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#FranklySpeaking: Completing The Work Of Terrorists;The IDP Obliterators

Yesterday, news reported that a Nigerian Air Force alpha jet erroneously bombed an IDP camp, killing over 100 people and injuring many in a case of friendly fire. This was a very sad news as it spread like wide fire, carrying widespread condemnation mostly against the military for such a costly error. 

While my heart goes out to those in the IDPs who lost their lives, I also empathize with the Nigerian Air Force for this horrendous error. 

I seriously do not think any Fighter pilot will deliberately target civilian populations. The military should be allowed to investigate this and mete out punishment within their standard codes of operation. 

Deaths caused by friendly fire during armed conflicts is as old as armed conflicts exits. Even the major military powers used on earth have all had their fair share of these costly errors. 

According to American military researcher Jon Krakauer, 21% of the casualties in World War II, 39% of the casualties in Vietnam and 52% of the casualties in the first gulf war were all as a result of friendly fires. 

While I'm not extricating the air force of any blame, the bigger obliterators of the displaced persons in the North-East remains those who deliberately steal food and funds meant for the IDPs and allow them to starve to death . 

In November last year, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator, Peter Lumberg warned that 75,000 children will starve to death in just a few months. 

Same year, a Borno state government report showed that 450 children died of malnutrition in the Internally Displaced Persons camps.

According to the same report, the IDP camps have about 6,444 severe cases of malnutrition, 25,511 children have mild to moderate symptoms of malnutrition. 

But according to Medicines Sans Frontieres ( MSF), within the last one year about 1,200 graves, mostly for children have been dug within the IDP camps in one year alone. This shows that the government report is actually a euphemism of the real situation. 

Earlier on in the year, the UN's Assistant Secretary-General Toby Lanzer had warned that over 250,000 children were malnourished in the IDPs and Nigeria was at risk of facing famine 'unlike any we have seen anywhere'. 

It's ironic that all these are going on when the government actually claimed to spend 270,000,000 Naira to clear grass at the IDP camps. 

All these are happening despite billions of monies being voted from government, NGOs, donor agencies and UN agencies towards the welfare of these IDPs. 

In June 2016, newspapers reported that government officials including law enforcement agencies actually engaged in public fights over rice that was meant for the IDPs. 

The most brazen and shameful news was the alleged disappearance of 71 trailers of rice sent by the Presidency to the IDPs. The funny thing was that an elaborate ceremony was hosted for the arrival of this 71 trailers by the Adamawa state government whose deputy Governor actually received these trailers of food. 

Stories of 50kg bags dispatched from government agencies and miraculously turning to 25kg bags abound.

It's time for Mr. President to wake up and take out the real obliterators of the IDPs, the scavengers who feed fat on the carcass of dead children. 

They are worse than Boko Haram, and definitely worse than the fighter pilot who made the costly error of dropping his wares in an IDP camp. 

-Frankly Speaking. 

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#FranklySpeaking is the in-house consultant on matters of Politics, Business and Currents Affairs for Thelma Thinks blog. He occasionally contributes to the blog under the pseudonym, #FranklySpeaking. 




  1. This is my exact thought, the Government will leave the real evil perpetrators and be chasing shadows. Only God can save us in this country.

  2. Your posts are always very enlightening. Thank you.

  3. Govt fighting corruption while dining with corruption. 270mil to clear grass? Is the grass made of iron. Sad sad,j

    1. 😂. Iron grass.

    2. Lol at iron grass. Don't comment (and reply) anonymously na. It takes the fun out of this post..

    3. O ya mi lenu! 270M for grass!!!!!! Only God knows what the food bill would be like and yet the food is not getting to the required persons.
      Wickedness of the Highest order!

  4. *Bleep* this govt and every 16m of you (including the cows) that voted it in.

    What elders see sitting down,the young ones (16m of them) wld never see even if they climbed the tallest MTN and Glo mast.


  5. Kene, I read an article on IDP camps and the height of corruption in those camps. I was breathing hard at some point. I was sooo upset, I couldn't even bear to read it to the end.
    The photos I saw, I couldn't believe they were taken in Nigeria. Children very very sick, dying of malnutrition. And yet our president is fighting PDP in the name of fighting corruption.
    I can't even begin to qualify the kind of wickedness this is.
    Buhari should just continue deceiving himself that he is fighting corruption. fighting cancer(corruption) as if it is headache.
    I'm just tired. They should just format this country like someone said and install another nation. The virus in this country would eventually kill it.

  6. The IDP camp "mistakenly" bombed was actually created by the army itself. Cld it mean the military created camps in close proximity to terrorist sites?

    I'm really not understanding..

    I refuse to politicize this because I remember when DANA crashed and GEJ was termed weak for not sacking the minister of Aviation but instead visited the crash scene.

    As Chido (from the Osasu show) says: whether it's death from hunger or bomb,death na death. RIP to the dead..

    1. Sasha , the terrorists sites are not static . They are often moving targets . Note that IDP camps are also the target of terrorists. The military got information on terrorist movement and called for air support . It's a very terrible error . These errors occur a lot in conflict situations . History recorded the Royal Air Force sinking a ship carrying over 10,000 IDPs and POWs during WW11. It's rather unfortunate. But frankly speaking, famine is the ultimate annihilator and it's propelled by corruption in the IDP management ( Frankly Speaking )

    2. So the size of the terrorist movement is proportional to the size of the IDP camp for it to be mistaken as one (despite the flags of international aids organizations that are visible from an ariel view)?

      Isn't it interesting how we use the history of 1939 WW11 to explain away the bombing yet the Nigerian history of 1984 was overlooked and we all are here today?

    3. The usual Buhari supporters cannot publicly condemn this (both the iron grass, famine and bombing). GEJ took the buck with him when he left Asorock...

    4. Really interesting Sasha . Also interesting is that while countries like Chike and Turkey and looking behind and jailing those who obstructed democratic governance and usurped power through military coups, Nigerian coupists leaders have taken over power, detaining people indefinitely despite court orders. It's an intresting country my sister Sasha.

  7. Aptly written. Those guys are the real killers. They have killed more people in the last one month than that pilot did in one day. Not trying to absolve the pilot of the blame but the truth is what it is.

    Buhari should keep living in his fool's paradise surrounded by glass. He should sha do and go or die, whichever comes first. We are done.

  8. This last 2 weeks have been really dark. Ever since the main camp of these terrorists was overrun by the military we've had relentless pockets of disaster here and there; I even shed some tears when I learnt an old schoolmate was killed when he and his fellow officer tried to disarm an IED. And now this...over 100 innocent lives lost due to mis-target. I can't even begin to imagine what the pilot would be feeling right at this moment. This is the worst and most tragic mistake made by the air force and I think it's kind of an insult to term it "friendly fire". May the poor souls rest in perfect peace. Amen.

    Another issue I've observed (which cuts across the political and none political class) that is rather disappointing is our collective lack of desire to adequately communicate among ourselves. Ever since this issue of corruption within the IDP camp was raised, very little is being reported by our media and we get detailed info from foreigners (Aljazeera and CNN). Until the Senate started probing PINE/VSF, we knew next to nothing about this whole "grass cutting" business and the Executive have been less than forthcoming with any info; it only does that in defense. I heard about the N270 million and was amazed that even when Babachir was indicted, the president was mute. Really amazing. Not until the Senate called for his resignation that we began to see all manner of defense on Facebook. Thank GOD for some civil society groups like CATBAN who condemned the SGF from the very beginning and later (because Buhari decided to be epically silent) went on a few weeks fact-finding mission at the site.

    The corruption at the IDP camps is on a massive scale and even a lot of so called foreign aids are involved. Shettima called out some UN aids involved in this organized crime and they immediately defended themselves. Same UN Buhari is seeking aid to liberate this region? Horrible irony.

    GOD forgive us all. This is way too much...

    1. The term 'Friendly fire' is used to describe an attack by a military force on non-enemy while attempting to attack the enemy, either by misidentifying the target as hostile, or due to errors or inaccuracy. It's actually an internationally acclaimed term in military conflicts . ( FS)


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