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Are They Really This Bad???

Suddenly there seems to be a lot of talk about menstrul cycles on social media. In fact Zambia just passed a new law giving all women one day off every month to rest on the first (and most challenging) day of their period. 

Few weeks ago, some guy tweeted that he thinks women over exaggerate this whole mentrual (cramps) thingy and thousands of women collectively chewed his head off. In fact I'm sure that in his life he will never again open his mouth to make such a statement. 

Similarly this morning, some other guy tweeted that please someone should tell him honestly why women cannot use toilet paper or cotton materials when they're on their period. One aunty, who obviously happens to be perioding gave this very angry reply; I curse you today, with the blood flowing out of my vagina I curse you. I curse you with the tears in my eyes. 

Shuooo, hunty is that how you used to do? Someone cannor play with you? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜°πŸ˜…. LOL, Aunty must have been having one of those periods from hell, her hormones must have been all over the place. I can't blame her though, that question vexed me too. Hehe. 

Seriously, that image above, many females seemed to be able to relate with it. But I'm one of those people that God uses the period to compensate for other things. I've never had any serious cramp for a second, I never feel any pre-mentrual syndrome, I do not have break outs or pimples, I don't get cranky, or sickly, or horny, or hungry... In fact, the only reason I know I'm on my period is because I'm bleeding, and most times it's easy for forget. Yeah, I'm lucky like that. LOL. 

But I get that I might be the exception. My sister's is crazy. Hers is the kind where she's throwing up, rolling on the floor, crying, pleading, cursing, bargaining with God... She has fevers, she gets angry, she's in so much pain that you'd nearly start crying for her. In the past I used too...

Ladies, are periods really that bad? Would you support being given a day off from work every month to deal with the flow? What would you like men (or your man) to understand about your "monthly visitor"? Wanna talk about it? 


  1. Thelma.... you are blessed and highly favored amongst women. You're a living testimony ooo!

    For me, the full breasts and pain... sometimes I just go paranoid and think it's cancer before I remember it's almost that time of the Month πŸ™„

    Then the cramps 😩😩😩 some months are not sooo bad, but some others ... I'll be pacing about like a possessed person. Going up and down. Even using the stairs and I work on the 7th floor.
    Some days I suck it up and endure the pain... just ride it out till it subsides... some other days I'll be searching frantically for felvin or anything to take away the pain.... then menstration poopooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ chai!
    For the mood swings... can't really say I experience that. Me that I'm always bubbly and lively.
    Kabuoy at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.
    Kabuoy in her happy and bubbly state continues in her happy and bubbly state with the same/higher speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force(menstrual cramps, serious issues at work, sad movie, ati beebee lo)
    A free day off work... maybe not. I'll live. Its really just the first day and I get by so no it won't be necessary.
    DFH, just understand that when I'm in pain, it is not something to laugh or joke about or treat dismissively. It is a very serious matter. I need to be pampered. That's all 😁😁😁

    1. Menstruation poopoo? 😯. Hia I have learnt a new one today o! Pls shed more light on this

    2. as in the poopoo is out of tgis world!like i wouldnt mind a whole week off when my period starts..its not easy at all....i really envy u Thelma..month after month i think of getting my tubes tied and im only 25!like 14 years of constant period pain is no joke...currently most pain killers dont work on me..see eh,u can counter the pain with pain killers but the discomfort that comes with my give anything for it to stop!

  2. Hello Thelma. Been following your blog for three years now tho. I heart you and your dedicated readers. I simply love your blog. I totally feel like you. I don't have cramps and all of the pains. I feel very okay. Sometimes am very bright nd lively when am on my period. But my friend mehn! I don't like talking to her sef when She's on cos she will just be nagging all over the place. Her hormones act up annoyingly. I always feel for her boyfriend cos he feels it more.O kwa total aggression . Men should just be patient. Hello Kon and Memphis. I always look forward to reading your comments. Yolanda.

    1. Heyyy Yolanda! 😘😘😘

    2. Heeeeyyy babyyy. How you doing?


    3. Hello Yolanda! I've already fallen in love with your name. Lol.

      As per the topics, I've seen what my sisters go through and I always wince when they wince. I wish there was a lasting remedy to this honestly, can't imagine a woman going through this hell EVERY BLESSED MONTH.

  3. On a lighter note, every woman should watch this: Your period in 2 minutes

  4. days before my period start.. my breast feels like bricks! i dare not have my bra off, or decide to sleep with no support least a bra top. oh and a weird pain on my lower right side.. growing up i thought it was my appendix, that shit hurts. when period starts, i hate the smell when I'm in the washroom.. hate it! and kabuoy is right about that period poo(i'm sorry guys).. I hate that too..
    I am completely useless on the first day. all I want to do is lay in a bath filled with water or in bed while my baby rubs my back or boobs..its soothing
    At my workplace, i usually don't show up. I cannot come and kill myself.

  5. I would of been like the uncle that dismissed menstrual cramps if not that I have a friend who goes through that shit. Then for my sister, I pray to God to share some of her pains sometimes. It ruins one day and a half for her.(drugs or no drugs). She pukes, rolls on the floor,shouts, cries and eats nothing. Thankfully the mood thing is not for her, she very rarely bites at someone even when in a bad mood. She will definitely do with the day off rule.
    Apparently my mum was like you T, without the cramps so it took her a little time to understand my sister.

  6. One time in school my roommates and i were talking about menstrual cramps and they were talking about people that throw up and are admitted and i was shocked, just for mine to come that month and i threw up for the first time in 100l. Just yesterday my hubs was also talking about how i'd not seen my flow since i had my baby (5months+) now and i was like 'abeg if it wants to stay for a year it should.' i don't miss it at all. My cramps are not soo bad considering that some people are actually admitted, i find that if i take Paracetamol immediately i see the first drop of blood, its really bearable..and activity is good when you're on so nah i wont want a day off

  7. Ahhh my own is die,back in secondary school days,I wouldn't go to school for the seven days cos it would not even work. now it has reduced but the cramps,moodswings,menstruation polloi(purging),breast pains,headaches,ohhhh and the almighty waist and lower abdominal pain. All these I bear for.five days,my sister is one lucky bastard,she doesnt experience any of those palava. Has anyone noticed the hike in sanitary towel price? I bought always recently for 500# and I WTF is happening to this country,maybe we need a #reducepadprice campaign. Haba kilode.

  8. I don't even want to talk about heavy flow...
    But I heard those with menstrual pain won't have intense labour pain and otherwise. And it's not advisable to take drugs when you're on.

    Na wetin I hear ooo

    1. Fa fa fa fowl . Biggest lie ever told. MP na junior cousing to labor

  9. Wow really? I don't feel any pains O except on the first day which is even very slight. I just wish the flow was lighter, otherwise i'm fine.


  10. Well Personally for me, what I try to do is try to take panadol once I feel/see the symptoms of an oncoming menstrual period. And there are months when I am popping panadol like candies, all those your body can outgrow panadol and u will have to find stronger painkillers,i totally ignore. When you are in pain, all you want is the pain gone.

    Generally though I know I have it good as I have never had to take more than panadol and even then not every month. Back in Uni,i had this girl on my floor in the hostel,once in her period she would be sobbing like a baby and there was another babe who always got admitted during that period.

    So yeah I don't need that 1day off but for some, I think it's of necessity


  11. My periods were like yours too but it changed late last year. I started having very heavy breasts days to my period. I also do the period poo and have menstral cramps this days. Sometimes I have mood swings. However a lot of times they aren't that serious to the extent that I'm very weak.
    DFH please I need a lot pampering during the period.

  12. Mine is funny in the sense that it is only at that time of the month I crave for sweet things like chocolate, fizzy drinks infact anything that has sugar as a content.
    However I discovered that the moments I give in to those cravings, that is when I end up with unbearable menstrual cramps.
    So I started the strategy of taking only water,natural fruit juices and all things natural within that period. There's is my solution and it works perfectly for me. *winks*
    NB:Even at this, I still know I'm one of the lucky ones because there's no solution to certain ladies who experience heavier cramps.

  13. Back in secondary school i used to bleed for pain was very bad,i used to just curl up under the table,i get period spot,get hormonal and cranky. But it reduced to 5days then i will throw up at least 2x which made my momma drag me for pregnancy test breast will ache and swell up,i get temperature. Gosh i just know i am not my usual self for the first 2days and start getting better on the 3rd day.
    I rmbr on my wedding day i was on my period,started in the wee hours of the morning,i was just upset,everyone that knew how bad my period gets started praying,i used lots of pain killers to get me thru the day.
    When i got pregnant i was soooo period for period after childbirth for about 8months. The day i had my first period after childbirth, i had forgotten how painful it used to be...
    Thelma get well soon. x


  14. I don't have cramps(thank God), I can count on both hands how many times I've had menstrual cramps in my life but my flow is gangster!

    3 days ago, I filled one sanitary towel in 20 minutes and got stained sef. The only saving grace was I was to resume work at 10am and was still at home when it happened, imagine if I was already at work, it would have been a disaster! I have to constantly check myself that period to be sure I haven't tattooed nonsense all over my seat. And then, you have to be changing upandan the place with the current price of Always.. I bought that thing at 600 naira on Sunday, I kept asking the guy if he was sure of the

    I bleed for 5 days straight, used to be 7 in secondary school. The moods... I used to know my period is near just by my shitty mood but that has been gone for the past 2 months now, I hope it stays

    I used to get period poo too but that hasn't been the story in the last 2 months too but the heavy boobs days before and pimples...aaargh!

    Who else has noticed they look their prettiest towards the end of the period into the first 4 or 5 days after?

    1. Me! I've noticed o. My face is clear and my skin looks all fresh. Lol.
      As for period cramps, all i can say is some months are better than some. But if offered a day off, i'll definitely take it. Another thing i want to ask about. Does anyone else experience what ive decided to call ovulation pain 14-10 days before period starts?? In the months when this happens i just know my next 48hrs is ruined. Sigh.

  15. Mine didn't exist at first. The first time I had PMS, my brothers were convinced I was possessed! The first cramps was worse than when I had my ruptured appendix. Now I'm 50/50, when it's good I barely feel it but when it's bad I don't even bother to come out cos I have it all from breakouts, lower back pain and a mood that makes The Furies look like nice aunties n bipolar disorder like a bad day, to sugar, salt and spice cravings n a flow like a broken Kainji dam!
    I just suck up and hide on bad ones n float through good ones.
    A period break won't be bad though, especially if I'm PMSing.

  16. Thelma......if only I can get that 'no cramps or pain' just like you.#sigh

    Now I use panadol extra and felvin together. Once my former hostel mate told me that I should stop using pain killers for the cramps that it wasn't good for me.....chai! I almost chewed her head off.


  17. For me, I thank God everyday that after child birth my MP ceased drastically.

    It was hell-ish being a girl from 9+ years till I got married n had baby nbr 1.
    I'd roll, throw up, get admitted, ask for poison, ask for rope to kill myself, ask my folks why me. Goodness I suffered.

    I took all drugs known to me then including Anslgin injection that was soooo painful.

    I don't wish it on anyone. Infact it's in my prayers point daily that none of my kids take after me in that regard.
    Sometimes I'd gulp a bottle of brandy/gin/ vodka to( helps me sleep) help me numb out the pain. It works for a few hours n then we are back go it

    Sometime my dad won't go to work just because lady clare is on her period.

    The closet drug that worked for me was Indocide.

    I start taking it aBout 3 days before time.
    I really abused pain killers n kept praying I don't cause any damage to my internal organs.
    Taking sugar worsened the pain 10 times more. And to think I had a frnd who takes about 10 cubes of sugar to stop her own pain.

    Sone women like Thelma are darn lucky.


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