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Where I Was...

I certainly wasn't on the blog and haven't been for days. 
The past week was a whirlwind of this and that. 
In September I finally succumbed and listened to those who said I'd be good at events planning/management. I'd had a few stints here and there that revealed to me I had some interest and aptitude for such. So.. I decided that rather than wing it I'd get some actual training. I then searched and found myself a good school in Nairobi (where I'd planned to vacation this month anyways) and set out.          Under the advisement of the owner of the school, I also decided to take a course in flowers, decor and draping. It wasn't my initial plan but I saw how that could create another source, an independent stream of income. Moreover I've been planning to learn more skills in like forever so I decided to go for it. 
During my Orientation, the Business & Entreprenuership trainer walked in so say hi to us and three minutes after hearing Paddy speak, I knew…

Photo Of The Day: Omoni & Nnamdi Oboli.

Aww, isn't this the cutest. 
Read what she wrote below. 

LOL @ you asked for another child yesterday. I think they should give it a shot, it just might be a girl this time. Their boys are so adorable. I can only imagine what their daughter would look like if they have one...

Who else is suddenly feel mushy besides me? 

Viv: In Lagos, Rat Killing To Become a Profession.

Lagos residents will now be paid for killing rats, according to a new
programme inaugurated by the state government.

The Commissioner for The Environment, Dr Babatunde Adejare, during the
official flag-off of the Lagos State Market Deratisation Programme,
aimed at ridding the state of the Lassa Fever vector at Obalende
market on Thursday, said the government will not relent in its efforts
to make the state the safest place to live in.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the government is
collaborating with Phosguard Fumigants, an NGO, to promote the
programme through “Kill rats, make more money in Lagos’’.

Under the programme, the residents are encouraged to kill rats in
their environs which the programme implementers, Phosguard will buy at
a yet-to-be determined price for proper disposal.

The commissioner said the government was resolved to make Lagos State
one of the safest places in spite of its increasing population.

Pls they should hurry up and determine the price, let's know which w…

#WriteRight. Aramide: I Do... I Did.

Saying I do
As we wed
We exchanged wedding bands 
Which symbolize continuous fidelity
For better for worse 
After She showed me Her love 
The worse is here
And better never was near
With Her infidelity rocking every year
She allowed different men into her arms
Still, I continued my yearnings
Waiting for my worse to improve 
She brought down the roof
With insults that came as greetings
From the love of my life
My wedded wife
With the same mouth She professed love
With the same mouth She cursed
Her vows
The words that made me joyous
Her cusses
The words that made me curious
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part 
Then death came with its cart
She was killing me slowly
Now departing
I'll kill me completely
Finishing what She started
With both hands
That exchanged wedding bands****************

Beautifully written Aramide. 
Emotional and verbal abuse sometimes cuts deeper than physical abuse. Scars left on the body always has a remedy, the pain dulls and then fades away, sometimes leaving no mark at all. Not…

Maryam: No One Told Me...

Hey, Been a visitor since genesis although I don't comment. From the days when you'd post stories about being a bigger girl. You're doing a fine job and good luck on the courses you're taking. Mehn you're trying oo, isn't it weird that I'm a perfect stranger to you, but to me you aren't ( not in a stalkerish way oo). Used to write short stories when I was 18, but I stopped. Found one of my old stories and thought I should share. This is the first time someone else aside from family and my boyfriend is reading my work...please be gentle ☺️

I watched as they arrived. Actually I heard them first. Sounds thundering through the air with each step sending vibrations through the ground. My heart dropped and I considered taking to my heels. I summoned all the courage I had in me and stood on the spot thinking maybe if I show a brave face I would eventually start to feel brave. But I had no courage, I was far too cowardly.  
I turned around to run but I was stuck.…

#FranklySpeaking: The Audacity Of Eye Service.

So it was friday night in Kigali and my best friend Jekwu was taking me out after several business meetings. Jekwu is one of those guys who can actually walk and chew gum. After remotely picking up my team and I from the airport and setting up meetings with the Rwanda Development Board and several business groups , it wasn't until evening when we met and decided to unwind. 

So, my guy is driving this SUV, a big man car on a pot hole free well asphalted road and he is almost annoyingly crawling with no vehicle in front of him. What is going on ? Is this guy trying to reduce my PPB time or what? 

So I asked him, Bros, does this car not move faster than this ? He burst out laughing and told me Rwanda has speed limit. But I can't see any check point on the road I insisted, then he explained that the police are often on the sides of the road with speed lasers and they'd measure your speed even before you get to them. Haba! Speed laser? In Rwanda kwa. Even though I've noticed …

Viv: All Corpers Are Horny?

This is a  comment from one of my writeups here .

Last Friday night I was at home jeje on my bed fondling with my phone when I heard a nock on my door. It was my corper friend. "Hey Kay let's go out, the others are waiting outside, let's go grab a drink" he said. It was a while I went out for a drink so I obliged. I quickly changed into something comfy, sprayed a nice perfume and we hit the road in my friends Benz. We drove down town till we found a cool bar. We ordered our first set of beer and suya while started to talk of so much gist on how our week went. Of course we had to listen to our fellow corper lawyer colleague tell us about his experiences in Court and how he slayed a senior lawyer in argument to a motion moved in Court. The guy is a rookie lawyer and can lie for Africa. We already knew him and his arsenal of lies (Note: Not all lawyers are liars. Like me, I'm a lousy liar and I'm a lawyer.) While the show was going on, these set of young beautifu…

My People!

So being outside the country, especially visiting other African countries can be very disheartening for a Nigerian. A few times I've been tempted to claim another nationality, or hang my head in shame when my classmates begin to talk about the huge mess the giant of Africa actually is. A particular classmate of mine keeps taking jabs trying to stir me but I thank God for maturity, I never give in. 
It's actually much worse when you hear Nigerians talk about Nigeria. You'd wonder, what place is this? Tell me so that i never have the misfortune of finding myself there, either by mistake or by design. 
A couple of weeks back in Kigali with the boys, they couldn't stop talking about the many travails of Nigeria, to the point where our driver, Peter, began to shake his head in pity. I could actually get where they were coming from. Rwanda, even after the war, the genocide, the setbacks and plain evil that plagued that country and left if bereft, is actually now such a beautif…

Viv : Mama Awards 2016!

Full list of winners at the MTV MAMA 2016

Best Live Act – Cassper Nyovest (South Africa)

Best Lusophone –C4 Pedro (Angola)

Legend Award –Hugh Masekela (South Africa)

Best Female Award – Yemi Alade (Nigeria)

Best Francophone Award – Serge Beynaud (Ivory Coast)
Best Group – Sauti Sol (Kenya)

Best Pop & Alternative – Kyle Deutsch& Shekhinah (South Africa)

Best International Act – Drake (United State of America)

Best Male Act – Wizkid (Nigeria)

Listeners Choice – Jah Prayzah (Zimbabwe)

Video of the Year – Youssoupha Niguer Ma Vie (Congo)

Best Collaboration – DJ Maphorisa ft, Wizkid & DJ Bucks (South Africa & Nigeria)

Personality of the Year– Caster Semenya (South Africa)

Best Hip Hop – Emtee (South Africa)

Best New Act – Tekno (Nigeria)

Song of the Year – Patoranking ft, Wande Coal (Nigeria)

Artiste of the Year – Wizkid (Nigeria)

Thank you loads Vivian!
I'd really hoped Kon's bae, Linda Ikeji would win personality of the year. 
I'm so so so happy for Wizkid. I'm not really …

Weapons Of Mass Obstruction; Wole Soyinka.

It is time to call a spade a spade or, in this instance, name the Nigerian media camera a weapon of mass obstruction. What used to be mere occasional infraction, soon corrected, is fast becoming a Bill of Rights – for a minuscule sector of the professional community. We are galloping towards an order of social fascism of which – it must also be stressed – that same society is the prime facilitator of its doom. There are times when tolerance becomes acceptance, then tacit and even overt encouragement. Otherwise, why does it take so long to make the media photographer understand that he or she has no fundamental viewing right that overrides those of the lowest member of any gathering, anywhere and under any circumstance. Let us not beat around the bush – mobsters have taken over community, armed with nothing more lethal than the camera and a monstrous will to capture and monopolize space that belongs to the totality. The media camera has become a pest, an aggressive voyeur. Its wielders…

#TTBHotSeat. Chrisyinks Tells ALL! (& Responds To Kon).

First, let me apologize for the extra-long post below (I believe this would make thelongest post on TTB you’ve read, and likely to stay so for a while). When (or better put, if) you get to finish this article, you’d probably know half as much as I know myself; the other half would be in the comment section…I guess when I get in my comfort zone, it’s a challenge to restrain myself from being expressive. Also, since I balked from featuring on TTB’s hot seat earlier, I decided to go the extra mile….. What's your real name, first and last?
Olufela Christopher Odusegun is my first, middle and last name. Yinka is one of my many names, although it is a relatively unknown appellation of addressing me, hence chrisyinks as my moniker isn’t farfetched.Is Chrisyinks a name? No? How did you come up with it? It's quite a mystery.It is a mix of two names: Christopher and Yinka, both of which are my birth names. No mystery behind the name.How old r u?26. I was born on Saturday, February 17, 19…