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How Thelma Thinks Blog Saved My Relationship!

How are you doing wonderful people of Thelma Thinks blog?

I'm great, I feel so airey. LOL

So you know, the "relationship partner" and I were talking some days ago and we realized that we'd barely had a quarel (that was my fault) in several months, in fact we realized that the only time we had quarrels  was when I had a mood swing and I haven't had a single mood swing in months!

Not even one. 

This was something I used to have everyday, sometimes two or three times a day...

And guess what, it was all thanks to you guys!

When I wrote about dealing with my challenging mood swings  a lot of you were like "yeah right biko snap out of it jare!"


Basically you said it was something I could easily control, I just had to decide to do so. 

I knew I wasn't depressed nor had any mental health issue so I decided to stop being a spoiled brat and actually try. 

And guess what, 

ZERO mood swing! And it's been nearly a year (wow, time doth fly). 


Of course there are times I get upset, naturally. But it's only when something upsetting happens, like it does to every other person. My mood no longer just changes on its own and on the rare occasion that it does, I (can) switch it right back, so there's no question at all of me having an attitude or snapping at anyone or being a party pooper. 

In fact, his friends started noticing it months ago. LOL. It's so funny. One asked me last month "How come you don't frown again? This is not the you I know o!"  


But actually, the title of this post is just click bait! Not having mood swings anymore goes far beyond my current relationship. It goes way deeper than that and has really changed my life, I think. It's changed the way I relate with my family, and the way they and other people relate with me. It opened my eyes to why some friendships didn't work out, and how to be a better friend. It has made me much better company and a more likable person. It's a good feeling knowing that I'm not ruining anyone's day, and better yet, that I wouldn't drive my husband to a beer parlor every night just because he doesn't know what mood madam will be in when he gets home, as I used to fear. πŸ˜‚

So thank you guys, is what I'm trying to say. I thank those blog readers that actually took the time to leave helpful comments on that post, even the tough-love comments. They really helped. 

I guess the next "intervention" I need is how to be less of an introvert and like to be around people more. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Any takers?


Any one else need an "intervention", a character flaw they'd like to talk about and possibly change? Share with us, let's talk about it. 



  1. I think the introvert/extrovert thing is over rated. All these theories to categorize peoples character seems like crap to me sometimes.
    Since you believe in it - Tell us why exactly you want to be less of an introvert? (3marks)


    1. I wrote it there though, so I can like to be around people more...

      You know like that day I called you to remind you about the blog hangout and you instantly said you'd head there, I could never do that. I would think, rethink and overthink it and then decide not to go. For no reason other than that I'd just rather be in my room.

    2. Thelma , you just like to box yourself in. Mood swings , now introverted . Get a grip of yourself and do what you have to do abeg. Stop limiting yourself with adjectives .

  2. Thelma, I'm an extrovert trying really heard to be an introvert because I'm tired!!!! Like l want to totally change! Be more quiet and reserved. Listen more and talk less.... and all of the good stuff that come with being quiet and being an introvert.

    Character flaws:
    I can be very confrontational. I stand up to anybody! And I can be be very defensive. Always taking everything by force. I don tire

    I talk a lot. I think it's too much sef. I'm sooo very tired of it.

    When I get angry... there's no telling the height I'll go to get my point across. I can be soo mean and downright nasty! I surprise myself and regret it immediately after. But the deed is done and I can't take it back. And I don't mean what I say 101% of the time.

    I'm too playful too. And some people take advantage of me because of it. Sometimes some don't even take me seriously.

    I'm just tired.

    I went back to read your post and I picked something from what J said.

    ""Jesus meek and humble of hearts,make my heart like unto yours. say it 10 times. it works.j"

    I'll try this and hope to God that it works.

    1. Seriously

      You have an awesome personality and I think you should embrace it quirks and all. Fine tuning some aspects of the personality isn't a bad idea too sha

      This world sha....introverts like Thelma and I wanna be more outgoing and Kabuoy wanna be less extroverted.....


    2. LMAOOO, I've not met you but you seem wonderful, really! lol

      I'm introverted(thank God for that word). because I don't like when people say I'm shyπŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“.
      Introverted not shy (there's got to be a difference)

    3. Man, know thyself. You'll be just fine

    4. @kene, do you like being around people when you are, but will not necessarily initiate the contact? In that case, you may be a reserved extrovert.

    5. LOL the number of times you said "I'm tired" has me cracking up. πŸ˜‚. Reading your comment, it's obvious that you have a wonderful and enviable personality. I wonder why in the world you'd want to change that. Also, being introverted doesn't necessarily equate to being quiet. It just means you're much more conscious about who you're a chatter box with.
      With regards to flaws, you already know what needs working on so you're already halfway to being a better version of you.

    6. Lol you will be just fine Kabuoy, just make a conscious effort to work on the anger thing. I totally get you on the being mean part and shocking yourself.

    7. @Ada_Ugo I'm just not sociable, difficult to make friends, difficult to keep them and I don't like outings

    8. Hahahaha funny though... Reading ur comment Kabuoy, I thought u were describing me in a lil bit exaggerated form. Hehehe we shud meet up someday. 😊😊😘

      And thank goodness for u Thelma, dats gud news. U cannot coman be ruining relationships for reasons dat can be helped. And thank God boo was patient with u. Happy new year hun

    9. Loooool! Y'all are soo kind!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™ˆ
      I sight you my TTB crush @FNLP.

      Yeah I'm praying about it and trying to tone it down a bit. Just slightly.

      I'm praying about the anger and working on it too. To not act when angry... that's the first and major step for me.

      @Ada... we should ooo!!! 😘

  3. Need an intervention in the area of 'confidence'. Its becoming a serious matter. In fact, now I actually go out of my way to push the best guys away. The last one, I told him 'sorry you're too cute for me and I can't date you...' and the scary part is that I actually meant it. I need divine help.

    I have accepted my introverted nature. No point fighting that one. Its natural.

    Okay bye.

    1. Too cute for you ke? Your body would make Toolz jealous, you're cute, you're smart, successful, extremely ambitious, very driven, a go-getter, and you're talented. Please what's not to be confident about?

      With regards to your introversion, lol lets just leave that alone. I don't think you'd want to be any other way either.

    2. Dunno why my phone sometimes doesn't allow me reply to comments directly. See my reply to your comment somewhere down there.

    3. Yeeeeeee,FNLP is back. welcome back mami. as for me,I have plenty things people complain about but really I give up on trying to change cos it ain't working.
      1. I am not scared of any fucking being,I would tell you my mind as e be,everyone says It's a bad thing but I have zero tolerance for bullshit,hence I can't stop.
      2. Ohh I can be in the misdt of people/close pals and not utter a word for hours,I have tried to change this too but I cant,so I give up.
      3. Ohhh how I love the comfort of my bed,eighty percent of times I prefer to lounge on my bed rather than hang out.
      4. and my mood swing is just too much,even me am tired of myself,I have tried changing all these Ohhh but the devil won't just allow me. there are more but only these few bother me,the rest I really don't care about biko.@ Kabouy,I love u like this ohh,it was your ginger that made me dance at daystars Carol service ohhh,so biko, me i love the talkative side of u.

    4. HeY girl!x

      Your number 1 makes me jealous, I need that kind of courage and boldness!

  4. I'll like to be more insistent or maybe confrontational is the word. I'll just rather keep quiet rather than argue points with people mainly because I always think 'it's not that serious', just let it go. pick your battles

    The problem with that though is that people generally mistake you'ignoring' for stupidity. 2days back, someone called me and was just mudslinging which I assume the person expected me to respond to but all I would say when the person was done was....'oh I wasn't aware,thank you for telling me,take care'. I remember 'gisting' my mum afterwards and she was all fired all, should have slung your own mud back....lols. And I am like, no no no,you know I wouldn't so such. Sometimes she wonders if she actually birthed me,like how can my daughter be this calm?


    1. Wow that's amazing! I admire your ability to have stayed calm and not utter any hurtful words. That's something I am trying hard to do but men sometimes I just can't.

    2. Chei!!!! See what me I'm looking for...😘😘😘

  5. Okay character flaws: border line paranoia, over analysis ( I can't just go with the flow and all my boyfriend's have told me that I think too much), public shyness or crowd shyness, too self conscious... Lol, the list could go on. But then I'm a great pelzin so.. Whatever

    1. Yeye girl, who told you that you are a great pelzin.😭😝

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ IBK

  6. Oh wow Thelma thats so sweet of you. But I dont always see myself that way, someone once said I have body dysmorphic disorder (bdd) and as for successful, I've gotten to the point where money doesn't even make me happy anymore and in fact, I dont even want more of it even with the little I have. Ive been indifferent about getting a raise, I couldn't care less for one. Its a strange feeling. I'm at my happiest when i'm at home or in God's house doing his work or at Bible study or prayer meeting or house fellowship or giving back. Is it a phase? I honestly do not know. Lets see. As for the guy though, he's too cute for me still. Lol. Cant be walking around with that kind of guy by my side.

    Just need someone to tell me this is normal and I am notttttt that weird.

    1. Lol... I don't think it's normal but I can relate. There's this guy I'm trying to friend zone now because I think he's too cute. He's fine, super intelligent, loves God, speaks well, and is independent but... nope..

      So, yes, I don't think its normal, lol... I still told someone some weeks ago that I think I need deliveranceπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    2. LOL this is my story!

      But deliverance, I have been delivered IJN.

    3. Yes @ Sunshine. We agree! Prayer city is always there for you m! πŸ˜‚

  7. Now I can finally be your friend. were quite the "frowner" back in school. .I'm happy for you.


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