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President Buhari For a Day.

I nearly fought with someone physically over the weekend because of this... President Buhari. 

At least by now we know he's alive, thank God for that. Because Nigeria just isn't ready for what would happen otherwise. 

The fight, I never get impassioned about politics or political leaders (I use the word "leaders" very lightly by the way). But I just cannot get my head around how 2 years on, people are still blaming Goodluck Jonathan for the Nigeria of today. Yes, even if we all agree that Goodluck Jonathan is the worstest president Nigeria has ever had. But wouldn't you agree that two years later, Nigeria should have started recovering, even a little?...

So let's here it from you this Monday morning. What's the first thing you'd do if you wake up as President Buhari? 

If I ask #FranklySpeaking he'll write me a 24 page thesis so nah, I'm asking you instead and we all can share our views in the comment section. #FS hun you know your views are always welcome, thesis included. LOL. 



  1. Jonathan is not the worst president ever...this man Buhari takes the plate. We all know Jonathan was clueless..but he had a sound economic team and actually took their advice.
    Our dear Bubu is not only clueless, but he's a stubborn old man living in the past, with a weak economic team and on a vendetta.
    Pls...what has he ACTUALLY DONE for the past 2 years?
    It's no coincidence that the only 2 times Nigeria was in a recession, Buhari was in power...go figure.

    1. And the sound economic team acquired more debt and depleted the foreign reserve without commensurate spend on infrastructure??
      I don't want to talk about Jonathan, no need remembering nightmares when another night is upon us.

    2. Wale, being able to borrow in economics means your debt to GDP ratio is low and Nigeria maintained this during the Jonathan era. Right now lenders are clearly telling us we don't even have a economic recovery plan to show that we can pay. Look, if only Buhari can take just clear the mess he made alone and take us back to where Jonathan messed up to, we can take it from there. Have you looked at the budget of these people who call themselves a change government ? Former US VP Joe Biden once said "don't tell me your value, show me your budget and I'd tell you your value". While we screamed at the 2016 budget, PMB shocked me when he merely redeployed directors at the budget ministry . Today the 2017 budget is a worse fraud document than the 2016 budget . Rent for aso rock has gone up about 600% while aso rock sewage is about 730% increased from last year, an aso rock that the government als budgeted 5 billion to rehabilitate. Think about it, how do you spend 5 billion to refursbish a house almost annually while you pay 78 million rent on the house. What about food that we used to insult Jonathan, look at aso rock clinic , more funded than all the teaching hospitals combined and yet the chief of staff goes abroad when he has breathing problems. Please don't tell me of a past nightmare . We have never ever had it this bad . The stupid thing that we believed initially is that the last government stole all the money . You sef, think of it, Abacha stole in the 90s and we still had enough technology to trace it and it's still returned till date . In this era of modern technology where can you possibly keep all those billions of dollars stolen by Jonathan and Diezani. Then Efcc will tell us they have discovered jewelsries from Diezani when we are talking about billions of dollars stolen. Last week I was shocked to even read Premium times of all people report that Diezani had forfeited millions of dollars to the FG. And people were jubilating. I was petrified . Read the story and you'd see something totally different from the heading. Shebi the banks led by first bank have come out to dispute the stupid story . Efcc forced bank MDs to cut drafts for their release since some money passed through their accounts , now Efcc wants to use the drafts as draw downs. The banks will just collapse 😂. My brother, let Buhari just take us to where Jonathan foolishly left us , fuel at 95 naira, dollar at 198, inflation rate at 9%, and prices of commodities back to where they are. We will seat down and think of another Nigerian to steer us out of their various putrid holes. Stay blessed ( FS)

    3. Interesting analysis, it is always a sad thing discussing the challenges with our economy but will have another go at it so I can share some perspectives.

      A while before the election, I told somebody that Jonathan would lose but would willingly and joyfully hand over to Buhari. My reasoning was simplistic but probably also spiritual if you consider that Jonathan has largely lived on luck all through his political career. Everything worked in his favour.
      Truth is that he knew what he was leaving behind and tactically avoided being used by those that wanted to put the final nail on the coffin for the country.

      Having stated the above, many of us expected where we are today (maybe not as pathetic as we have it now).

      Crude oil contributes about 80% of our forex earnings, yet Jonathan practically brought down the oil industry (no, not even the PIB issue). The non payment of JV cash calls caused loss of many opportunities (jobs, bottom line of the country, future earning potentials, etc.). We kept taking out without taking care of the cash cow in a mono economy that is at the same time heavily import dependent.
      Seeing how the cash call wahala prevented further investments in the industry, it was easy for us to know that doomsday wasn't faraway. Replacing crude oil reserve is key to the future of the country and this has significantly slow down for several years now (unlike some 15-20 years ago when we used to have new crude oil platforms commissioned almost on annual basis).
      Then the high price of crude oil was some kind of blessing but Jonathan never paid required attention to the US energy policy (US was a big time buyer till some few years ago) and also couldn't pull the Obj kind of stunt on the governors with the sovereign wealth funds! All the money got shared when the governors started whining and threatening.
      So we went back borrowing and depleting the reserves (wrote this earlier and will keep repeating it), some good money went into the mismanaged petrol subsidy and several other leaks within the system.
      It was simply a tragedy waiting to happen..

      The budget issue you raised are quite valid but you must know that we have always had problems with our budget process, Obj fought the bribe for budget approval war back then; the padding of 2016 budget is actually a recurring issue with our budget, it came out this time because the national assembly wanted to hit back at Buhari some bit (he is responsible for the poor job though).

      We need to spend some bit to jump start our recovery but we simply don't have the funds. Until Buhari ran to China for help and sent in the approval request for the $30Bn. I don't know how much we need but we do need some funds otherwise we are toast.

      On the bright side, this sorry situation is causing us to look inward. I see people launching forward taking bold steps simply because we are almost out of options. Imagine what products are possible from yam when processed but we live on fries imported from South Africa, smuggled chicken from Cotonou, etc.

      I believe that leaders don't make excuses or pass the blame, we have found ourselves here and expect Buhari and the national assembly to get us out. I do hope they do so and on time too, I am tired of seeing poverty in a rich land.

    4. I agree with you Wale about oil price fall, but remember what the foreign reserve and oil price were when Obasanjo took power. Look, we've had people with the same ingredients and they produced a better soup . No need to mince word, PMB's government is disappointing a lot of us. Ok, can you look at that budget and tell me if it's the budget of a government that even pretends to care about the masses ? Jonathan was a weak leader who allowed people loot under him, but now we have a strong leader who doesn't only allow and endorse looting, but openly appends his signature to a letter of clearance on behalf of suspects . Doesn't it surprise you that PMB will ask suspected Judges to resign but doesn't think his SGF , chief of staff and any of his ministers should move an inch when accused of corruption . At least Jonathan sacked Oduah and Nnaji when the news broke, but go and read what's going in Fashola's ministry . Even the Bereau of public procurement has openly accused Fashola of awarding almost 200 billion naira contracts without due process. Check the biggest beneficiary of those contracts is a company called Deux Engineering. Do a small research and you won't go far to see Bola Tinubu. What about FIRS? Make a few calls and know when last an audit was done . Audit has been suspended as soon as Bola Tinubu's men stepped in with their team of illegally recruited bunch. The looting going on now is worse off, more brazen and systematic . ( FS)

    5. Besides, the padded 2016 budget wasn't leaked by National Assembly. Those ones? BudgetIT has been doing a through analysis of all budgets since the Iweala era. How did we know how much Jonathan was spending for food in Aso rock? It was because he repealed the secrecy act and this opened up government budgets. You sef think about it, do you need National Assembly to tell you that budgeting for kitchen equipments , computers and cars every year is pure fraud ? Are the equipments 'Disposable' cups that you jut use and discard ? Think about it bro . The fraud now is so brazen and humongous. ( FS)

    6. Yes, Obj had a tough one too but don't forget that there was no global economic recession during his 2 terms until 2007 (the year Obj left), he had easier not having pressure from the outside. And so we got into the turbulent global recession with strong muscle and frittered away the opportunities for stability and growth. See why I don't want to talk about Jonathan!

      You keep going back to the budget, trust me that our budgets are not as valuable as the paper they are written on. Referring to it is a waste of time, Nigeria is not at that stage of putting up proper budgets and executing them. Federal govt doesn't even really follow the implementation of the contraptions they put together as budgets. Sad but it is what it is.

      I won't take BPE or EFCC serious one bit, so there is no mole in the BPE (or PDP can't get one) to bring out all of the details of the N200Bn contract like that of the weed clearing thing and let the public take it from there? I don't follow these stories these days, the journalists are lazy and sensationalism is of higher priority than anything.
      Tinubu getting contracts or whatever is the least of my worries, I am not one of those that believe that we can have a democracy where some corruption won't happen. People invested funds to get Jonathan out and there are elections coming soon, funds will be required to prosecute them. And seriously, don't think Nigerians care so much about some of these corrupt practices; people just wanna be able to feed (this is why the poor in the western countries are supported by government and the rich people there support taxes, the anger of the poor can wipe off everybody).

      Am I happy with Buhari? No way, I am pissed with all the excuses and the blame game. I am mortified with the management of the forex policy/exchange rates, I am angry for the lack of visible economic plans that can give some hope. I am angry and saddened by the level of poverty I see around, people not being able to eat for over 24 hours! I am mad at the level of depreciation my Naira has undergone, and I can go on and on.

      My personal decision is to not think about the govt anymore, I want to be happy so I have taken charge of that. I have stepped up my hustle so I can improve further.
      I envisaged that 2017 will be worse for the govt, full blown politicking will start soon and take away attention from governance/economy. It is a terrible cycle and I have witnessed a couple of them, won't be caught unaware anymore.
      See why I don't like discussing the Nigerian situation? I am out.

  2. Change all my ministers,advisers and aides. Shop for young intellectual that actually know a thing or two about how to move this country forward. We can all agree that our president is clueless but his situation is complex because he does not know anything and does not know that he does not know and does not want to know hence he surrounded himself with dullards.Recycling daft people. Buhari is way worse than Jonathan. it's not as if he is even doing a good job fighting Corruption sef.

  3. Dear Thelma, maybe if you had asked what I'd do if I wake up as Nigerian President, I'd have told you a few things , but since you asked what I'd do if I wake up as Buhari, frankly speaking , I'd just resign . At 74 and having being out of public life for a long time, it's obvious I'm ill prepared for the rigors of the Presidency . My capital control policy has murdered the naira and the exchange rate increases daily . It's over 500 today and quote me, it'd get to 1000 before Q3. From 1960 till I came into office , it rose from 1 naira to 200 naira where I met it, in just less than two years I covered what the exchange rate covered in 55 years by adding a whopping 300 naira on top. My command and control economic policy has taken inflation to an all time galloping high. I'm not comfortable with politicians and they have been running circles round me, stealing with impunity, using my head with confusing words like invasive grass then cutting it with 250 million naira while the IDPs being catered for are eating almost grass in their camps . So if I'm Buhari, I'd frankly resign.

    Let me quote a response from one of my Ogas, Professor Farook Kperogi. Prof is Nigeria's foremost Buharist and Jonathan basher. It was prof who gave Jonathan the acronym of 'clueless' . Prof packaged and sold Buhari to the Nigerian intelligentsia. Last week in a response to a question from a Punch news interviewer, here is Prof's response as to why PMB should resign:

    "If Buhari resigns, that would be wonderful. It is obvious by now that he is superintending the most unprepared government in Nigeria’s history. He has absolutely no business being president. The presidency is above his pay grade. Every day in Nigeria is worse than the previous day, and there is no hope in sight. But should Buhari decide to stay on in power in spite of his proven incompetence and cluelessness, we have no option but to wait until his tenure expires. All we can do is put his feet to the fire and hope that he would get a clue and do – or get the right people to help him do – the right thing."

    I hope I didn't write a thesis my darling Thelma. Have a great week .

    Frankly Speaking

    1. Lol.. at least it's not 24 pages long, we are

    2. Sadly, another unprepared dude is gonna get in there when we change government in 2019; that is if Buhari doesn't come back!
      It is almost 2 years to another election and there has been no serious discourse on Nigerian situation!! I have given up on Nigeria already.

  4. If I wake up as Buhari, I'd go back to sleep sharply and beg God to forgive me of the sin that made him change me to Buhari in the first place and request for my identity back.

    1. Hahahaahahahhahahahaahqh

  5. Who said he is alive? Is it based on the picture Aisha allegedly released because that proves nothing as we cannot tell when they were taken.

    If I wake up as Buhari, firstly I'll feel very miserable for myself and weep uncontrollably seeing the quagmire I've subjected the country to. I'll proceed to resign and accept how woefully I have failed as a human in its entirety. I will then live out the rest of my life in a monastery as a form of penance.

  6. If I woke up as Buhari, first thing I would do is to return the nation to regional entities and strictly reduce the focus on the central government. Let there be healthy competition where no state is tied to the federal govt apron for survival.


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