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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Here's How Funmi Iyanda Helped a Friend Come Out Of The Closet.

Funmi Iyanda helps another Nigerian man come out as gay

Famed for granting the T.V interview where popular gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, became the first Nigerian to publicly come out as gay, media personality, Funmi Iyanda is at it again.

This time, she helped her friend, Akin Akintayo, 51, come out, through a piece "For Akin" she wrote about him. Here is an excerpt: "You see, in 2009, Akin had been diagnosed with cancer at the height of his career and life.

He lived in a penthouse by Amsterdam’s beautiful Ijhaven harbor from where he travelled 
widely and entertained often. He was an affluent Eurocentric Anglicized Nigerian, one of those shiny examples of diaspora success.

He had been HIV positive since 2002. Soon after his cancer diagnosis, he also developed full-blown AIDS. Without any family in the Netherlands he spent weeks in hospital and months of chemotherapy on his own. .

He once wrote that his motto through life, cancer and AIDS was to thrive. In his words “I will never live as if I’m dying, l do not intend to start doing that now. I live to live well”. A year and a half later his cancer had gone into remission and his HIV viral load fallen to undetectable. His doctors thought it was a miraculous recovery.

Oh yes, my friend Akin is gay, has been all his life. He didn’t leave Nigeria because he was gay, he’s middle class, to be poor is the only real crime, he left because he wanted to become 
more than was on offer in 1990.

He left a high paying job and a company he was part owner of to start over in London then he moved to Amsterdam. He hasn’t been home in 26 years but my meddlesome determination is that he must come home to visit his family.

We were talking about this on Christmas Day when the news of George Michael’s death broke, suddenly he turned to me and said, Funmi l want to come out, and I want you to be the one to do this for me, I want people to know I’m gay. .

I have never consciously hidden it but l want to state it now and make it open. I asked why, he said, its time, l asked if he was sure. He said yes. So l wrote this story. For my friend Broda Akin, Uncle ilu oyinbo."

The above is how @instablognaija reported it. But to read the complete article  go Here

I think a certain kind of liberty comes with being free, unrestrained, out of the closet. As though, for the first time, you can exhale. 

I just can't help but wonder if he'd feel the same way if he's a Nigerian living in Nigeria.  

In any case, I love love love Funmi Iyanda! She's so intelligent, cosmopolitan and free-spirited. Must be nice to be her... ❤️



  1. The problem with this "closet" issue is that alot of us feel exposing and accepting our flaws is the surest way to liberty. How about coming out as gay and asking passionately for psychological help? Will that not also count as freedom? I've seen some posts on few blogs where gays ask for help and 9 out of 10 commenters sympathize, encourage, and even say short prayers for them. People will accept you if you recognize your flaws and seek help. We're not as evil as we think, that's a fallacy spread mostly by these so called LBGT group.

    Come out of the closet, but make effort to change and ask for help. People will embrace you even if it takes you 50 years to change. Don't go on with #LoveWins. Stay blessed.

    1. Its 2017. How can you still think being gay is a psychological problem? Maybe it was, but now it is definitely not. It has come to stay. Accept it.


    2. Hmmmmmm. HIV and cancer? He really went through a lot though.

  2. All I am seeing is, he left because he wanted to become more than what was on totally depicts my feelings about life/opportunities in Nigeria recently


  3. He is 51 years old. At this point I dont think anybody cares. Why must there be drama to say you are gay. Geez. Is the guy a celebrity? Or this attention is just because he is Funmi's friend? I dont get it. We have accepted gay peeps in our society (atleast I have, other Nigerians are deceiving themselves) if you are gay its cool. I dont care (As long as you dont come near my ass)

    I love Funmi too.


    1. Barrister, I sighed. It is amazing how many people have accepted gay peeps (sounds quite tush) but cannot accept the mentally ill peeps (see how they are classified as being ill).

      No, I won't hack anybody down to get rid of them but gay is just one of the mental illnesses around. That the higher societies have packaged and presented gay as tush/cool is immaterial.

      We show love because Christ asked us to.

    2. He is a "twitter" celeb. Very intelligent man, I used to enjoy his tweets way back when and he used to write these beautiful articles.

    3. Lmao@as long as you don't come near my ass.

  4. Funmi is and has always been amazingly smart n free spirited.

  5. People don't have to understand you. Those who do do and those who don't don't. C'est la vie..

  6. ........if you are gay its cool. I dont care (As long as you dont come near my ass).......

    ^^^^^The above had me in stitches.

    I think the issue of gays being HIV positive is beginning to get out of hand and no one is saying anything about it. The LGBT community should also take it this upon themselves biko.



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