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Sunday, 25 December 2016

That Kind Of Christmas...


Guys I'm just laying in bed feeling satisfied af!

So my day started pretty early. I was meant to attend mass with my sister's family but then things came up and we couldn't go again, so I drove nearby to Salvation Ministries just behind Chevron and attended the second service and boy was I glad I went!

You know, thinking about it, we should do a post on "spiritual prostitution", that's what they used to call church-hopping years back, but today nobody talks about that anymore so I guess it's no longer a thing... Like, can't I just attend different churches, there are wayyy too many awesome preachers to limit myself to just one. It's no secret that I love Paul Adefarasin's teaching, but pastor Paul isn't in PH which I happen to be in quite a lot, so I started to attend Salvation Ministries. I find that I love to listen to Pastor David Ibiyeomie. The man is a character and he makes me THINK. I have great respect for anyone who makes me think. Anyways since it's a satellite church, meaning all the branches have the same sermon, I'm able to access him here in Lagos too. Service was short (their services are an hour and thirty minutes) but very loaded. Oh I also signed up to join the workforce for their 5 Nights Of Glory in January. Yay I'm finally a worker 💃💃💃.

From church, I drove straight to the mainland to see the parents briefly and drop off their Christmas presents and my mama made me the most scrumptious English breakfast, drove back home in a haze after being fed like I was being led to the slaughter. I all but passed out when I got home. 

Woke up and headed to this ghen ghen christmas party somewhere in Lekki. It was so amazing, oh my God! I danced like no one was watching, I ate like fitfam don't exist, I laughed like there's no tomorrow and I came home extremely satiated. 

Now I'm in bed, bath taken, exfoliating my face with lemon, honey and tumeric, watching my latest download on Netflix (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and drinking some wine my daddy gave me.

In all it was a pretty nice Christmas. I've had a very beautiful day. I was surrounded by love, family, gifts, good food and great people. 

Tomorrow my mum is cooking and everyone is bringing something and we're having a family party. But I'll leave room in my belly cause later at night tomorrow I'm heading to Chocolate's mum's house. I hear something may be going on there and I've already reserved my seat at the table. Hehe. 

What kind of Christmas Day did you have? Was it a quiet one, a fun one, just another day, a sad one or a very happy one? Let's talk about your Christmas Day"


  1. Went church looking very beautiful 😉. I brought home the delicious jollof rice and apples served at church today, took a long nap after the meal and woke up with a migraine and to generic videos and messages about Christmas, and a missed call from someone I haven't heard from in awhile inviting me to a party. Was considering attending but changed my mind when I couldn't get anyone to go with. So I've been indoors since.

  2. I like how happy you sound. More satisfaction to you dear Thelma!
    Oh you got me in you face mask...Turmeric is the truth. I planned to have a facial- DIY tonight or should I say last night, going by the time now, but I dozed off. So maybe by morning.

    My Christmas has been quite yet enjoyable.

  3. Mine was a quiet one sha
    Spent time with my dad
    Come and see him telling me histories of when he was a teacher
    Who he taught in 1960's
    Some of the profs in my school were his classmates woow
    Who seniored who in our family

    How he built his house with 10k

    How rome was birth ...I never they were twins
    How Anglican came to be
    And so many things o
    I wish I had a recorder handy

    He clocked 78 yesterday whoop

  4. Christmas was lit until I was robbed at ICM. met the new boo as we have been in a long distance relationship .

    1. You were robbed on Christmas day? Sorry hun. So this new boo, you were meeting him for the first time? How did it go, were the sparks still there? Did he look the same as he does in pictures or better or worse? Did you guys have your first kiss? Give us gist 👀

  5. Lemon, honey n turmeric...does wonders on my face.

    Glad you had fun..

    Planned a spa day for the 26th, my nanny for a day just disappointed me me gally.

    Don't know what I gave my kids to eat, for he first time in forever, I slept uninterrupted for 1 hour.

    It felt good oooooooooo. If one hour of good sleep can make me this happy, imagine what life would be like.

    Glad you had fun T.

  6. Lol.... Thelma oo you too love gist. Anyways we did have the first kiss and it wasn't all mushy to me maybe the second time will be better. He did look better in person than pictures.yes we were meeting for the firm time and he was just staring at me all through. Dude even had an erection 😁

  7. Christmas was with family alone... Gaining weight is a priority. Compliments of the season to everyone! !!

  8. Christmas was spent in Abuja, I ate everything, from fried rice and chicken, to groundnut soup and ram meat. It was the best Christmas ever.
    A girl

  9. Thelmathinks on Christmas holiday I guess! Weldone ma!

  10. Christmas was with family.

    Oga refused to pay bonus and 13th month, claiming recession but #Godwin.



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