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Monday, 12 December 2016

What To Do With My Life...

"So I have a job that curently pays N100k per month. I am grateful for the job but it is not a job I really like. I have worked here a little over a year now and I was hoping I would have figured out myself by now. I actually did not apply for the job directly, the employer got my cv from jobberman.
The thing is I don’t really know what I want to do in life (strange, I know). All I know is that I pick up interest in things easily and then loose interest again. Today I love baking, event planning, next I want to be a makeup artist, next I want to be an actress then later I want to be a newscaster, next I want to be a dancer.It’s ridiculous and I am officially tired of myself.
The problem I am having now is that my lack of interest in my current job is starting to affect my work. Like I am supposed to submit a report on the 8th and this is 12th and I am not bothered secretly praying they fire me so that I can be free. This is not normal. I mean if I am fired I do not have another job and life is hard on them streets.
Also I don’t want to leave the company on a bad note but I genuinely do not care about the job . I am seriously trying but when I take 5 steps forward I end up taking 8 backwards.
I really need advice. What can I do? Is this a phase?
Ps- I am 23 years old and I have a bsc. And oh I have a 1st class and so people expect so much from me. It is wasn’t easy for my parents especially my dad to get fees to pay for my education. Not like we were suffering or any of that but I could tell that it wasn’t exactly conveninet but he wanted the best for me (went to a private univeristy) . The least I could do was focus on my education and then came the 1st class. I don’t exactly consider myself brilliant to be honest. I made sure I did assignments and read hard for tests and then chill in exam since I know that worse case scenario I would get 70 over 100 on the dot. That is what I used to tell myself then.
The issue now is need serious advice. Or do I need prayers? I am confused.

So I read this mail above on Bella Naija and among the things that struck me was the sentences I highlighted, because I've kinda been there. I've been at that phase once before and sometimes I wonder if it's even in the past. I've got things I'm working on against 2017 and I'm very enthusiastic about it all but just this morning someone said to me "what do you think about XYZ business? I could give you some money to start up..." and suddenly there I was seriously considering going into XYZ business ASAP and abandoning all other projects! But I've come far enough in life to know that focus is extremely important. 
Truth be told, I found the whole mail interesting, especially the dismissive manner in which she spoke about making a 1st Class and deliberately slacking off work so that she could be fired. I wonder what you guys think, about it all. 
So what do you think? 


  1. I think the poster has to experience a little bit of hard life in order to get her brain in reset mode...A little bit of hard life oh because if she experience it in full gear,she might contemplate sucide m..I think because she is having everything on a platter is making her loose focus..TNHW

  2. This is me most times,I am on my third job since I finished service 2yrs ago, I get bored easily and I fear it shows sometimes, one thing I have going for me is I work hard,interest or not, i will like to think it's because I haven't found a very challenging job yet since I am not artistically inclined. It's part of the self discovery process...

  3. That's human nature for you.
    Personally I think it is a phase that will pass

  4. I've been here, infact, I was where you are earlier in the year but I had the good sense to not lose my job before I got another one. Even though I lost my enthusiasm for the job 8 or so months into it, I kept working and when I realised I was slacking off and my bosses were complaining, I gave myself brain and sat up. After 20 months, I was completely tired, I started searching and I changed jobs.

    Point is, if you're tired, start searching for a new job. Don't lose this job before getting another one cos as uninterested as you are in this job, being jobless, broke and bored is a hundred times worse so, be wise.

  5. I'd advice that poster doesn't throw away this job in hand, no matter how unfulfilling it currently appears to be. Oftentimes, it isn't so much about we gained (or could have gained), as it is about what we lost - recklessly.

    Although subtle, the story shows that interest drives the poster, not necessarily money or other ideals but, interest. And it does appear that poster has diverse interests. The question to be answered here is which of these 'interests' can't I do without?

    PS: poster may want to book a session with a professional/career counselor. Or better still, poster could do some personality tests, similar to the one in a recent may shed some light on the gray areas. Last, I don't think a little prayer wouldn't hurt.

  6. I believe it's a phase. I was there earlier this year. Had a job my friends thought will be easy on me since I already did most of the job description as a hobby.
    But I quit the job after 3 months,(lovely boss though). They thought I was crazy for doing that. Especially when my reason was that I wasn't happy.
    Before quitting, I went back to things I enjoyed and people I used to follow. Oprah Winfrey's life class and super soulful Sunday was very helpful. Made me remember what I wanted and identified that what was stopping me was fear. So I quit my job and went back to focus on Tv. It's been amazing so far. I've met and achieving so much that I didn't think I could have. Primarily because I held unto the saying "it's whom you know". I felt I couldn't because I didn't have money and didn't know people.
    But hey, I'm happy and all I needed was a good pitch and confidence to walk into people's offices. (And divine favour I must say).

  7. My dear. Kindly take that personality test that was posted by Thelma few days ago. It may sound odd but dear. Give it a trial. Be very sincere in answering the questions so as to get the right result. Read your strength and weakness over and over again. I bet, you will come back to testify. Most attitudes we put up in life knowingly or unknowningly are as a result of inharent personalities in us. Work on your weak points and see how fulfilled you will be. I tried it. Am a work in progress.

  8. The first two paragraph is totally me apart from the not applying to get her job.

    #sigh.......what to do?


  9. Wow really???. Pls just as Chrisyinks suggested, see a professional counselor or a life coach, if you can't afford one just yet, pls try and get the Book-The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, you can download the e-copy too, because i think you need to "discover" yourself first, coupled with the fact that you feel people expect much from you because of the first class, you must liberate yourself from that thought/feeling. Spend some substantial amount of time alone so as to gain focus.
    Honestly this "from-school-to-work-immediately" phase is not for some people.
    All the best dear.

  10. It's no big deal, I had no idea what to do after my BSc degree; I was as lost as a nun on a honeymoon.
    It is a phase that is usually corrected by realities, a coach/mentor can help but the person will come around when life start happening, and it will.


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