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Monday, 19 December 2016

The Wedding Party vs It's Her Day?

Sunshine, Kabuoy and everyone else, my apologies for not posting comments all weekend. It's not for lack of trying. Between last week and now I've been in Lagos, Owerri, Calabar, Asaba, Ph and Enugu. At some point I left my iPad in one of this places and got it this morning. I tried to upload comments through my phone but it just didn't werk. 

Ps. This is NOT a movie review. 

I saw The Wedding Party on Saturday night and I was quite impressed. Was all the hype worth it? I really cannot answer that question in the affirmative. I'm probably biased because the hype was overly excessive, me thinks. And you know what happens when that happens, expectations are extremely high.  

However, The Wedding Party is a good movie, one that has raised the bar for Nollywood, one that inspires hope for the Nigerian movie industry, one that actually makes you proud to be a Nigerian! Oh, and you've just got to give it to Kemi Adetiba, This is the first movie she's directing and she did a fantastic job at it, you can tell that it was directed by a perfectionist. Also, it's obvious that Mo Abudu spared no expenses and does nothing by half measures. They went all out with that wedding. 

Each actor was well suited for the role. 

Sola Shobowale singlehandedly made that movie a hit! Her theatrics were just amazing and freaking hilarious. She was your typical yoruba mother, very dramatic and excitable. That woman is funny for days and her character was over the top yet her acting was very natural that it felt so real, like you're watching her right in front of you and not on a screen. 

Abilaba, RMD and Ireti Doyle were great too, and each were perfect for their roles. Ireti Doyle in particular. Oh I can't get over the moment she was dancing into the wedding reception, such grace and poise, such swag! But AH!!!! Don't try Sola Sobowale's dance moves either, I almost fell on the floor laughing, it was both good and hilarious at the same time!

Adesuwa Etomi, well she's great. She's a very pretty girl who acts very passionately. I think she fit that role perfectly. However her husband, Banky W... I just don't know. To be honest he is not a bad actor at all, not by any standards. And remember he's also new at movies too. He played his role really well, thanks to the director, perhaps. However if he's seriously considering making a transition to movies then he must work on improving his acting. Actually, there's always room for improvement for everyone...

Beverly Naya is bae. We'll just leave it at that. 😍. LOL. 

Somkele Idhalama was great too, as was the Caucasian lady who played the role of the second bridesmaid, very natural and funny. Let's not forget the recalcitrant Bestman Ikechukwu too. 

Frank Donga, as usual made us laugh, without even trying. Haha. 

Emma OhmyGod is obviously everybody's darling. The second he appeared on the screen before he even said a word everyone started to clap, myself included!

Zainab Balogun did a great job too. But there was just something wrong and I don't know why. Her character, the psychotic wedding planner, was supposed to evoke laughter, and she actually played the role really well. However, nobody was laughing. I'm not quite sure why. I don't know if her prettiness was distracting or if people didn't find her convincing enough, or if she was overshadowed by the other, more boisterous characters. But something just seemed off, I think. 

In all its a very good movie and one you really should see. I think everyone who watched it was happy that they did and the reviews I've seen online by other movie goers were great too. Everyone thinks it's an awesome movie. 

The minute the movie wrapped up my friend said "I really liked the movie sha, almost as much as I like that other one". 

"The other one" he was referring to was Its Her Day which we saw together a few months ago. Even up until last night he and I were still talking about it. And that's probably the other reason I'm biased about The Wedding Party being worthy of all the hype. Maybe because Bovi's It's Her Day got way less hype, publicity and obviously much less funding, yet (in my opinion) is a much more interesting and hilarious movie. 

Shaffy Bello, Bovi, Inidima Okojie, Toni Tones, Omoni Oboli and all the others did a bang up job. Oh Shaffy Bello was just glorious! The others impressed me too, especially Bovi. 

I'd just imagined if It's Her Day was produced by the same set of people that did The Wedding Party, Lord knows it would have been groundbreaking, earthshaking... Just too much! Please if you haven't seen Its Her Day, this festive season would be a good time to do so. That movie would leave you in stitches yet make you wonder about the proposal culture we see these days on social media, among other facades. 

In all, both movies among many others are great and I recommend that you watch them if you already haven't. 

So, have you seen either or both movies? What are your thoughts. And what other recent Nollywood releases did you find interesting?


  1. I'll check out the movie this week. With some of these new Nollywood movies, I appreciate the effort they make in trying to introduce unique stories and concepts, a breath of fresh air to Nollywood.

    But sometimes, it's poorly executed. I went to watch a movie called 8 Bars and a Clef earlier this year, I mean, you'd think a movie with a cool name like that will be awesome..nah. The underlying theme of the movie was great but it had a lot of scenes that made me cringe. However, it had Linda Ejiofor in it. That chick is my wife but she just doesn't know it yet

  2. I've not seen the movie but i've seen short clips and i just knew they shouldn't have given Banky such role joor!!
    Meanwhile T it seems your weekends are always packed up. Glad you back though.

  3. Just curious- what did u go to do in these states in such a short time... are u on a Nigerian tour??

    1. If I were on a Nigerian tour I'd go to Kaduna, Abuja, Ife, Abeokuta, Ilorin and maybe Jos. So no I'm not on a Nigerian tour 😊.

  4. Since I can't see any other these movies,I'm enjoying this show I found online Skinny Girl In Transit...does anyone follow this show??
    It's hilarious!!!! Ngozi Nwosu plays the typical Nigerian's really amazing,if you haven't seen it yet please do,its available on youtube on the Ndani channel.

    1. I used to watch Skinny Girl In Transit too. I need to get my wifi back so that I can stop worrying about data.

    2. Skinny Girl is legit funny! Love the show

  5. I had a feeling The Wedding Party would be an amazing movie,but felt the hyping and marketing was getting too much..Anyway I'm glad for the improvements in the Nollywood Industry..Hope this is just the beginning of such amazing movies.

  6. I just like EmmaOMG, and Bovi is my favourite nigerian comedian. I'll definitely give nigerian movies one more chance with these two.☺

  7. Okay I have watched the movie "Its her day" the movie is too funny as I knew it would be thanks to Bovi,I have to give it to Indima too she can act, not to talk of Shaffy Bello and Toni tones.I give the movie 7.5 because there were some parts that were a bit disjointed.Yet to watch "Wedding Party" I will be back with my review when I do

  8. Thelma sounds like you are on a roadtrip, i am jealous, that was my plan this period unfortunately my friends disappointed me,next year I guess

  9. eeeerrrrm Tee so with your review, i was going to head to the cinema after work. but nne you got me when you wrote that you enjoyed Its her day, a mivie which yours truly feel is just an Okay movie. nuff said.

  10. I think I need to see both movies,thank God I have something to keep me busy this weekend.

  11. Compliments of the Season Everyone..... Been Ages.

    I saw The Wedding Party on Saturday and its an an "OKAY" movie, I'll give it a 10 for the theatrics but overall i really just was'nt feeling it, there where a lot of things off about it, without sounding like a bad belle, Focus on the pizzaz and its a good movie.

  12. You should see the movie '76' with Ramsey nouah and Rita domimic. Impressive too

    1. I really loved that one. No hype or unnecessary paparazzi like this wedding party. And I enjoyed every minute.

      After 50, I have learnt to manage my expectations when it comes to movies produced by mo abudu or hyped by Ebony live TV.
      That's what they did for 50 too and I was beyond disappointed. My heart can't take it again. So I'll take my time abeg.

      I liked it's her day too. Very funny! Better(funnier) than that AY's Jamaica movie😒

  13. I will take the wedding party over its her day.....I will give it an 8.5 over 10.



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