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Saturday, 3 December 2016

What Might Have Been...

Do you ever wonder what might have been?

Almost 7 billion people in the world and hundred of them cross our paths daily. Do you ever wonder...

Today was a rather long day for me. It started out at the hairdressing salon, I only wanted to do something simple but my hairdresser kept me waiting for over an hour. From there I wove through the traffic to attend the Toastmasters meeting at The Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island. Immediately after that I had a brief meeting with a new client not too far from them and after that I was suddenly struck by hunger so intense, I'd have died if I didn't eat right then! I immediately rushed down to Grand Square, grabbed moimoi and fish, drove to a small mall nearby, parked and ate my food (took a picture to show my sister just how famished I was). 

From there I headed to Ikoyi for a product launch. It wasn't really my scene as it was a hair product and I was the only non-Naturalista there and I felt like everyone was secretly judging me and would later openly judge me and it made me feel like a turtle without its shell. LOL. But I needed to be there because I was invited, and I also wanted some inspiration from the set-up, as an Events Cordinator concerned 😊😊😊.

That over, I had to catch up with a few old QC girls for drinks at Churchill's and then at about 8pm I headed towards Chevron. 

Sitting in the Jakande traffic, I began to feel a pair of eyes on me, after resisting the urge, I finally looked to my left and sure enough a pair of eye were trained on me, and when its owner saw that he'd gotten my attention, he smiled and waved. 

Very cute smile, I waved back. 

Unfortunately at the moment the cars in front of me began to move, I looked at his lane and saw that he's wasn't moving. I had to move, so move I did. Shortly after he was at my side again, and this time he had wound down and was beckoning me to do the same so that we could (talk?)

I tried to decide what to do but the lane began to move again, and this time, it was moving really fast. I'd never been so upset to see traffic ease up. Aaaaargh!

A few minutes later he was closing in on me again but my lane was really free and his was quite slow and I had to move and I'd hoped that he would catch up, but a few minutes later it was obvious that I had lost him. Forever. 

And as I drove on into the night I kept wondering about him and what could have been. Who is he? Where is he going? What's his name? What if he could have been that connection that I've been praying for? What if he could have been a business partner? What if he could have been a (the?) great love of my life? What if he could have brought so much chaos into my life that I'd curse the day I met him? What if what if what if???

On and on I wondered. 

Some people say we meet everyone one we're meant to meet in our lives but I don't believe that. There are almost 7 billion people in the world and I believe that we're meant to meet as many people as possible and a few among these would play very important roles in our lives...

Do you ever lock eyes with a stranger and move on, and wonder what could have been if either one of you said a simple "Hello"? 


  1. To your question, yes. I do believe we meet everyone we're meant to meet in our lives....being a Christian makes me believe so. If it was mean't to be, it'd be.

  2. All I see is how gorgeous you look, love the hair ,the dress and the moi-moi.
    A Girl

  3. The dude wasn't meant to be anything beyond one of the many inconsequential occurrences in our daily wakabout! We meet too many of those kinds every minute, and the outcomes of such meetings are often determined by several factors (what we seek, our preparation, who the person is and their level of influence, etc).

    By the way, was that moinmoin cooked/microwaved in the small plastic container?? You need to stop buying those kind, virtually all the plastics used in the food industry in Nigeria are unsafe for food/water. Don't even want to get into the details of Bisphenol A (BPA), but any plastic that doesn't carry the BPA free tag should be seriously avoided.

    1. Wale you killjoy! LOL

      Yes that's how I bought the food and it was warmed in that plastic. I will begin to pay more attention to these things. But most people cook moimoi in plastic these days, even at home...?

    2. Please wale what did you read in school ?
      Food packaging
      It might be area of interest for project topic.

  4. You shall meet again...

  5. All I see is that dress T, lovely.And just maybe I need to read about this BPA, just hearing about it though. I believe we are meant to meet everyone that we have been destined to meet either for good or bad.

  6. Lovely dress, Meanwhile , I thought you were so in love with your boyfriend . What are you looking for love again kwa? Is the boo ousted or on the way out ?

  7. Can I have your number Thelma, I feel we are destined to meet.

    1. me too,T!

      kene francis

  8. You really look great.

  9. Lovely look T.

    I met a certain guy at Abuja airport Cute, well dressed and all dapper.
    Our eyes kept "Jamming" or "locking" and i'd quickly look away.

    I guess he wasn"t to sure what my body language was, seeing i was not ready to lock eyes witg him or smile.

    Interestingly, we boarded the same plane to Lagos.....he was on Business Class. Lol.

    In Lagos, I only had my small hand luggage and in no time i was on my way out. My driver was waiting.

    I settled in fast, raised my head up and saw same dude, walking briskly towards me (he was still a bit far from my car).

    I looked at him and smiled for the first time.
    He smiled back.......

    I didnt give it much thought cos I am Mrs. HENSHAW and not a Miss.


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