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Thursday, 5 January 2017

First Date Exit-Strategy!

LOOOOOOOL. I saw this on social media and I'm thinking to myself, this girl is the B word. 

But truth be told, she's only done something many of us, male and female, have wished we could have at one point in our lives or the other. 

I mean, she's simply savage (or maybe just plain shallow/stupid/silly) for doing this... Especially being brutally honest about wanting "to be around someone better looking".

But haven't you ever been on that (1st) date where you thought "Lord, why me?"

I have. 

Too many times. 

It doesn't have to be about the person looks, sometimes it's just the person. Like, the person is the entire problem. 

I remember this one date where the first thing he said when he showed up was "You're taller than me, I cannot date you". At that point I knew I should have just walked back into my house, but "be patient" I said to myself. 

All through the date this guy talked none stop, right in my face, with breath that smelled like week-old unwashed vagina and onions. 

Lord I wanted to gag!

When he wasn't talking about himself, he was bashing people that live on "the island" and doing the 'God forbid, I can never live on the island' talk. He just wouldn't stop; "The people that live on the island are fake". "The people that live on the island are poor but pretending". "The people that live on the island are miserable people trying to keep up with the joneses". "I cannot date girls that live on the island, they don't have manners". "It is guys that live on the island that go to club and pop champagne on credit" etc etc etc. 

Honestly, if I could excuse myself to go to the bathroom and text and bail just like the girl in the tweet above, I would have. No lie!

I know I'm not alone, share your horrendous date stories with me! Especially those first dates and blind dates. LOL. Let's talk!

Oh btw, I kinda feel it serves that guy right. People need to stop "misrepresenting" themselves. I know we post our most flattering pictures on social media, pictures of us that sometimes look nothing like us, and that's ok. But the moment you and someone start talking with the intention of meeting, it's only fair they get to see more pictures of the real you. At least, that's what I think. So yeah *tongue out* to the guy! 😝😝😝


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That's derogatory to womanhood . For a self confessed feminist, I didn't expect to read this from you .

  2. My worst date experience, she was chatting on her phone all through the movie, and took home overpriced cinema drinks and snacks.

  3. "...Oh btw, I kinda feel it serves that guy right...So yeah *tongue out* to the guy!"

    Thelma...I've unfriended you...

  4. Lmao @ Memphis.

    I can't remember any in particular now, I just want to say the guy must have over done with editing his pictures.

    Lol....ko Pele.


  5. I like the babe,she get mind. I can't remember any horrendous date,maybe I need to do some thinking. BTW Thelma your description of your own date no be here Ohhh and the way his breath smells though. yuccckkkkkk.

  6. Mine... I had met him at an ATM some days before. He came with three of his friends to pick me. I wanted to bail immediately I saw his friends but I decided to give him a second chance and be cautious. Then he told me he wanted to make a quick stop at his sister's house. When we got there, he asked us to come in. I sat in there for like 30 minutes while they all spoke in their dialect. I kept asking myself what I was doing there. When we left, he took me (and his friends and sister) to a washed down place, sat by me and spent his time trying rub my back and arms while speaking the dialect with his friends and sister. I was seething with anger and tapping my leg on the floor yet still trying to be polite. I didn't even finish my drink, I told him I wanted to leave. He then drove me home (with his friends in the car). When I alighted from the car, I told him to delete my number and never call me ever again. He sent me countless messages trying to apologise. Needless to say, that was the end of it.

  7. Atleast I've not been ugly enough to be bailed out on...yet.
    Nasty experience I suppose. Wow.

    Anyways, I'm a very sensitive person so I'd notice the change in her demeanor from miles away and won't have to spend on movie tickets or other expenditure that I'm not interested in.

  8. Remember mine... i was quite young, it was a blind date. After killing myself at home, second guessing my looks and clothes, i went to meet the guy and almost fainted...still texted him after to ask if he reached home safely even when i knew in my heart of hearts it was over, didn't want him to suspect i was disappointed .After that, it was friend zone straight

  9. Whatttt!!! *week-old unwashed vagina and onions*


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