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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Thirty One.

Thirty one. 

And no, I'm not talking about my age, I'm talking about how many days this year has had. Is it me or did this month seem more eventful and chaotic than the whole of 2016 put together.

Like, there was just so much going on in Nigeria, in the U.S, on social media, all around us... Jeez, it's been so exhausting. 

Then everything was just happening all at once. The U.S. president, Trump has singlehandedly put the whole world on edge. The man deserves an award! Buhari was fine, then ill, then dead, then alive (thanks to that insipid picture), then many Nigerians got sad because they were not happy about this. LOL. Laura Ikeji got married traditionally and people couldn't stop talking about how "classless" it all was, especially with all the millions from both sides... Guess their expectations were very high. Pro-Biafrans marching for Donald Trump. Kemi Olunloyo cannot stop trolling Nigerian celebrities, Georgina Onuoha and Angela Okorie are her latest targets but these two, unlike the victims before them, refuse to be bullied and are clapping back. Everyone seems to be washing their dirty pants in the middle of the road; hello social media! Young Nigerians are being kidnapped and nobody knows what's going on. Soldiers are battering and assaulting innocent people on the streets just because they feel like it. The exchange rate for $1 is N503. A man is tweeting about being a victim of domestic violence but the wife tweeted right back, with documentary evidence! A woman cut off the husband's penis and served it on a piping hot dish of pasta...

But moreso in our personal lives, it's like so much has already happened in just 31 days... 

My January was all kinds of weird. Jesus, I want to write about it but ayam fearing, I'm still dazed from how much is happening. I guess it's all still too soon but above all, I'm thankful. 

Let's talk about the things that happened to and around you in January. Everything! Both the things that caught your fancy on the news or social media and lets talk about it. And also the remarkable things that happened in your life in January.

Describe your January to me in just one sentence. 

Mine was shaky and uncertain at first, weird and confusing in the middle, happy and hopeful at the end. Yay me! LOL 



  1. My January started on an hopeful note,but at the end it started to feel gloomy. But in all,am grateful to God.

  2. Glad January is over, not so sure why but I believe it's a high pressure month. February is more optimistic, maybe blame it on the 28 days or Valentines day? Who knows...I need a vacation sha...but with two 7 month olds iys just so complicated.

  3. My January started hopeful, then shaky, then gloomy and they ended on a hopeful good note. Only for me to wake up on the 1at of February with a horrible migraine. I can't explain this migraine I experienced one last two weekends and I've been very careful and restful so I don't get it. It has slowed my day so much so I'm worried about my February. Hello g mercies O Lord.

  4. January was awesome as i got to put some plans in place though it looked gloomy towards the end. In all I'm hopeful and grateful

  5. Mine was transitory and too cold

  6. My January was ok... I saw one awoof for a perfume I've been looking for a couple of weeks ago and I went to buy 2 bottles, the awoof had finished and the price had gone up by 10k! I was so pissed. I have concluded that my head does not like awoof cos it was when I put my money in MMM too that it crashed... *sobs*

    So, January was the month of getting sense.. February is looking hopeful tho, I'm looking forward to something big this month. I pray it comes!


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