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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Time To Go...

It's not time to go. I've been blessed with a good blog and even better blog readers, and shutting it down crossed my mind for the upteenth time but I suddenly felt intensely sad and that's how I know it's not yet time to go. 

But I admit that I'm not holding my end of the bargain and I feel terribly guilty about this. At the moment so much is going on in my life and it makes it hard for me to stay focused on blogging, or to even get on the Internet and know what's going on. 

I recently moved back to the Mainland (probably temporarily) to run a family business and this is taking all my time. It's bigger than me, there's sooooooo much riding on it and it's a 7 day a week project, for now at least. 

So this, among other things, makes it really hard to find time for anything else at the moment. The only things I find I can focus on are my relationship with God (because I need Him now more than I ever have), the business, and my nearest. 

That said, since I'm not ready to delete Thelma Thinks from the blogosphere yet, neither am I ready to lose those of you I have left, I'd ask that those of you who can, become contributors to the blog. 

There's so much happening these days, 2017 is turning out to be a very frenetic year so you see, you have material! LOL. 

Send me a mail and let's get posting. 

I'm still here. I'm not shirking my blogging responsibilities, there's just be a shift in priorities and demands. 



  1. Glad to have you back Thelma....

    In the worst case scenario, I reason leaving the blog as it is would do most good. Reading through old posts brings a feeling of nostalgia to me....and I want to believe many other blog readers can relate to this feeling.

    Blog readers let's save Thelma's blog. I could write an article every fortnight only on the condition that at least six (or preferably, thirteen) other blog readers are willing to also write an article. This way, on the minimum, we'd have at least one article every two days. Sunshine, Kabuoy, J, F, Chinenyenwa, Kon, Ruby Diamond, Mallama, Quirky Moi, Maybel S, cindy brown, FNLP, the Lady, Frankly speaking, Memphis, Uyi, Kene Francis, a girl, pynk, clare henshaw, sasha bone, Eziuche O, Bluebubble, Favourite, alfarsi, Momoh Adeola, taurusianfeminist, TNHW, Joy Oke, FNLP, Lauretta Andra, Habibi and of course our many anonymouses. We've gotten so much from the blog....the least we should do is keep it running.

    Let's do this ladies and guys! Chrisyinks.

    PS: Apologies if I didn't mention your name. Apparently, my memory isn't as good as I want it to be.

    1. great idea, we will all get working. welcome back T.together,we would try our best to make this blog grow. amen

    2. and so that's how my name came last😒😒 and my aunty cccc is not there.

    3. I agree. One of your articles can be divided into 4 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Jokes apart.... I agree. But for those(e.g. Moi) that are not writers nko? And the approval kini?

      Thelma I'm glad you're doing fine and busy.
      Please don't delete us oooo. We shall find a way to work it out 😁😁😁

    4. @ Maybel S


      @ Habibi

      I kinda saved the best for the last, hence why your name came last. Per not mentioning ccc, maybe I did that on purpose so that I would have to extend my offer to her specially. I believe I just did.

      @ Kabuoy

      I see the shade ohh. Errrm Kabuoy, you may think yourself as not being a writer, but you do well recounting your fun experiences and shading me....perhaps I should give you enough reasons to shade me and you could make a blog post out of it. Chrisyinks

    5. This was how MMM started and y'all called it a ponzi scheme...lool

    6. New job has me stressed out and pulling out my hair from the roots but I'm always up for some writing. I'm game, I'll read through and make a reasonable input later but for now....toodles.
      A Girl

  2. Why putting so much pressure on yourself?

    1) Nothing lasts forever.
    2) Always do what you gotta do
    3) Do things for yourself first, before considering the feelings/expectations of others.
    4) People might vex. But they will understand. And they will move on.


    1. Kon na people like you wey no finally geh mind.

    2. Na only to dey ginger the ginger but no actions finally!

    3. Hia. Chinenye and Kabuoy what has Kon said now that is bad? Leave Kon for me o! 😌

  3. Hi Thelma,

    1. Do what makes you happy. (we all love the blog and hope it stays forever, but please do you).

    2. Nothing is bigger than you. Never confess that. The business will be an even a bigger business because you are involved.


  4. Sup thelma. I could write on fashion and movie reviews and basically anything that comes to mind. What do u think? Pls gv me ur email. Lets save thelma thinks. Layefa

    1. Smile. Chrisyinks

    2. Movies reviews


      Bring it on Lafeya

    3. Layefa please do!

  5. I would have love to write, but unfortunately I am not good at writing. I would have love to have a corner like "Chronicles of a TTCing Lady" and " My Day Today". But simple sentence I cannot construct correctly not to talk about a whole page. Ciao!

    1. could give writing a try now....what other platform that could help you with what you'd love to do? I wrote my first article for this blog and I want to believe I have improved with the feedback from blog readers. Chrisyinks

  6. I am so glad its not time to go

    TTB....we are just getting started .....legoooo


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