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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Dear Thelma (He's Been Married Twice!)

I met my Prince Charming in August 2016. I call him my Prince Charming because honest to God that is what he has been to me. I used to think he just wanted to hit and run but this man has been the biggest blessing of my life. The day we met a mutual friend warned me, that I should never take him seriously because he's been married twice and is now single again, before 40. She said he is very rich, I should just enjoy whatever he has to offer and never let my emotions get involved. That was my plan o, but in less than 3 weeks I was already falling for him and he is yet to disappoint me. I have become BFFs with his younger sister and he has met my family too and they all love him, but I haven't told them that he has been married before, twice. He hasn't proposed to me but he is dropping hints of marriage. Yesterday he said he wants us to travel for valentine and I am afraid that he might propose. I won't be able to travel because of work sha so... But my problem is this, is his twice failed marriage a red flag? I asked him about it. He didn't deny but said that the first marriage which produced one child was in his mid 20s and they were too young and immature so it fell apart. He said the second lady was ok but they were incompatible and after 3 years of marriage without any child, she said she wants to leave the country for good and asked for a divorce. I asked his younger sister and she collaborated his story but I am still not very convinced. I love this man with my heart and soul but I don't want to enter one chance. Also what are the chances of my parents approving me of being somebody's 3rd wife? Please I just need sincere advice, I'm 32 and will love to marry this year but I'm not desperate. 

Thank you all. 



  1. It' hard to take you seriously after this - "She said he is very rich, I should just enjoy whatever he has to offer and never let my emotions get involved. That was my plan o,"... It beats me why girls keep putting themselves in stupid situations like that.

    but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and offer you this honest advice - carry your two slippers in your hand and PICK RACE.

    1. Haba..But somebody has to give him a chance now..If she loves him,it could work.TNHW

    2. I thot so too my dear...don't ask questions on this blog if u wanna marry this year...LOL

    3. Seconded totally,

      If you want to marry him, marry him. If it leads to divorce, stand tall in the difficult situation and accept it.

      Except you don't yet know what you want. And that is your problem.

  2. It's definitely a red flag.

    I tend to think marriage isn't all lovey dovey as the impression Hollywood screens create. It's hardwork, commitment, sticking together during the rough times, maturity, being there for each other during the highs and lows, etc..... and these ideals don't seem to be a priority for your guy. I know friends who have gotten married in their early twenties and are still doing fine, so age isn't an excuse. Neither is the lack of children or the desires of a party in the marriage.

    You'd have to clarify your reservations with him and most importantly weigh the risks of the impending union. Hope this helps. Chrisyinks

  3. Hi, I'm Leslie. I had my friend help me hack into my spouse's hotmail , SMS , facebook,Skype ,WhatsApp,call logs,when I suspected he was cheating. All he asked for was a phone number. You can contact him at ( If u need help, tell him Leslie reffered u to him and he'll help. Good luck.

  4. Do your investigations. Don't ask family members and don't ask people that know you are involved with him. Nigerian standards,2 failed marriages is a red flag.

  5. Err.. I hate to be a pessimist but why do you think this one would work too? He was also nice to the other ladies too and also at some point they loved him as much or even more than you love him now but it didn't make him stay with them so what gives?.. plus, marrying in his 20s is not an excuse, lots of people meet and marry in their 20s and go ahead to have good, long marriages so...
    Anyways, na you sabi as the shoe dey pinch you, no one can make this decision for you.

  6. If I were in your shoe, I will try and look for the Exe's, I will try social media , and do a little investigation, ask family members of the Exes , friends etc
    Investigate before telling your parents if he ends up proposing .

  7. Lots of marriages are broken because of cheating and when one of spouses doesn't trust another one. If you have ever stumbled such a problem, you need to view this page and explore

  8. Try to confirm both your boyfriend and his sister's story before making your decision.




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