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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How's It Going So Far?

Hey guys! 17 days into the year and I'm thinking 2017, it's too soon for all this! 

No, it's not just the fact that I've been on my back for days with the room spinning around me, while reading instagram posts urging all and sundry to GET UP AND GO MAKE THAT MONEY!

It's been other things too. 

And I'm just like, all I know is that I'm going to have a good year. 

A series of things happened in the past week and then today. At some point this afternoon I sat down in the hospital and ignored the moisture in my eyes and said "I really don't care God, I'm going to keep thanking You!"  

And please, let me say thank you for all the calls, mails and well wishes. I appreciate all of it, I'm getting better. 

I guess January just wants to come and take all my headache for 2017 so that I can get that over and done with. Hallelujah! 😂😃☺️

But let's talk about yours. Is it too soon? It certainly doesn't feel too soon for me, I personally can't wait for the month to be over. Let's talk about your year so far. How's it going? Just as you'd expected, better than you'd expected, or not at all how you'd imagined it? 




  1. Awww Thelma I love what you did with your hospital bed picture. You are healed IJN. My year is already starting on a surprising note but I'm believing God it is for the best. And I agree with you, january is always very slow.

  2. My phone is also undergoing medicals. Can't whatsapp no more. Hope my twitter wldnt be affected too. I. Can. Not. Shout biko..

    You wld be fine inugo..

    1. Of course I will be fine. Go away!!!

      Ok, come back

      I was just playing.

      But then, of course I'd be fine.

      Goes without saying.



    2. Lol!!

      Nne what meds are you on?



  3. All I know is I am going to have a good year...I like that.

    1. How can it be Jan 17th already?like seriously?wasnt it like yesterday that everyone was shouting happy new year on Jan 1st?

    2. My year has been great so far as I have been taking it one day at a time,i set daily tasks and I achieve that. It feels awesome not worrying myself to death about what's gonna happen in Feb or in may,i'll rather be pleasantly surprised

    3. And finally today was really awesome as I got a very very birthday present even though my birthday is in September


    1. Seeing as September is like 8mths gonna say a big congratulations. ;) #iknow #babyontheway #ihopeamright

  4. "guess January just wants to come and take all my headache for 2017 so that I can get that over and done with". Thats a great way to look at things jare

  5. Year is moving so fast, I can barely keep up.

  6. The year is moving and waiting for no one,my year started off good and I hope it gets better. you would be ait T. get well soon.

  7. The year should slow down already bikoooo! I have exams coming up and i'm still trying to gather the strength to 'Jack, so pls dear January, can you please slow down for your babe?lol.
    So far so great by the way and i'm glad you're recovering just fine T.


  8. Sometimes I feel like time does not exist. No hours, days, weeks, months. Because things happen to me at the right time. If I am late then the event/blessing/etc will be late for me.

    Im not high. Its just 2:30pm. Im not trying to be deep. Seriously, we put so much pressure on ourselves with this time thing. Those things that you want to achieve that is making you think the year is moving too fast can be achieved over night. You go to bed today and when you wake up you have it.

    Actually, Im hungry. Maybe thats why Im talking shit. Think about it tho. Have your plans and commit them to God, why are you now measuring Gods performance with time.


  9. So far so good. Holding onto God strongly for a better 2017. However this year goes, It will be in my favour. Get well quick sweet Thelma

  10. I can't believe it's been 18 days already... very fast..

  11. Had to look at that pic a couple of times before realizing it is actually an hospital room. Get better soon Thelma....get better soon. Love the positivity too.

    For me I don't know yet, currently on leave and not looking forward to going back to my job.



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