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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Favourite: Living With The Landlord

Maybel and I hadn't seen in months as she had been in calabar serving our fatherland , but hey its Christmas and she was back in the city of Ibadan to spend the festivities with family and friends.

We planned a whole day of activities, starting with hanging out at our favourite pizza spot, Dominos, watch  Live by night at Filmhouse  Dugbe and end the day shopping at the heritage mall. Live by night isn't really my kind of movie as I am more of a Chick flick kinda girl but bestie wanted this movie & watch it we will.

My phone rang breaking into my reverie, its Maybel calling. "Bukayo,where are you?" 

"At Dominos" I told her 

"OMG, its so good to see you" I said hugging her minutes later. "Calabar really does agree with you, you look fab". I had really missed my best friend and looking into her eyes, I could see the feelings mirrored. 

"So when do you move into your crib?" I asked. 

"As soon as I get back to calabar" came her reply 

"I am so glad you already have a job in calabar post NYSC, it does make sense getting an apartment. It's a One bedroom flat right? So have you met  your neighbours? Any cute guys in your compound?"

"You and cute guys sha..." Maybel replied laughing. "Sorry to burst your bubble girl but it's just me, a newly wedded couple and the landlord with his family". 

"The Landlord & his family live in the compound?" I was looking alarmed. "Ahh, you didn't tell me you will be living with your landlord!". 

"No it didn't come up in the discussion as I didn't think it was important... Is that a problem?" She asked me.

"Well not really... its just, you know what they say about living with the landlord......"


P.S: This story is purely a work of fiction, any resemblance to any person (living or dead) is purely a coincidence

Have you ever lived or are you currently living in the same compound with your landlord? How was the experience? Would you rent a house with a resident landlord?

For me no I wouldn't. Years back I lived in a house with a resident landlord, suffice it to say I was moving a year later, like my rent barely expired and I was moving. And no I wouldn't rent a house with a resident landlord again.


Service year was my worst year yet, simply because the landlord lived in the same compound. So no, not again. And I'd bear that in mind and respect my tenants wishes not to live with a landlord when I become one.  




  1. I can't begin to even narrate my experience with my current landlord,lessons learnt,would never live in the same house with the owner,not even for free biko. I don't have strength for trouble. Maybel

  2. Living with a landlord? Resident Evil!
    A Girl


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