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Friday, 13 January 2017

Lordess of The Ring

"This guy has no Shame, since 2015 he proposed and no wedding, Is she Lord of the Rings?

That's the comment someone left of rapper, Eva Alordiah's page. 

I'm going to try not to talk about uncouth Nigerians on social media who do not have lives so they can never mind their own business, and move forward with this post. 

Jennifer Hudson has been engaged for 9 years and the Internet can't seem to stop giving her grief about it. 

Some days ago Joro Olumofin wrote about f**k boys and one of the characteristics is not marrying a girl within 2 years of proposing to her. 

Everyone seems to have an opinion about how soon a wedding should happen after the proposal, but is there really such a thing as the right time?

I've got a friend who's been engaged for over five years. Other friends that got proposed to after she did, have long gotten married and are mothers. Everyone seems to find it queer, considering that she and the guy are still very much together. 

I actually think it's left for each couple to decide the right time to get married, even after they've become engaged. 

HOWEVER I frown upon men who propose to you and tie you down for years on end with no wedding in sight. It's like, they're not ready to marry you but they don't want someone else to, so the ring becomes a chain. 

Honestly, a guy should not propose until he is sure he is ready to start the marriage. 

That's the way I see it, but I could be wrong.  

So what do you think is the right time a couple must get married after the proposal? Six months? One year? Two years? Or none at all? 

My TTB married peeps, how long were you engaged before your wedding? 


  1. I am a guy, and my personal opinion is 2yrs max (I did mine after a year).

    Question is, what is the intention behind the engagement. It is an indication of a decision to marry, no? Then why wait or what are you waiting for? A year is enough to plan a wedding - 6 months even.

    You will never have a perfect time to get married, or all the money in the world you desire.

    Unless of course you are holding out for something else, unsure perhaps? Then the engagement shouldn't have happened in the first place.

  2. 1) A guy that proposes and is not ready to marry in the near future didnt do his planning right. If money is the problem then go do small court thing pending when you have money for the wedding party.
    2) Ill say max max 1 year. What exactly do you need to marry sef? All that is required is a roof over your heads. 1 year should be enough to save and get a small accommodation. What else could be the reason for the delay?

    I proposed 1 week to the wedding. Im Kon! - My style is always different


    1. LOL at your last paragraph Kon but i'm totally with you on this one. What's the point engaging when you're not yet ready? And in her reply to the non fan, she now said the engagement was/is a pledge of loyalty- Jus negodu!.. and even went ahead to write plenty epistle as one who's been guilt tripped would.

      I just love that she loves her fiancé unconditionally. She talks about him in a very sweet way and i admire that a lot. But truth be told. The comment above might have had the wrong approach but it is what it is!

    2. Lol. It sure is.

      Im guessing you either already had the wedding planning in the works or ur wedding planner was a badass magician..

    3. The pressure is always on the men. Pressure to put ring, pressure to set date.

      I really don't see myself flaunting an engagement ring. After the proposal,the only ring slipping onto my finger shld be the wedding ring (as expensive as can be with all them stones and diamonds and rock. The type that can reflect light at night in case NEPA take light)

      Need to bookmark this page for reference

    4. I like your style sef. The best, still looking for my future wife.
      *is she out here*-in Bieber's voice

  3. from a month to any time before a year seems okay to me.
    Date as long as you want but when you put the ring on her, then you've made a decision. Why waste more time?

  4. Biko one year max,I wouldn't wear any man's ring beyond a year.

  5. You should be married within a year of the proposal. Like if you're not ready, dont propose don't tie anyone down. If you the girl is not ready like Eva is claiming, then dont accept the proposal. You can still be in a relationship and its committed between you two. Personally i wont even be a part of the lordes of the ring arrangement, after one year i'd be out

  6. ..,......Honestly, a guy should not propose until he is sure he is ready to start the marriage.......

    ^^^^^^my sentiments exactly.

    Why excatly did he propose if he wasn't sure in the first place.


  7. One month was the time btw engagement n marriage.

    Some men are just irresponsible , and some women simply ..... ir-redeemable

    To each his/her own

  8. 1year? For what!? At a certain stage of life (don't want to say age) ,from the start of a relationship both of you should know where you're heading. A man should give a ring formally when a wedding is already within sight, maybe 5 months or less in the horizon. If both parties are ready, a man should have made plans within the first year of dating for marriage. It's not when you propose you 'start looking for money.'
    A Girl


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