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Friday, 20 January 2017

Favourite: Living In Gidi ((Lagos vs Abuja)

The Day started out like any other day or so I thought......little did I know events had already unfolded to make the day a memorable one for me.

Driving from my Lugbe abode, one of Abuja's satellite towns to my office in Maitama took me all of fifteen(15) minutes. The M.D would like to see you in an hour, said my secretary as I stepped into my office.

"Over the past five(5) years you have proven to be a dedicated, diligent, dependable and vital part of this organization. Hence I am pleased to inform you of your promotion & transfer to Lagos with effect from February 1st,2017. I have unwavering confidence in your ability to head our new branch in Lagos. All necessary structures have been put in place and I am available to provide appropriate support. Do not disappoint me" emphasized the MD. 

"Congratulations.......thank you sir...." i managed to say.

It's been days since I got this news and my feelings are still undecided about this impending move. And yes,my name is Akan and I will be living in Gidi or so says my promotion/transfer letter.

I was chatting with a friend just yesterday and part of his 2017 goals is moving back to Abuja from Lagos. You see he used to live & work in Abuja before his organization transferred him to Lagos. After five (5) years in Lagos, he wants to get back to Abuja and doesn't mind moving to another organization to achieve that (even though he just got promoted by his current organization). According to him he is tired of not having a worklife balance in Gidi.

So tell us about you....which city (Gidi or Abuja) is your preference and why? if you got transferred from one city to another, would you port happily? Would you resign from the job?lols (maybe the  thought of switching is that despicable to you ) or would you grudgingly go and get back to your preferential city the first chance you get? In your current  city, do you have a work life balance? 

I don't know about anybody else but I'd pick living & working in Abuja ten times over before Lagos. You?



  1. I'd pick living in Lagos over Abuja 200 times. I have only been to Abuja maybe twice and I didnt really get to chill and have fun. But this is Lagos we are talking about - I feel like Im a king in this state. Everybody's main complain is the traffic abi? a power bike! Or get an apartment closer to work and life would be good.

    Personally, its just the sentiments that I own and run this place called Lagos. I know my way around the tush and dangerous places. My work is not far from home. I know somebody at every corner or gathering. This is my city! Lagos! Lagos! If I leave Lagos Im leaving Nigeria.

    Thats story sha. Offer me plenty money and Ill pack my bags the next day. The money has to be worth it.


  2. In the abroad over Lagos and Abuja..

  3. Abuja any day anytime.This is not the way to live biko. If I have the opportunity I will live Lagos sharp sharp.I had a friend, born and breed in Lagos that was transferred to Abuja, he kept complaining that Abuja is dull bla bla bla, 4 years down the line,he can't stand Lagos. J

    1. True but as someone mentioned both places have thier pros and cons

  4. I love my Abuja, infact I wish I would get married here, train my kids here and retire here. lol
    I have only been to Lagos once (last year) but I prefer Abuja and it's environs.

    1. I totally feel you at get married in Abuja.... Get married al

  5. I'll pick Abuja a million times.

    The last time I came to Lagos for holidays, I cried. Immediately I alighted from the night bus I entered from Jos, t he air hit me, everyone running to help to carry unnecessary load. In no time, two bags had disappeared. I was Street foolish. I had to part with 1k to get it back. I needed a cab and the cab was charging more than what brought me from Jos. I wanted to do surprise. It failed woefully as I had to call my brother to pick me up.

    In Abuja, you get affordable cabs, very clean air, no noise, Yaba with tush sellers, fun whenever; wherever; and however you want it.... and a whole lot more. People sum it up to... The money is made in Abuja and it's spent there. I've not seen that part sha..

    1. Chai@two bags disappeared.I really don't get why touts would always grab passengers bags at parks.

      And yeah the affordability of cabs in Abuja. I mean I sometimes take cabs for as low as 200bucks here

  6. Lasgidi all the way cos am.not familiar with Abuja,spent all my life here,was born here,family,friends,enemies,exs and alll are here. like kon said,if traffic is the issue then I would get an apartment close to the office,then again if money is involved,who says I would not change my mind? LOL

  7. I remember when my uncle asked me to lie that i stay in Lagos so i could get a particular Job with an "OK" pay. When they called me, i had to just come clean and that was it!
    My uncle was so angry eehn. I didn't tell him why, i just told my mom i'm not ready for lagos life just yet.
    I've been to both Abuja and Lagos a couple of times and i'd choose Abuja anytime.

  8. If you are the head of your branch, work life balance depends on you. Even if you are not the head sef. Imagine getting to the office as early as 6am depending on where you work. And by that time you begin work, lets say 3pm you are done. If you leave the office by 3pm, latest 6pm you should be home. No matter where you stay. Although there are days you might not be able to pull that off but you should be able to get away with it on most days.

    It all boils down on how you manage your time, there are some positions you attain and you can get away with manipulating time to suit your schedule (depending on the job).

    I am surprised nobody is talking about cost of living in Abuja. The only thing that can take me to Abuja is if I get a job with a juicy pay and i mean 'JUICY' pay. I can't even imagine me moving to Abuja with my current salary.....Na die be that.

    Both places have their good and bad sides, you just have to adapt and live it to your advantage. And like Sasha said......I will picjlk in the abroad over both places.

    (Ignore typos biko)


    1. In Abuja you can wake up by 6.30 and get to your office for 7...thats hardly the case in Lagos. Why should I have to spend 3hours to get home 3pm-6pm when I can get home in less than 1 hour.
      The only downside I can see to living in Abuja is the high cost of living. I was born and bred in Lagos and honestly I despise it (too rowdy, too loud, thr traffic is unbearable, high cost of transportation...e.t.c) at the moment i am actively searching for a job in Abuja so that I can leave Lagos for good

    2. Sincerely the cost of living in Abuja is actually exaggerated, truth is you can actually live within your means in Abuja.

      Transportation for one is cheaper in Abuja

  9. Who these places help... #swerve

  10. Ehn! What's in Lagos jare? What do I do in Lagos? If I get a fantastic job that would pay well I won't even think twice, bye bye to Lagos sharply!

    I had to go to Abuja twice at my last job and spent 3 weeks, omo! I was waking up at 6:30am and getting to work with lots of time to spare.. no traffic, clean cheap cabs and constant power supply, what's not to like.

    Abuja sanity and serenity over Lagos madness any day any time..


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