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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Bob Risky, Tonto Dike & Just Why?

I'm here waiting for my flight, got to the airport early and I've seen most flights leave on schedule, yet while here I've heard three flight been cancelled. Can you guess what Airline...

Arik of course!

My only question is why the flying heck do people still fly Arik?


This has got to be one of the greatest mysteries in the world at the moment. 

So anyhoo, I got here too early and I've got lots of time on my hands to I'd share 3 things I saw on Instagram with you. 

The first is Bob Risky's new look. You like? Seriously though, you like? Some people have this theory that Bob Risky is not gay but created this persona and exploits for attention and popularity in order to sell his bkeaching products. What do you think?

Second is that someone actually Tonto Dike, (formerly?) Churchhill's Wikipedia page. See below. 

Seriously! Some people have all the time in the world. 

Lastly, this CV. 

Job seekers, maybe the reason you've not gotten that job is because you've not upgraded your CV to the new resumé 5.0. 

Just saying...

My flight was just called. BRB. (Pls forgive any typos)

Don't forget to tell me what you think about these...


  1. I will hire the guy with that CV. The fact he found another (cool). way to write the usual bla bla bla found on CVs.Graphic designers interpretation of a CV. J

  2. While this CV is great, it works well for him by virtue of his field and specialty.

    Not everyone will get away with this kind of CV. there are some amazing ways to design your CV without having too many graphics.

    I like the CV, but it's not gonna work for everyone.
    fresh graduates will benefit from putting in the extra in their CV since they have limited experience.

    That profile about Tonto is really 'sic'.

    Bobrisky ks gay jor

  3. I don't care much for Bobrisky so...

    I agree with you that some Nigerians have too much time on their hands..

    That CV is bae! But don't be looking for a business focused job with this kind of CV o, na correct gbege be dat. I love that he's a graphic artist and his CV reflects it, another way to seel yourself while selling yourself. It's really cool, I like. But like Clare said, it's not for everybody.

  4. Feels good to be back after a long time, who has time for bobrisky? Tonto well you can act but really be strong, the CV is kinda cool for the guys profession i mean he is graphic designer what should we expect.
    Happy Friday All.

  5. I was pleased to c d cv. And I think risky ma y have got himself a new stylist

  6. the CV is eye-catching; by just skimming through his resume for a few seconds with no intention to notice anything in particular, I already remember that he is a Graphic designer, has a University degree, and is skilled at photoshop and illustration. More than I would have cared to notice on a boring, sleep-inducing resume on a regular word document. In today's job market, people should do whatever they can to stand out for the right reasons. HR receive tonnes of potentially qualified applicants – how does one do the sorting?
    I remember planning some years ago to get a graphic designer to work on my Resume; I parked that idea for a while, but after seeing this, I just might do that.
    I just wish people knew how much little things play a role in their not getting a job. A few weeks ago, I saw someone attend an interview with black jeans (dress code for guys was a suit/tie ). Little things really make a difference.


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