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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Joro Olumofin: Diary Of a F*ck Boy

This Article highlights the Characteristics of a FB, Why ladies fall for FB, How do FB affect us ? .

1⃣ Who is a Fuckboy? : A FB is any guy who comes into a ladys life with the sole purpose of taking & taking & taking from her without giving her anything meaningful or noble in return. He takes her time, years of her life, he uses her body as a playground & tool, he stands in the way of real men while prophesying fake love and selling ladies false dreams and hope. A Fuckboy is the older brother to Yoruba Demons. .

2⃣ Characteristics of a Fuckboy: 
1)A FB uses the promise of marriage as a tool to bait ladies into sleeping with him .

2)A FB has 1 or 2 engagements rings 💍 in the picture Gallery or possession to deceive 100's of ladies the ring is for them .

3)Any guy who talks about something special but not defined is a FB

4) Any guy who is over 35, single, sharing an apartment, always at sip & quilox .

5) A FB will trap you with babies ( baby mama) or tattoos on your body .

6) A FB only remembers you when he wants to have sex or sees a fine picture of you on IG or bbm .

7)A FB is very prayerful and uses the Bible and midweek service to deceive ladies .

8)Any guy who his parents, family and friends call you " our iyawo" and you've been dating him for 2 years is a fuckboy .

9)Any guy who has eaten your food for more than a year and hasn't proposed is a FB

10) A FB is always asking for nudes. He keeps a gallery of your nudes and threatens to release them if you dare to leave him .

11) A Fuckboy is handsome, tall, rich, he spends all his money on himself but not on assets, his body and his looks are his assets .

12) Any guy who cries for no reason to get your attention and make you stay with him is a FB

13) Any guy who asks more than one pastor, Alfa, Imam to call you every time is a FB

14) Any guy who wants you to depend on him financially without you having yours is a FB

15) Any guy who is always liking pictures on IG morning to night and posting " cute, pepper 🌶 them, slay " on every girls page is a FB



LOL I have to say I agree with some of these points. I also notice that many sisters have been burnt by the "our Iyawo" epidemic. Hehe. Have you?

Anyways... So this post is just in case you wanted to know more about FBs. LOLzzz 



  1. lol,i disagree biko. Fuck boys are actually the younger brothers to Yoruba demons. Fuck boys are on the under graduate/BSc level while Yoruba Demons are on the Masters/PhD level. Those ones (Yoruba Demons),I give tiri gbosa to

  2. #7 tho, they're many but awa sistehs in da Lord will ALWAYS fall for them.

  3. The ones that do #1 are plain evil and gameless.
    lol @ #7.


  4. I totally agree with most of the points,gals keep falling for the Iyawo wa rubbish. smh.

  5. Looool. I think ladies know a fb when they see one and keep hoping against hope that he'll change.
    A girl


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