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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Thelma Thinks Help Centre!

The Help Centre is you and I guys. I was really moved when I got a message from one of our most loyal readers and commenters on the blog. If I could I would have singlehandedly helped out but we need everyone who can to help with what they have. 

I know that if I disclosed her identity most of us would be more moved to help out, but for obvious reasons she wouldn't want that. So I'm just hoping that everybody who can, reaches out to me.

I'd told her it's nothing to be ashamed of. She is a single young lady in her early 20s without a well-paying job and she lives all alone and is the only one responsible for her welfare, it's only normal that she'd fall into this kind of situation once in a while.  

She's not asking for so much as all she needs is enough money to pay for a one room apartment either in Surelere, Cele, Egbeda or Yaba axis. So I'm certain that we can all do this. Little drops as they say, make an ocean. 

Please mail me for her account details ( or call me on 08173600406

I look forward to hearing from you all. 


  1. Eyaa! I honestly do wish i could help you dear.

  2. Let her try calling this number for help or better still send a text. It's philanthropist that helps. I AM KOKUN Foundation. 07069028757.

    Fact is people are really suffering

  3. Thelma hi...tell us how much she needs, then if she also has things she can do in exchange for money- nothing dirty or write, run proposals, sew etc....

    Clare that I AM KOKUN - not so sure about them but its worth a try.


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