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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

They Hypnotized Her.

Hypnotism is real!

I've watched some videos online. All sorts of hypnotism, some even end up on porn sites...

But let me get back on track. Hypnotism. 

Nigerians do it too. But instead of using our "Jazz" for better something, we must sha use it for bad. 

And so yesterday my sister's help said she felt something press against her back and she pretty much blanked out after that. They asked her to bring her ATM, asked for the pin (they withdrew most of her cash, because she didn't tell us on time that they'd been withdrawing her money, it's only earlier today we were able to go to the bank to have her card blocked). They took her phone and the little cash she had on her. And then she also cleared out my sister's jewelry and wristwatches. 

The only reason I'm writing this lightheartedly is that my sister keeps most of her gold or other expensive jewelry at the bank not at home. So the maid gave them about two sets of gold, a gold bracelet, and then costume jewelry. The two watches were quite expensive too but not expensive enough to cry over. I guess we're all just grateful that the heavy stuff are kept safely at the bank. 

My sister is a lot luckier that my friend's Mum. Sometime last year in Lekki phase 1... Mama had quite a lot at home. They maid gave the 419ers mama's $10,000, £8,000, diamond jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (which the idiots probably sold for 20,000 naira😐), GOLDDDDDDDDDDDDD, and a few million nairas. 

Now you may be wondering why there was so much at home. It's a police family (Daddy was way up in the NPF) and the residence is fully guarded 24-7 with armed security. As such the residents believed that their properties were safe and secure. So this maid who'd been working with them for years and had never once stolen and had become a part of the family, seemingly posed no threat. 

It seems everyday in Lagos we here about how someone's maid, and sometimes, child, was touched by a strange person on the road and suddenly went home to cart all the valuables!

True confession, it happened me too when I was a teen. I went home to bring my mum's gold and nearly broke down her wardrobe when I saw that it was locked. Failing, I picked some costume jewelry she left on her dresser and some lose change around the house, about 100 bucks. Needless to say, I was bad market πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Those guys faces would have made a perfect billboard for disappointment when I handed them the loot. 

But hypnotism goes way beyond what these local 419ers do in Nigeria... It's very wide and diverse

My aunty, for instance. She used to be a chronic smoker, the type that'd do 2 or 3 packs a day, everyday. She used to eat, drink, swallow cigarettes and could never imagine her life without it. She was an addict that loved her addiction. But when her health started to totter, while on vacation in England, she went for hypnosis and has never once smoked a stick of cigarette ever since that day. She says she has no idea what happened, all she knows was that she paid £200 and walked out of there a while later, and has never been able to touch a cigarette ever since. 

Maybe these Nigerian 419ers, if only they weren't so lazy and deviant, could actually learn more and put their jazz to better use. Or don't you agree? 

Let's see. How else do you reckon these criminals can better use their craft?

Have or, or someone you know ever fallen victim? Tell us about it. 


  1. No I don't know anyone personally but I have heard countless stories of such

    Really these hyponist could put thier skills to better use

  2. One of my Ex GF was jazzed one time in Ikeja. She gave away the gold necklace I bought for her and then ran to my crib to see if I had more money. I wasnt at home - Hallelujah! She met my elder bro and tried to tax him, as a gangster he gave her straight face look and said "no" LOL. I cant even remember how it ended. I wasn't interested because break up was on my mind at that point. lol


    1. I've heard about it and it's very real.
      A girl

  3. Folks need to buy and keep safes at home....well co cealed safes. And maids shouldnt have access to your entire house especially when you are not home.

  4. Oh dear. Na normal something. I like d smoke story.

  5. Hypnotism is a semi-myth. It only works on those who believe in it.


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