.

    I still can't believe tomorrowe is 25th.


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